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  1. Knowing my luck i will get to 24 kills and then be the first person to get hit by AA over no mans land
  2. I am sure you will earn your way back up like i did when me and another player collided and i could not bail out my 14 killstreak vanished
  3. Great attendance tonight with a lot of action i look forward to flying with you gents again next Thursday and maybe see you on Sunday as well
  4. I have tried so many times to change the skin a bit to make is suit me is it possible that you could make me a skin that has instead of a white heart a prussian eagle or coat of arms of prussia and with "Welter on the left side of the plane" if you could do this then i would really appreciate it.
  5. The most the server has ever had and hopefully more in the future 🥳
  6. Great game tonight really fun and a good amount of people flying 👍
  7. i really hope they do add it it will probally come out in VOL2 of the flying circus
  8. Is there a way to add my own name to this plane? i have tried to but i keep getting an error message which i have added to this post please help as i am totally new to skining planes in il2 + that is the error message i keep getting when i try to view it in the il2 viewer app
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