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  1. Thanks for your hard work. Just donated. Based on last BOS update, the viewing distance is amazing. Plus 5X and 10X zoom would be super helpful. Just want to know it is possible to get VR zoom back in the next 3Dmigoto update. Thanks again
  2. I thought every version 1 reverb has overheating flicker issue. You don't have this issue?
  3. I just found the best settings for HP reverb, very sharp and color is a little bit cold but contrast is very good. I edit startup.cfg set gamma to 0.7, bloom set to 0. In game turn on HDR and sharpen. 4x land filter, blur filter for landscape. It is pretty sweet. I mount the heavy cable to the ceiling. The only issue I have is overheating flicker after 1 hour of play time. I added a 40mm fan to the front cover and the problem is gone. Noisy but got the problem solved. If the updated version by the end of August solves the cable and overheating problem, it will be the perfect VR for BOS right now. Please refer here:
  4. Any of you get the problem of color been washed out? It is like a white thin fog of everything. I came from samsung odyssey plus. Is it normal for all reverb or I got a defect unit? This put me in hard position to SA planes above trees. I got HP reverb consumer edition from amazon.
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