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  1. Please add a launch option for IL-2 to start the game in VR mode automatically. Thanks,
  2. Fail to connect to authorization server for weeks. I bought and launched the game on Steam. My connection to servers were never good but playable. But since the middle of last month, I haven't had a single minute of playing because I can't login the game.
  3. The characters in chat window in VR have become much smaller since a version which I can't remember. How can I make it back to the size it was? Thanks,
  4. Salute! I've been playing BOS with my VIVE for about 20hrs. I kept having these flashes of logon screen picture (a white 109 chasing a white la). It does not last long, about 1 second, but when you are engaged with an enemy, that makes a lot of difference. I can see the playground with circles and arrow pointing front and my sensors and controllers during the flash. Can anyone help me getting rid of that? Thanks and happy new year
  5. Hi Peregrine, great stuff. BOS becomes a whole new game after making the changes in startup.cfg. Thanks a lot.
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