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  1. Yep, that worked...... http://coconutside.eu:8080/en/ Thanks.
  2. Played Coconut expert server the last few days.... had an issue getting on today, kept timing out on the "downloading files" message. Tried a few times, then decided to restart the entire game and try again and got logged on first attempt. No issues playing the game that I could tell. The only issue I have is trying to access the Statistics link.... keeps timing out and can't connect. Am enjoying the missions and gameplay. location is Qld Australia.
  3. Yep same here on the East Coast of Australia. Very few servers listed and the ones that were where fluctuating.... Played on Random Expert for a few hours quit out to see what others were up.... There were none, not even Random Expert. Hopefully they sort it quickly.
  4. Yep, same here on the East Coast of Australia. Server list was very limited and fluctuating this afternoon... Joined Random Expert and played until scenario ended, an hour and half or so. It then down loaded the files for the next scenario, kept me logged in... But I decided to quit to see what other servers were now available..... and there were none to select, not even Random Expert which I'd just quit out of.... Been that way for a few hours now. No server choices...
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