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  1. I recently started drawing/watercoloring a bit and I must say it mixes quite nicely with my love for warbirds
  2. I had similar problems, the game shut down without any error message shortly after the loading screen. After some reinstalls that had no result, I found out that it had to do with the drivers of my speedlink phantom hawk joystick. As soon as I deleted the drivers, the problem disapeared. I wrote about that in a ticket to the customer service then.
  3. Peshkas ring-a-ding-ding at enemy airfield Krimskaya https://youtu.be/cBEocSztYT4
  4. Surprisingly free evening tomorrow, so If there is a free Il2 or Pe2 I would be glad to take it!
  5. Thanks @JG1_Butzzell! I think I should own one or two of these birds
  6. Sounds really interesting!I still own ROF, but didn't play it a lot since BOS was released. Is there already a date and time for the event?(Could't find it)
  7. Hello,sorry if this is the wrong place to ask it or it is already discussed and anzwered a dozen times. I used the "search forum"-function but I only found a german thread about this without much information. So does anybody know what the checkbox "show custom paint schemes" in the game settings is for? Is it possible to see skins of other players even if I don't have them on my own when it is checked?
  8. Eigentlich nutze ich deutsch wie auch englisch,ist ja schnell umgestellt.Vor allen wenn man zusammen mit englisch sprechenden Spielern fliegt und über Dinge wie z.B. die momentanen Motoreinstellungen spricht,finde ich englisch als Spielsprache einfacher. Vokabeln wie "Inlet cowl shutters" hab ich sonst oft nicht rechtzeitig parat.
  9. I use this: Works without play claw now,a very handy tool
  10. The Boston`s second sortie,bombing Gelendzhik,an active blue airfield.Coming in low level over the the sea,without escort It is all about timing and a pinch of luck. We saw the Messers landing shortly before we reached the target.Probably this is not the view you want to have when you just came home from a mission with your 109: The Bostons doing their business: Thanks for another great Friday,everybody!😃
  11. Looks good Semur!The moment when I removed all the tape after applying a difficult camo pattern with the spraygun and see the result,always fearing something went wrong,was always the best thing in model making for me! Here is a Type VII D boat I made about 9 years ago. It is Revells 1:144 U-217:
  12. "POUNDER" through the eyes of the Sturmoviks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgKS5moe9C8
  13. Hi Tip,there is some confusuion about the meaning of the new rule: "14) Captured. New*** A 4 strikes and your either delegated to the Tank Corps if applicable or a Gunners Position is now in effect. Players who are shot down, bailout, crash etc. and are captured including within the mulligan period will have 1 strike applied." Does that mean after being captured 3 times,including the mulligan,you are not allowed to take off again?
  14. I would also be happy with a red spot-preferably with some bombs,fat rockets and 23mm guns!
  15. I drove the KV1 also,but did not meet any Axis tanks
  16. I voted yes,because the Ju 52 is one of the planes I enjoy most.Although I think it is really a shame that you can not earn a single point with it.You carry out dangerous missions in a nearly unarmed bird and reward is zero.
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