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  1. when you create missions what are you talking about ... just a simple one run co-operative mission or a 3 hour campaign for a Pvp server.. also are you interested in other groups/squadrons participating flying air cover or attack flights with other squads flying the other. I fly with [Pb] and we like to fly with other squadrons... anyway just wanted to look into your idea may be fun in the evenings. Unless you want to restrict it to your squadron only which is completely fine. if you are interested in doing co-ordinated squadron action let me know ill inform my squad and we can meet up ... anyway its awesome to see people focusing on teamwork and trying to find more pilots to join the fun.. also [Pb] can do good Op-for if you need or want it... good flying -Boxcar
  2. not it the slightest ... there is a balance all sims need to remember the amount of experience of real pilots and sim pilots ... tell me you dont have about 30K hours into sims.... the highest combat flight hours i have heard of is 5k in real life also you dont have to worry about dying at least not the same way... oh no my stats... not oh my god im never gonna see my family or friends again... let me tell you they are way different. so weekening cannons so it takes closer to the same number of rounds to make a kill as average in real life actually helps the sim.
  3. must say that most complaints about gun damage have come from axis pilots about their cannons ... while i will say 21 rounds is a bit much... and yes i know that video was net code related... blowing a big hole in the wing will degrade performance but a 20mm has about half the explosive power of the 30mm. also following the logic used by the axis pilots .. every time a P-40 or P-47 hits an aircraft it should catch on fire and whatever it hits should fall off the aircraft considering that a P-47 fires at a rate of 108 rounds per second with all 8 guns firing...and also considering there is not to much gun spread in this game 108 holes in a wing root is more than enough to make it fall of the aircraft if you add in G forces an weight. I read somewhere that the average Luftwaffe pilot used between 8 and 24 round per kill from their 20mm cannons ... yes some of them are misses but also you have to bring into account that all ww2 pilots had nowhere near the number of flight hours/ combats or dogfights as any armchair ace... ive been flying sims for 22 years and i like ground pounding the most and im not an amazing fighter pilot by any stretch but let me tell you i have well over 356 kills this year and that's the highest air to air score in history... period so yeah if the cannons are a little weak i think its fine because most kills i see online are made at 400+ yards and most people have their convergence at 400+meters... while most air forces had their convergences set to 250-300 yards max. so what your asking is the best possible performance from your chosen aircraft with the amount of practice with gunnery that no pilot in history ever had... so you want the instant kill... personally the weaker cannon damage in this situation just improves the sim realism as except for the desert star no pilots were ever consistently taking down an enemy with 3-5 cannon rounds... so what i see is people who have hundreds of thousands of flight hours and 10-20 dogfights a night bitching because its actually hard to make a kill when your combat envelope is 3-5 times larger and longer than reality... come on guys embrace the damn challenge.. and before anyone starts jumping on my stats ... i play purely for fun. so stats mean nothing to me and i spend time on almost every aircraft... but i do study ww2 history ... and this is the first game i have ever played were the MGs do damage like they should ... even if the cannons are a little off... also i will point out that if you look at the gun camera footage you will see that catastrophic damage was rare... yes most of those kills were with .50 cals but seriously at least two were from P-38s with 20mm and they didn't blow whole wings of in one or two hits... so do some research before complaining about cannons ... also the video with the 30mm was crap it was shot at 100 yards pure rear aspect perfectly aimed for max damage. so yeah a perfect hit would do alot of damage .. .but that was from behind with a solid hit flat and firm again the main spar.. so that just showed the maximum possible damage without any variables... so keep it in your pants boys 30mm cannons are nasty but they are not one shot kills every time... and once again look into the explosive loads on the 20mm compared to the 30mm there is a big difference. so give them time ... and hold on the game gets boring when people who have and average accuracy air to air much higher than any real life pilot kill an aircraft first shot every time... also just in case anyone wondered the hispano 20mm and the jap 20mm were actually more destructive than the German 20.. it just had more explosive in the shell and actually had a tendency to detonate on the surface of a target not inside like the 30
  4. look the fact that people are focusing on stats at all kills the SIMULATION part of the game... real pilots (i know this is a game) focused on doing their assigned mission and getting home ... over and over until they could go back to the states.... lets be honest now except for single player .... do stats matter in the slightest ?... no giving number of aircraft killed and ground targets destroyed by types at the end of a flight ... fine... listing and tracking them for all to see.... meh hurts the game.... those are my opinions and while some love stats thinking that it tells you if your getting better.... well fine but i must say the best way to see if your better is to go dogfight someone in best 3 of 5 and do it multiple times then you will know ... in the larger picture ... i would rather see the devs and gamers in general aim more for the end result than personal glory ... or high stats.... i would rather win a map with one kill then loose one with 5... so i have broken this argument down into three catagorys... 1. people who don't want stats and want people to focus on the mission 2. people who want stats and treat them as a tool to improve themselves and monitor their performance. 3. People who think stats inform everyone of their skills and will do almost anything for a kill or take risks to pad their stats at the expense of the game and the team.. and lets be honest other peoples fun and enjoyment of the game. so after this i would say that stats are bad for flight sims unless they served a function like Aces high two and allowing the use of top tier aircraft... what i think would be best is simple. 1. remove the stats tab from the game completely 2. inform pilots of their stats at the end of their flight.... examples being aircraft kill .. 2 buildings ..1 railway car... and 1 ship.... or 1 aircraft kill .. 2 AAA and 1 death... and if its important to them they can write it down... 3. find a way to encourage teamwork both in the map and in small flights... maybe even give a % effect on the map by the player without specific stats... like 1 kill = 50% divided by the number of aircraft available to the other team. while time spent within escort range of a bomber = a different mathematical % and even bombers 1 target = 50% divided by the total number of ground targets needed to win map... that simple your contribution was blank % of what was needed to win the match... then you could use the same system to subtract from the total the number of aircraft lost and or possibly friendly targets destroyed... so getting shot down hurts your score.. instead of being a simple stat .. that most stat focused pilots ignore... not all mind you but most who are trying to get a high kill count. think about it for the average pilot what is most important ... kills... if we take the focus off of kills then they are going to go for the highest score they can which will mean just hunting aircraft all day and stealing kills is less beneficial than taking bombs every other flight to do some damage... would help the game and would encurage most players to help the team and play to their strengths... while also push them to learn skills in areas they are not good at just to improve their contribution score. i think that is a win win setup... stat people get the scores but are not displayed ... their contribution is shown for all to see and wasting aircraft or damage to friendly targets hurts it. think of how few people really focus on bombing... their scores.. assuming they have a few good hits ... would be rather high while fighters would be slightly lower as while shooting other aircraft down in the long run is good more often than not its faster to crush the target areas and per map is how this game is played... even on TAW aircraft are recovered after every map ... so the system would work there to instead of kill streaks and the like they could post an average % of contribution for maps played.. then the only other thing needed to be listed is the total number of maps the pilot has joined.. so if you help with 3 maps out of a campaign you might show 10% but that might not be as good a score when you really look at it as a 5% over 12 maps... as each map there are a different amount of enemy players... anyway that's what i came up with from reading all these posts and decided to post my option cuz hey why not... at least i can get opinions on them...
  5. while plenty of people like stats ... its the ones who refer to them excessively that cause problems along with those who only care about number of kills... those who worry about streaks are the ones i stand with ... what most people are saying is that they personally use stats for this or that but they are not actually looking at what a simple and unrefined stat system does to many a gamer. the problem with stats in general is there is not stat for helping the mission or helping a flight... there are no stats for how much you helped your team or how well you did an assigned job.. so the only way people feel like they are doing something useful is by killing targets .... well a good cap pilot defending bombers can help a team a lot more than one guy making kills at a ratio of 3 to 1. so stats are in no way a useful thing especially in a flight sim. stats are for Strategic level command not individual personal worth or skill. and even in ww2 when people would go oooohhhh AAAAHHH that guy has 30+ kills if you read pilots accounts of the war most kills were made without the enemy seeing the aggressor or against bombers with a large number of losses from gunners not intense dogfights with one pilot killing one enemy after another. To put it simple stats tell an individual pilot almost nothing about their skill especially in a simulation where you will never die and it wont be over ever. even in a dynamic campaign if you die and loose your pilot you start another one and even thought the pilot is new .... you the player still have the skills your learned from the previous game.. so i think besides on a mission to mission system stats have very little to do with skill and are only harmful.
  6. Browning i would have to disagree with you 1. bad flying kind of kills sims ... people trying to meta game in a game that cant be or are just STATWHORING which is no fun.. and statwhoring leads to people rating others based on their stats not on their skills. I know my KDR is not the best but i have helped with many kills that i did not get credit for. also i would point out that this game is not always accurate on who actually did the killing i have seen aircraft shot down with a wing off and another player pass in and shoot it up after its already down and get the kill. so bad flying hurts the community. poor sportsmanship and ego boosting are what leads to the above problems... shoulder shooting true kill stealing like what i described above .. that i believe is the issues that the statement that stats only promote bad flying and ego is intending to place forward... and to be honest here nothing pisses me off more than having a hard fought intense fight followed by a kill just to have a statwhore shoot it up on the way to the ground and get credit... takes the fun out of it yes i know i killed it but he took credit for my work and then is pointing to his Stats saying how good he is ... not helpful to most games... i do like the idea of partials because everyone who put work into the kill gets some credit... so instead of seing 30 kills you will see something more like 21.7kills and the kill stealing types will get .1 or .2 for their effort... just me tho if you dont mind the above mentioned issues more power to you. but most people hate it when others take credit for their work/actions/ideas
  7. i hope my recordings got through last night not much experience here uploading to share sites....
  8. I am interested 34 yrs old with military experience. North east USA Accent with some variation of pronunciation.
  9. i would point out that this test was completed with a P-47D4 prior to the "paddle blade" system being standard while the P-47 we are getting is a D-28
  10. i just want to know if its still on track for a sometime in august release !!!!! i have been drooling over this plane in IL2 Engien since they told us about bBOBP!!!!!
  11. after the update this morning i was jumping onto my game to fly a few quick missions before running arronds i noticed the A8 in the list and selected it when i tried to start the mission it told me the aircraft was unavailable ... that's fine its not like the announced it had been released so i switched to the P-39 for some gunnery practice and get the same message that the plain is not available on my account .. now after reading about the key code thing going on i check my il2 profile to verify everything is still there and it is... whats going on ?
  12. i would argue that almost every previous multiplayer sim had four engine bombers ... the fact is with they system they are using for this game it is alienating about 20-25% of the population of players... let me tell you getting knocked out in one pass constantly in bombers kills the immersion and most of those interceptor aircraft what have been pointed out are not really as effective as people want to believe... lets be honest while large bombers take up a lot of resources they are important for the long term activity of this game especially in multiplayer.. second if you think this game will survive without out that look at the multiplayer community. its WEAK... while non multiplayer simmers account for a large part of the population. Its the truly competitive players that drive games. your online playing and someone flys by with a 190 A5 cowls closed and your A3 is pulling to get into range the A5 with his higher speed and cleaner fuselage slides by into range and gets the kill. Let that happen a few times and the player will be saving for the new aircraft. you will never have the competitive push to purchase aircraft from the non multiplayer community
  13. I strongly believe that a four engine bomber is required with the 262 coming to IL2 while i understand the workload to do this it simply makes no sense to have a jet powered ground attack / anti bomber aircraft without its target.. And lets be honest the IL2 team is failing the bomber pilots... they but the A-20B in with the 1943 mod ... were is the G??? tho the A-20B has a decent overall payload the most effective payloads are not included (8x 250kgs). So i want peoples opinions does this game need.... 1. two engine bombers 2. A bomber at least on par with the HE111 H-16 with destructive power. 3. Mosquito and other fast twin engine bombers to make it more than a turkey shoot for 262s
  14. Hey all i have been flying flight sims since i was 12 yrs old 22 years now i have burnt out when it comes to fighters and am looking for other bomber pilots who like high alt and some low alt bombing. my experience in il2 is that groups of 3 or more are best when high alt level bombing but due to the focus of many on attack or fighter aircraft can very rarely find wing-men or flight leads. I am still learning navigation on the non GPS servers but i have to play on full realism i cant stand the arcade styles anymore. i will say now i recently upgraded to a saitek pro-flight yoke system and dual throttle quadrants so i have committed to non fighter operations attack aircraft i can do but i am in no way a dog fighter im a solid ground attack. Anyway after rambling for a while i am really looking for a group of people who actually enjoy the precision of high alt level bombing and formation flying ... (i am out of practice with formation flying as i have not found many others who like bombing in Il2). My Job and home life is very fluid in hours so a squad that requires more than one day a week for squadron stuff will not fit me. I am EAST COAST USA. So in summary Level Bombing pilot looking for group of like minded pilots any hardcore flight server is ok if i can get some nav training. only can do one day a week for squad stuff. I hope there is a group out there for me.. Thanks SLICKSIX
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