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  1. I do know enough to claim It's own web site clearly indicates this. Just because it can be cobbled together with Opentrack to function as what I read you to describe as some sort of basturised 6DoF does not change the fact that this is not a 6DoF product. As to tour dislike of TrackIR, fine, what ever, it still does not negate my statement of fact.
  2. This product is NOT 6 DoF so no up/down, forward/back and left/right
  3. I do not pretend to truly understand the linked relationships between all 6 degrees but can relate to changing an axis that somehow totally screws over another. It can take hours over days and sometimes weeks to get something that works and that all can be undone when the position of the TrackIR is moved. IMPORTANT NOTE; The speed is critical to how the profile behaves and even changing it up or down by 0.1 can make or break a functioning profile. I have attached my TrackIR profile. Speed is 0.6 Smooth is 45 The TrackIR is 900mm away in my default sitting position 100mm higher than the clip IL-2 Sturmovik.zip
  4. Just will add that I believe that there are some deficiencies in the il-2 Sturmovik that does not show fast moving objects against static ones as well as it should so yes there also does need to be work done on the game engine. But even this was done my original monitor would not have cut it anyway as it was so deficient in showing contrast and shades of colours and was too washed out.
  5. I believe that you and most people who have extreme spotting issues are looking at the problem... it is your monitor, yes really. I have had experience with this issue, let me tell you my sad story 😢 I used a Samsung S34E790C monitor for Rise of Flight and with that graphic engine (it was a lot more saturated in it's colours among other things) the monitor was quite good and I was generally the better spotter with the chaps I flew with. Planes were slower being WW1 so the 60Hz was generally not a big issue but was from time to time noticeable. RoF online eventually dies in no small part the the cheating GT squadron so it is over to il-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad and, well, things are a lot harder to see. First the 60Hz refresh rate was/is just not fast enough for the increase in aircraft speed. I will not go into detail as this video shows it better than I could explain it in 1000 words or less [Slow motion] 240Hz vs 144Hz vs 120Hz vs 60Hz - Monitor refresh rates. I would often loose Russian aircraft against the deck when flying German even at low altitudes and I would loose German aircraft against the sky when flying Russian aircraft when they had barely separated by 1000m. I tried everything with monitor hardware and driver settings doing all sorts of funky stuff and I might get some improvement in one season that would then make another season twice as hard. Then came the 3.0 update and suddenly I was almost totally blind. What changed in this update to cause this? Not sure but I suspect it had to do with the aspect ratio on wide screen monitors being fixed so the aircraft was not stretched and became smaller i.e. harder to see. Spotting was so difficult that I considered giving the game away. Luckily I had a 27" Samsung S27D850T that I could throw onto the gaming PC and oh my golly gosh I could see!! I could see Russian planes on the deck from 6k, I could follow them over trees and when a German plane buzzed me and zoomed up into the sky I never lost him. It was like seeing for the first time. Of course that is when the 60Hz of the monitor starting to show how deficient it was as I could see when I was not seeing a smooth transition. So then I got an Asus ROG Swift PG279Q 144Hz monitor and now I see what I was missing with the 60Hz monitor. I can now easily see wing and aircraft body shapes at long distances allowing for correct ID's and in a fraction of the time when I had a 60hz monitor. So to make a short story long, replace your monitor.
  6. Having often flown with SeaSerpent on comms I take what you have written here as bullshit. What is sad, so very very pathetically sad is that you needed to come here and post your alleged experience of being on comms with SeaSerpent. An adult would have just said this/these guys do not work for me and moved on, but you, nah
  7. Rule #3 (i.e. #12) is an exception of #2 (i.e. #11) and the key is "at a friendly airfield" and as in my case he landed 40km's from the airfield ditching it in the snow. I have had this again yesterday though it might have been only 30km to the airfield. So I believe that the new kill system is currently "operationally impaired".
  8. I think you should re-read my post above because you missed the crux of it. Maybe you are slow of reading so I will type this slower this time around; I fly for and against myself as I will never be a great pilot and high on the leader board. Your opinion on my stats matters little to me. Wow it took you like less than 5 minutes to concede the argument
  9. This component is not working as advertised. I shot down IceBerg_BIG who ditched in the middle of nowhere after turning his engine off and belly landing it. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3793912/?tour=42 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/3793960/?tour=42
  10. You got me it was a totally random dude; I typed that because my fingers needed the exercise so they do not get fat and had nothing to do with how I feel or what I believe/think.
  11. I would like to say thanks for not trashing my stats because of 'the internet'... That is to say I got disconnected with a 10009 error and my virtual life was left intact unlike WoL server for which I am now done with. I fly for and against myself as I will never be a great pilot and high on the leader board. To do this I need for my stats to reflect how I went not be punished because the game's server code (#1 cause?!?), or my internet or somewhere in between me and you f#ck$d up.
  12. I believe the seating position is correct but what is missing is the light refraction that allowed a pilot to be able to see out and over the nose of the 190. see this video for a better understanding of what we are missing regarding Windscreen Refraction. [HD] Focke Wulf Fw190 Armorglass Windscreen Refraction, Lichtbrechung Fw190 Frontscheibe
  13. I fail to understand why anyone would think that as soon as there is ingame VOIP instead of TS and Discord that there will be some sort of coming together, right now over me... The reason there are so many private chats is so 'we' do not have to listen to you and you, and you and you over there. I remember one time I was on chat and flying Russian with 6 others. All they talked about for 15 minutes was was how the 190 gun convergence for the outer guns was different to the standard guns and on and on and on about anything but finding and shooting down the enemy. How do you know that a VOIP application and server software and infrastructure is a 'small' job, you know like 15 minutes max?
  14. I see that the WoL infamous disconnects are back in full force with people being regularly dumped from the server in individual and multiples. I have seen times where 80% of the people playing were dumped and on the weekend all 6 in our group got dropped at the same time. If that is not bad enough you for some reason choose to punish those who your server kicks with a loss of their kill streak. The "beatings will continue until moral improves" approach has finally won! Congratulations because the last thing we need is a lot of people online...
  15. Dammit Janet, I have had to speak to my wife and get a life!!
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