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  1. honestly I would really like them pulling a complete and total surprise move, something noone sees coming, like idk, Battle of Fulda or something. A good IL-2 level sim about the fulda gap would be so cool 🤤 (or rolling thunder! or first generation hand-me-down fighter jets in 1960s Africa!) more realistically, Italy, pacific, or France would all be cool
  2. Type of improvement: GraphicsExplanation of proposals: Have a map/interface dim option or night mode, to reduce the 'backlight' of UI elements like the map (in VR anyway)Benefits: People flying night missions in VR will no longer go night blind when opening the map, which currently feels like opening a tablet in the dark
  3. so, a Handley Page o/400, Fokker D.VIII, and SPAD VII looks like? veeeery interesting
  4. look at the name and description of this art! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qA4l3z the only thing that seems kinda weird is that it appears to just be Dr.Is and Camels, which are in volume 1
  5. With the pilot swapping, are there any plans to include female pilots for the U-2, pe-2, and yak-1? It would be really cool to have the 586th, 587th, and 588th regiments like that!
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