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  1. Accelerometer good appreciation! Tacview should have a very important relevant roll in this kind of simulator that may is not realized at all . I like very much physiology: ‘Otherwise g effects Physiology is a new factor in the simulator fabulous excellent design very good realistically engineered , that is surprising everyone . I am very happy and enthusiastic about physiology that never has been developed as well in any other simulator . So Congrats to Il2 & 777 studios to improve simulation with that important relevant factor named physiology , never developed as well before in the simulators . ‘In the ww2 gun camera footage you see realistically the planes turned slower that you thought someone or you could maybe done but is the realistic of the g effect physiology that sometimes is not possible for the pilots to turn more for the physiology stress .
  2. All the planes has the same G effect support ? I see Yaks 1 making bigger turns than me meanwhile I already lost consciousness, that’s very important factor should be analyzed with track view plane by plane vs plane ?! ‘If it works like the overhead engines like before So the allies are obviously the kings of the UFO mambo !
  3. These updates are excellent : The Simulator has been improved significantly , the long distance accurated visual , almost with the VR , is extraordinary ! G-effects ‘Psychology’ updates are very good and authentically realistic. Enjoying very much ! . Thanks , very good work! . & Bf109 good effort improvements about turning ( if I am not wrong about description appreciations ) . also very good work with last development planes P51 D-15 , Tempest MkV and (No Mosquito Havilland DH.98)’ Lo e sentó : ‘ e pur también puedo dar a un mosquito con una escopeta de feria ‘: ‘ letter confuto’like About the mistaken Mosquito : thanks again Elem& onlyforbrian ‘ : so P38 J-25 Lightning . Thanks a lot ! .
  4. Donier Do 335 Pfeil Steel Arrow , Fw 190 A9 , Me 163 komet , Arado Ar 234 & Heinkel He 162 A2 Volksjäger :
  5. HTC VIVE COSMOS not working in Il2 neither DCS ? ‘I have the VIVE COSMOS bought for another games but when I tried in IL2 BOX seems not working otherwise in the vive menu appears DCS and IL2 as well. I will try later on how if it’s posible to enter ? ! Working on DCS ! : Valve steam compatibility in early 2020 : With the valve front adjustment piece front tape (how like you see in the other you tube video ) tracking steam for a future cost of 200€ . Sosorry is in Spanish also mentioned. So for Il2 ‘I will continue with the Pimax 5k+ Waiting for the future Pimax 8k X+ Early 2020 for the il2 BOX with the Me262 A1b & DCS F18C . When available in Amazon.
  6. Going to Test HTC VIVE COSMOS ?! & Pimax 5k+ ‘Any one has tried the VIVE COSMOS ? Some news ?
  7. Very good long update with nice maps , legendary planes and air defenses ground vehicles. Thanks very much Han & development Team .
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