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  1. That´s right! Thanks Fenris , is about a technical compatibility right now at this moment with IL2 and Pimax . Is that correct ? Later on I am trying . I was from 2017-2018 for more than half a year with the HTC VIVE and when I bought and try HTC VIVE PRO 2018 spring and suddenly were not working the HTC VIVE PR and neither HTC VIVE for DED Multiplayer online server Russia ( with love ) ?’’? Thanks lefuneste I will try low FOV , but is les video settings of steam setup Than the 80% ? No . . But thank you Fenris recommendet to try with Multiplayers like Total air war or wings of liberty more specialized with joysticks with the icon and runs much better and the perfectly later on DED server Multiplayer from Russia ( with love ) . In 2018 before summer runs perfectly with the HTC VIVE PRO right now without any problem. Right now today they are still working on this Multiplayer server for the incorporation of the ME 262 about technical developments and if you actually access at the DED server from Russia with ... you will fin till the BOkuban planes and not from the Battle or Operation of Bondemplatte
  2. Ok thanks, that recommended Fenris successfully about 2 years ago So thanks I will try Multiplayer something like Wings of liberty or Knights of the air ... and report test what happens later on . it happened me also in 2018 I can play Multiplayer in those scenarios but not in DED server Multiplayer with Russsia ( with love ) where you can see marks red and blue icons of every plane about distance... nowadays with the HTC VIVE and VIVE PRO . http://72ag-ded.su:8080/es/pilot/478/RAYEU/?tour=45 Mother Board: Asus ROG Maximus X Hero , Processor: Intel Core i9 9900k 5.00 GHz 8 cores , Overclocket constantly from 5.00 GHz . 1 SSD Samsung970 Pro M.2 NVME 1TB , Memory RAM HyperX Predator DDR4 3200Mhz 32GB(4x8)XMP Corsair Hydro Series H115i PRO- Liquid refrigeration Cooler .  1 Graphic Card nvidia RTX 2080 TITAN 1.77 GHz of GPU constantly . Fiber Optic High Speed Movistar + +1 GHz per second of upcoming arround 2 ms of Ping transfer about data 40 ms ping in Il2 Multiplayer DED ,
  3. Test again Pimax 8k video settings at 80% FOV normal 170° in DED Multiplayer server ( Russian with love ) and just after 1 minutes disconnects ; otherwise with HTC VIVE PRO For hours days without any problem no disconnections , more than 1 year and a half without any problem and disconnection perfect excellent. I think is about a problem with compatibility and IL2 has not compatibility support Pimax otherwise yes with Oculus , HTC & Samsung. Waiting for HTC VIVE Cosmos hope will announce in specifications a FOV of 200° Like pimax or minimum 170° But . ( IL2 update next will be compatible and will support Pimax as well .)
  4. Yes , but follow the option of the Doctor , and try with your family follow the good way , they want the best for you , sure . Keep going smiling and try the effort Hard . And sport exercise as good Stand up and keep going on moving ! Fordward . Hope , do not surrender ! & You will Discover has better capabilities than other and will thank advantage as a chance, no body is perfect! HOPE !
  5. I want to be your friend , and hope you , I do not want tell it , but if I can help you I would tell I have pass similar situation , when my daughter and son of 8 and 9 years old were in 1 st and second of the school how they were going to lost the course the result in school were bad for one year evaluation they will going to be evaluated by psicologic and psychiatric for DNA medication , I took as a big expenses economic I phone my old Teacher of all my life that make successful in studies since when I was 8 years old she was 18 nowadays and teache me till the high school until I took the career Business Administration in EAE , Private Pilot ... thanks to my fathers , as she was retired and wanted to help us with his daughter that is finishing the teaching career and now my daughter and son are the first ones of the class without any problems these evaluations in 4th and 5th course in school are similar by the same like 3 excellents 4 notables 2 goods very good relationships with college friends and every things goes fine . Try to look for your fathers if they can be your tutorial if they follow your life or if not a better family friend or a friend that follows your life an can go with you with the Doctor . The Doctor sometimes is only afraid I do not want some times only just to assume the responsibility that happens something with the patient , that’s the reason , they have to win more money , they have many clients and medication to keep all balanced but if you have a psychological person that follows or a tutor that can helps you , but are expenses but a family tutor or your fathers much more better, but your fathers when they will be old they could not follow you with the Doctor . There are many things we do not know , for example the men 50 anniversary reach the moon ! But they went to the hide side of the moon and is not posible to see from earth with a powerful prismatics while the minimum solar radiation of the moon are 11 mega electron volts = 600 Volts space investigation research of 2014 ? Since my point of view if we want to leave the earth we will have be like Superman the graphene man or have a space ship like millennium falcon with a shield like the Van Allen to protect us the radiation with a very powerful magnetic shield . I try to convince in forum but they do not trust me but may be the time will give me the reason . A saw the video like the time machine of The Seat Ibiza , but how times passes 50 years 2019 and we are like a very small baby in the earth. You think are especially person you have you advantages and disadvantages but if you have take it well probably better you can take more advantages that a normal o standard person. Think hopefully do no surrender , hope keep going on . ....
  6. Right now , take your time , but I recommend you to follow the Doctor’s opinion as a professional, if there is , like the best option , we are in a Capital sistem the world is not perfect... I know ! A friend: RAY
  7. Excellent Work! Thank you very much Han and development Team .
  8. RIP , I read many posts of him , I am very shocked about what happened to him , my condolences to family and friends .
  9. Bf 109 & Spitfire should be similar FM planes with equally performance and characteristics that are not well modelled in BOX .However for example like In cliffs of Dover are well FM modelled . Bf 109 are underperform FM plane , has not stall , well all axis planes has not stall , Bf 109 should turn better with flaps than the Spitfire and better stall , dive much more better overall in ground level and stall better with flaps , (neither). For players do not understand the energy plane in combat. Turns O . Spitfire is a fantasy FM , plane with over performing fantastic capabilities , each characteristics are seen in in You tube every day , dive better than a FW 190 at 700 km/h at ground level and at theses speed better maneuvers than the Fw190 and has a fantasy speed retention while would have made of graphene like weights only 300 kilograms while nowadays no plane exists with such composite materials . With the Spitfire You can turn 180° Without any speed lost , that in the WW2 was impossible, actually in 21st Century for the first time there are few planes only of fifth or sixth generation can do that 180° turn without any speed lost , the computerized turn , with always afterburners, one is the Eurofighter Thyphoon , but in WW2 was not possible 1st planes have not afterburners 2nd has not a complexing computer system synchronized controls with flaps and slats to do no enter the plane in barrenness or totally lost the control meanwhile the Spitfire do that kind of 180° Maneuvers without any speed lost . Lavochkin 5 is the best realistically FM modelled plane expected for the roll rate that is the fastest one of all planes an should not be .
  10. Every one has a winner inside , only has to discover what is potentially every one capable to do .No one should not underestimate another one only by their apparent or looks like .
  11. HEY ! Happy birthday ACE !!!
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