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  1. F-22A Raptor MKII It would be great before with the Eurofighter Typhoon to release planes like F15E Strike Eagle (like F14) , F/A 18 Superhornet , Dassault Raffale , Saab JAS-39E Gripen and finally F-35 A,B & C models . And Drones X-47B and Neuron in aircraft carrier operations ..... The F22A Raptor is far away the best plane superior to all mentioned opponents ; which best challenge could be the Chinese Chengdu J-20 with the new Chinese Aircraft Carrier the Type 3 and both planes carrier operational: The most realistic DM FM avionics ww2 &
  2. Could be another long awaited of IL2 merchandise fashion watch ! With the franchise shirts of IL2 would be also a smart combination :
  3. You tube video Bremspropeller minute 26’ another alternative silent propulsion the EM-Drive : another Silent aqua and further space propeller . Home experiments:
  4. Just my theory, after Van Allen belt that is around the earth is the magnetic shield very powerful at 5000 miles to 15000 around our planet that if were not magnetic probably would not be possible the live like the planet Mars that is not magnetic, the solar radiation is very high about 100.000 mega electronvolts minimum that is equivalent between a electricity diferente potencial of 800 or 1000 volts how specify some scientific magazines of 2015 of the Chinese expedition of Chang’e 2 or 3 but Chinese has already arrived to the moon with robots that can resist this solar radiations of 800 vol
  5. DCS World : Eurofigther Typhoon development:
  6. Yea , I believed the moon was grey ? but right now I think how I see the moon is brown!
  7. Horchata de Chufa for all the Family: Well there also other drinks for mix but this is the best choice right now!
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