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  1. RAY-EU

    DD today?

    Everything Counts
  2. RAY-EU

    DD today?

    Yea ! Korea ! I travel there : ( after DD:)?
  3. RAY-EU

    Strong cannons now weak?

    We are talking about a WW2 realistic historic flight simulator or a simple Arcade Game proposal ? Like a fire counter plane strike .
  4. RAY-EU

    What Do You Listen? - Music Thread.

    Movie Videoclips:
  5. RAY-EU

    cool movie clips :)...

  6. RAY-EU

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Excellent! Thanks very much !
  7. RAY-EU

    Faces of the flying community!

    San Diego CVN-70 Carl Vinson
  8. RAY-EU

    cool movie clips :)...

  9. RAY-EU

    cool movie clips :)...

  10. RAY-EU

    What is your favorite airplane?

    Me 163-B Komet ‘Interceptor’ : The First plane that over pass the Match Speed or the sound barrier in 1944 .
  11. RAY-EU


  12. RAY-EU

    Homemade trcopter drone

    Just imagine think about graphene Drone of 1000 pounds with retract wings theory futuristic plan : May be , how seen with the touch of 007 :
  13. RAY-EU

    Homemade trcopter drone

    https://youtu.be/lg8Nf2nsUho Faboulous Drone Trying the Mavic 2 zoom with DJI goggles also with family the Kids , is a 2K , static visual degrees margin of 170° & + 360° But 110 ms latency ( example HTC VIVE PRO 1,5K 110° 90 Hz FPS ) of head motion drone camera with your head movements how shown in video & 60Hz-30HZ FPS of real drone camera images with that VR practicing in fronton- tenis perimeter every week in my club closed private area in Tibidavo Mountain , Mojuic Mountain called ‘ Mount Jupiter ‘ in Barquino City ‘ Barcelona named in 2500 adC. of 2000 feets high & ski stations with pre asked permission from administration direction in Pirinnees mountains of 10000 feets high is very funny like sims similar but totally immersed in realistic experience with the VR . I have an own drone project but is on development I will try this year expose photos of every phase more later on , It will take time and €$ . Being patient thanks
  14. Here once’s wishes ! & some Where ... The Dreams come true .