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  1. RAY-EU


    & Be Careful at home !
  2. Thanks very much appreciate Jade , I’ll try. Enjoying very much!
  3. Thank you very much VSN_Razor ‘ LCtrl+C ‘ .
  4. I can not pass to the gunner position pressing T or shift T .E engine on and Only can move the tank . Someone can helped me .One year ago , Before I could do all the steps with the tank . ??? I tried with and without VR . I have tried also in DCS successfully modern tanks like Leopard 2 online that do not depends on the mouse for the gunsight.
  5. Thanks for your coming soon DM progress! Have a nice weekend!
  6. Bf109 K4 vs P51 D With IL2 I can not do that , I have never over turn the P51 D : Or Another reason are physics may be in DCS are not considered at all ? Or representatives physics for a pilot of 80 years old ? Here is also in the trackview finally represented the g factor indicators of every pilot In IL2 in easy mode as there is a armament indicator , speed and altitude, it should be a G limit indicator and a physics indicator as the damage state of every pilot as theses as influential factors are right now more importants and relevant than others as allies are equipped with G-suits of ww2 and have a considerable advantage in G turns . Here is Another compared with Il2 : ‘Seems like in Il2 is much more difficult to over turn the P51 also by the physics factors . Or
  7. Here is the video of these moments :
  8. Very good DM ! Thank you very much ! To make more entertainment & easy our safety home stay with the simulators !
  9. Star Wars ‘Rogue One’ : Space Battle Scarif & mix Battle of Endor montage . Or & Star Wars VI ‘Battle of Endor’:
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