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  1. China conquers the Moon with satellites and robots between 2018 & 2019 with the technical and financial support of NASA and the European Space Agency to say EEUU never was there . Spanish know who & how was conquered Cuba and Philippines to us in 1898 . (And the Cristians burn Rome whith Nerón and the Muslims NY ? No?. ) Also know how conquers Irak & Afganistan:
  2. Columbus arrived America in 1492 Haiti Sant Agustin Fortress in Florida of 1565
  3. Why the shuttle missions Atlantis , Endeavor..... did not go to orbital the moon meanwhile they have enough autonomy? ‘If you go to the top of the mountain and put a flag any where can be seen for everyone, the view side of the moon , you do not go to the Everest to put a flag any where hide can be not seen ? China has arrived to the moon 2019 view side and hide side with robots but has not mentioned already NASA was there ? ‘Van Allen discovered the radiation belts in 1957 and was terminated from NASA in the 60’s for his arguments.
  4. The function y = 1/x. As xapproaches 0 from the right, yapproaches infinity. As x approaches 0 from the left, y approaches negative infinity. The one thing 0000 is not is “undefined”. “Undefined” means that there are no valid choices, which is precisely the opposite of the conundrum 0000 faces: everything is a valid choice, and there's no way to pick any one possible value as being a better choice than any of the others. It could be 0, 1, π, e, i, -5, ¾, negative one million, or any number of other possibilities: all work equally well as possible solutions. (Proof: if 𝑥=00x=00, then 0𝑥=00x=0; what value, when multiplied by zero, gives you a result of zero? All of them.) So we say that 0000 is indeterminate. “Indeterminate” means that you cannot determine what the value is: there's an infinitude of equally valid possibilities and no way to choose one over the others. This is similar to being undefined in that both bring your calculations to a screeching halt; but the reasons why are diametrically opposed. If your calculations ever become undefined, you have nowhere to go; if they ever become indeterminate, you have no way to know where to go. Now, calculus provides a way to do an end-run around both of these issues: you can look at a similar problem that is very near to the point that's undefined or indeterminate, and often that problem has a distinct answer that can be used as a reasonable substitute for the impossible answer. This is done through a process known as limits (where you add an arbitrarily small amount, often called 𝜖ϵ, to one or more parts of the equation), and it's a common mistake to think that a limit lets you solve the otherwise unsolvable problem. To be clear, it doesn't; 0000 remains indeterminate, and 1010 remains undefined, even if 0+2𝜖0+𝜖=20+2ϵ0+ϵ=2 and 1+2𝜖0+𝜖→∞1+2ϵ0+ϵ→∞. EDIT: since writing this answer, I've come to a clearer understanding of the situation. Rather than saying that one case is undefined and the other is indeterminate, it's better to say that both are undefined but for opposite reasons: 1010 is undefined because nothing is a valid solution, while 0000 is undefined because everything is a valid solution. It's still fair to call the latter “indeterminate”; but the more precise understanding is that “indeterminate” is a type of “undefined”, not an alternative to it. If I had to peg a word for the opposed type of “undefined”, I'd probably go with something like impossible. File:Division by zero on android 2.2.1 calculator.png From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search File File history File usage Global file usage Metadata
  5. § My Calculators , Pc & Computer say’s = Error . But is =
  6. ‘ Miami Vice ‘ Tribute : Dance with The Dead .
  7. Problem solved .
  8. Nice update, DM is very accurate related to the impacts where you shoot and the kind of projectiles are very well represented in the damage of every enemy plane . VR zoom in option is right now like 2 times much more close & seems that you can do much better head to head frontal attacks with the enemy plane without usually collisions meanwhile you see the other plane passing through the plane very close , that’s a very new impressing excellent experience very funny, but I need to evaluate with much more time experience . Thanks very much!
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