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  1. Here again in Barcelona arriving for the Mediterranean Sea with the Ship:
  2. Yes Love should must be always for all over the thinks against the wars and violence: ( but there is a proverb says : if want the peace prepare for the war )but for me is escape from war and keep hidden. Keep hidden : could mean to wear a mask like Scaramouche so telling normal thoughts like people wants to heard about and keep always calm .
  3. Enjoying these toys , seeing far away so meanwhile being aware with the legislation?! Tik Tok: but if you are not a good artist, just watch without joining for Entertainment like without going to the disco just dance: (Staying Home be safe !): First you can try dancing sport with Just Dance:
  4. Well you can do it publicized here and if we can see in 5 minutes.? Or in 1 day ? Or is not possible, you should go to Lucas Arts and need mounths and a lot of money ?
  5. Only just to tell that I think Hollywood or Lukas Arts can not edit such a fake video in only just one day .
  6. So these fake videos are very good to make them just in one day ? Last video seems like a Hollywood premier quality vide to be marked just in one day ?
  7. Mistery point tracer ; could be a missile ?
  8. Explosion of 2.750 tones of Ammonium Nitrate in the port of Bayruth. This is more or less equivalent probably less but like less to the strategic tactical Nuke Russian Atomic bomb RN-28 Nuclear Toss of 1 Kiloton of power mass destruction only operational and available with the DCS MiG 21 bis in DCS World but otherwise also after without the radiation effects : 1 kiloton atomic Bomb test :
  9. RIP Classic Hollywood Star:
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