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  1. You tube video Bremspropeller minute 26’ another alternative silent propulsion the EM-Drive : another Silent aqua and further space propeller . Home experiments:
  2. Just my theory, after Van Allen belt that is around the earth is the magnetic shield very powerful at 5000 miles to 15000 around our planet that if were not magnetic probably would not be possible the live like the planet Mars that is not magnetic, the solar radiation is very high about 100.000 mega electronvolts minimum that is equivalent between a electricity diferente potencial of 800 or 1000 volts how specify some scientific magazines of 2015 of the Chinese expedition of Chang’e 2 or 3 but Chinese has already arrived to the moon with robots that can resist this solar radiations of 800 volts financed and supply supported with technical technologies by NASA and ASE ( European Spacece Agency)to reduce costs, probably NASA could reach the moon decades before with sondas machines that could resist the high solar radiations . In 2024 NASA has promised that the humankind or astronauts will reach again the moon but they have not built a rocket like the Saturn V that they said launch missions Apollo 11 ,12 to the moon the equivalent future rocket is named SLS with the dimensions of the Saturn V but is only a project today . Who conquered the moon will dominate the World and is a base to further future expedition more far away but for the our lives there is a big challenge the Solar radiation. In 1999 Stanley Kubrick was filming Eyes Wide Shut in The UK when make a decision of declaration that he was a part of the filmography of missions Apollo were filmed in the Area 51 that he will explain to the media so and he was told was afraid of his life , the day after he died , like President JFK in the 60’s and his lover Marilyn Monroe . Stanley explain George Lukas if you watch Star Wars battles of Yavin , Endor, Naboo, Coruscant ,Scarif , Star Wars 4,6,1 , Star Wars 3 opening , Rogue One ..... all are inside hipotetical Van Allen Belts of fiction planets, that’s some time in the future we could leave the earth but maybe will be with bigger ships that protect from solar radiation, like the Star Wars cruisers or Star Trek ships . Nasa SLS rocket test :
  3. DCS World : Eurofigther Typhoon development:
  4. Yea , I believed the moon was grey ? but right now I think how I see the moon is brown!
  5. Horchata de Chufa for all the Family: Well there also other drinks for mix but this is the best choice right now!
  6. YouTube fall down ? Thanks , CanadaOne.
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