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  1. Danke. Wir warten dann mal auf den nächsten patch.
  2. Keine Antworten? Na gut, dann *bump* ich das Thema eben mal. Find's sehr schwach von Euch, daß nicht mal eine winzige Reaktion kommt. Nicht mal ein "ich kenn' das nicht". Soviel zur "Community". Danke auch. Salut, over und aus.
  3. Splendid! Thanks, m8! Good luck on your hunt for the 4k ones!
  4. Moinsen, Leuts! Wie's der Titel schon sagt, haben wir in unserem kleinen Geschwaderchen ("Freelancers-Reloaded" Tag: "PFR") seit 3.001 ein ziemliches Problem. Seit dem update hat jeder von uns beim Start des Spiels die Meldung "Server Verbindung nicht möglich". Durch nochmaliges anklicken von "Start" geht's dann doch. Viel schlimmer aber ist, daß das hosten einer DF map fast katastrophal anmutet. Unser ulyssesOne, ausgerechnet der mit dem leistungsfähigsten Rig, konnte früher die Kuban map mit KI und viel Zeuch am Boden ruckelfrei und ohne "erotisches Fluchverhalten" für uns 6 Männeken hosten, aber geht jetzt gar nicht mehr. Nicht etwa, weil die Leistung plötzlich fehlte, nein nein, man kann sich gar nicht mehr auf die Flugplätze aufschalten Mein Rig ist der zweitstärkste und ich hoste normalerweise kleine maps, wie die von Jupp gestalteten auf Basis der Lapino map. Aber selbst bei diesen kleinen maps ist fliegen ohne micro-lags nicht immer möglich und auf der Novosokolniki-Ramenie map von Jupp bekam ich sogar neulich die "erratic plane behaviour" Meldung - war vorher nie ein Thema! Auch sehe ich andauernd, daß beim mapchange die Flugplätze der vorhergegangen map auf der danach geladenen zu sehen sind, aber nicht angewählt werden können. Was wir gemacht haben, um unsere maps in 3.001 spielbar zu machen, war im Editor "re-save all missions in folder" auszuführen. Wir sind ziemlich am Ende unserers Lateins und daher die folgenden Fragen: 1) Haben wir beim o.g. "resave" Prozedere vllt den falschen Weg beschritten, oder was vergessen; 2) Gibt es iwo, versteckt vllt einen Hinweis, den ich überlesen habe, ob es derzeit noch anhängige Probs gibt, an denen Seiten der Devs derzeit noch fieberhaft gearbeitet wird? Danke für Infos, Tips und Lösungsvorschläge! S! Bearkiller72!
  5. Trying hard to even d/l the "official" G-4 template - nogo for days. Link seems broken.
  6. Official Fw-190A-5 template please. 4k res is nice but way too heavy on my system when working with that template. Thanks.
  7. I just found myself recovering from a rather heavy case of sudden uncontiousness, due to sheer fascination. If I could only stop the drooling... MAN! This is the definition of awesome! Thank you so much for your effort and the energy of Thor's hammer to you for your future projects!
  8. Try reducing your speed before you turn into final. In old Il-2 you could do some tricks, you can't in BoS/M/K because the FM here is much more sophisticated. My basic advice would be to enter the final leg with no more than barely 300kph. Align the plane with the runway and lower the undercarriage. This should help you reducing your speed very quickly. Keep the A/C's nose on the glidepath using the throttle. Try not to use the elevator, if possible. Once your speed has dropped below 250kph, lower the flaps, and reduce throttle - don't set it to idle. If you have to apply gas to get the nose up, the torque will certainly make the plane sway around the longitudinal axis giving you troubles. Your approach timing should be set to the point, that your A/C has an indicated airspeed of about 200-220 kph, when crossing the runway's threshold. Then slowly idle her out and gently lift her nose into a 3-point attitude and let her settle herself to a gentle touchdown at about 170kph. Patience is the trick. Never excercise a hectic, forced landing. Take your time, there's no shame in going around a second time. If your crate is already riddled with bullet holes, bail out near your base. ;-)
  9. Hi, there! How about leaving the lines a little thicker and tone their blackness down, to, let's say, 60% black?
  10. Can anyone remember this? Taken exactly three years ago: [/url]">http://http://s763.photobucket.com/user/Bearkiller72_Fotos/media/2013_12_20__19_14_24_zpsjvmqbs7d.png.html'> Merry Xmas and a happy new year to you all!
  11. Yup. Just found it out myself. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26660-error-reading-mission-file-after-update-already-deleted-msbi/?hl=%2Berror+%2Breading+%2Bmission+%2Bfile&do=findComment&comment=422595 Anyways thanks for your support! Yup. Just found it out myself. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26660-error-reading-mission-file-after-update-already-deleted-msbi/?hl=%2Berror+%2Breading+%2Bmission+%2Bfile&do=findComment&comment=422595 Anyways thanks for your support!
  12. One more: Fw-190A-3 "Hot"; red & black coloured. http://www.mediafire.com/file/21r1qx8hmp61gtj/190a3_sk_hot.dds
  13. Thank you, dear devs! DX11 and reduced workload on the system are well noticeable. Feels much, much smoother now. KUDOS! Also many many many many thanks for overworking the German guns & ammo. The 3 Pe-2's I've chalked up in my first test run with the '190 lit up and fell down like a charm. Overworking online missions is still problematic; deleting the .msnbin file and then opening the mission in editor isn't working. "Can't load mission file" keeps popping up. Choosing the "resaving all missions in folder" option in ME only produces errors ( I chose this for a test ). Apart from this, many many many thanks for a much smoother joyride with this precious piece of software!
  14. Salute, fellow flyers. Anyone here who is a fellow driver? And so conserver, restorer, et al? Someone who is interested in and / or working on classic cars? If so, let's see your rides! I'll give this topic a humble start, showing off my 1973 VW Beetle. Until I bought it, it has been in family posession, being handed down from initial owner (grandpa), to son, to daughter, to young woman, who is wife to grandson now. Got this? No? Well, don't matter. It has been in family posession ever since it's delivery and it has been taken care of. That means it has been kept "streetworthy" for some decades and not restored. Partially patched up that is, but running. And that was my intention to buy it. A Beetle with nothing to weld, with minor mechanical work to do. Replacing the interior carpet and while doing so conserving all interior nests of corrosion with Ovatrol and Mike Sander's and covering all other surfaces with "Brantho-Korrux", should give us a few years more of fun of driving around, before a full resto is inevitable.
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