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  1. yes I know they are AI, but at least they have them. I enjoy shooting them out of the sky in my 262. still hopeful for an updated version of queen of the skies tho.
  2. Loved Rise of Flight, Still play it on occasion. Like FC and GB. was disappointed to hear career mode is doubtful for FC and heavy bombers for GB wont happen. questioning why the devs would start so many parallel projects and leave them half finished IMO.
  3. Well DCS has AI B-17s so I guess Ill just spend my money on that
  4. If I wanted opinion I'd have asked for it Move along, nothing to see here.
  5. Just wondering. I was a big fan of B-17 Queen of the Skies.
  6. Quick mission setup Me - Random Entente aircraft Computer- Random Central powers aircraft Map- 1918 Arras fired it up me in a spad 17 enemy in a Yak?!!!! Time Travel??? Please explain
  7. Well that'll suck if they dont develop further. WWI is really the only thing that interests me at the moment.
  8. Any word from the devs as to whats next for this title?
  9. So you guys put holes in the gas tank then set the vapor trail on fire with a very light? Savages
  10. I dont visit here much sorry. thanks for the link
  11. I prepurchased every DLC they better not abandon this
  12. When can we expect a career mode? FC2 or later?
  13. Is it just me or is the AI smarter in Base Plate?
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