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  1. Oh, I see - like pressing two buttons but one doesn't do anything? Simple. Still, I assume this requires using your hotas software as I assume the game won't allow you to do that? I'm used to ED where they will clear the previous setting (and don't generally use hotas software other then for calibration). Yes, I assume a lot. Sorry.
  2. Another good reason to get a set of rudder pedals is that I could retire my T16000M twist stick and get a CH FighterStick - more buttons! I had a gameport version back in the day and I really miss it. Then I browsed through the manual again today and one of the reasons I would want rudder pedals - toe brakes - doesn't appear to even be supported by the Russian planes. Maybe you can assign brake activation to one of the toe brakes (but I assume not both)? But that may be confusing to apply brakes using the left rudder pedal toe brake, while applying right rudder in an attempt to make a tighter right turn. Probably easier to use some other button (or axis - I still need to check out the options). But it looks like toe brakes are supported on the German planes, but I honestly didn't plan on flying any of those. Oh well, I'll get a chance to play with all these various settings this weekend.
  3. Pardon me for not knowing any better, but I assume 'pitch trim' and 'adjustable stabilizers' use different key bindings? So does this mean you are using your hotas software in different modes or loading different keybindings for different planes? Anyway, it sounds like a good idea. I was thinking of something similar last night, but I'm still not familiar enough with the game, controls, differences between planes, and keybindings. It may actually be supported by the game, but I was thinking of having ground operation keybinding overrides (similar to ED with flight landing overrides). So when taxiing, you can have some key/keys and/or axis/axes assigned to wheel brakes, but use them for something else while flying that isn't needed while on the ground - possibly air brakes for example. I'm sure there must be more 'ground only' and 'flight only' options. I'll probably finally get around to playing with controller settings and keybindings this weekend (looks like rain).
  4. Many great tips. Thanks. I think I'll go back to the twist rudder, play with sensitivity settings and dead zone, remember to keep the stick pulled back while starting the takeoff run, and practice, practice, practice. But with playing in VR, I think rudder pedals, with toe brakes, is really the way to go - the keyboard is not my friend, and I don't think VA would work for differential braking. Those MFG Crosswinds look pretty good. I hadn't heard of them before. I'm still concerned about them needing to support my legs. I wonder if I could install a platform to support my legs and feet, and push on the pedals and toe brakes (?). I saw some that had it right, with the floor supporting your feet and legs, but at $650 I think I'll pass (gf-rp-2). Oh, and about the wide stance. I guess that may not be realistic for small private planes, like a Cessna or Piper. But it looks like the old fighters had very wide spacing. The wider the better in my case.
  5. I'm a noob. Search 'rudder' and get no results. I tried my first take off with a twist axis rudder. After several ground loops, I switch to the thumb stick axis on my throttle. That was better, and I managed to take off. After a few minutes my right aileron falls off, but I still manage to turn around and make my first landing. I actually managed to taxi into a parking corral, but couldn't stop before the propeller chewed into the wood beams (but that's another matter). So I'm wondering what you do for rudder? I haven't flown a proper flight sim in ages, and it's been even longer for a real plane, and I'm just not used to needing to use a rudder. Playing Elite Dangerous for the last couple years has totally gotten me out of the habit. I loved the twist rudder and directional thrusters in ED, but that twist action really doesn't feel right while trying to take off. I imagine it feels even worse in uncoordinated flight (I assume you can side slip to lose altitude for a landing). The thumb stick worked better for takeoff but I can still see problems with that - like there are probably better things to be doing with my thumb. Do I really need to buy a set of rudder pedals to fly these planes properly? Or maybe I should give the twist joystick another try, and maybe eventually get used to it? What's been your experience? I do miss my old gold anodized aluminum Thrustmaster rudder pedals from back in the day. I remember seeing some plastic pedals from CH (looked like junk with the pedals right next to each other). If I do buy pedals, they will need to accommodate a wide stance and be fairly heavy duty. Any suggestions? Are there any good DIY options? Thanks.
  6. I just watched the first vid ... and what a refreshing slap in the face. It was just what I needed. Thanks. I bought BOS at the VR patch release. I jumped right in and thought it looked and felt completely awesome. But I only tried it a few times, and then gave up. I was feeling overwhelmed and like I was always behind the curve. I felt I had to pause until I learned all the instruments and controls. It's been a couple weeks, but I haven't found the will to do anything. And then I watched this vid, and at one point I actually had a tear in my eye (not sure why - nostalgia maybe, or remembering flying lessons of 30 years ago). It struck me that I just need to get in the cockpit and fly. Fly by the seat of my pants. Don't sweat the small stuff or worry about keybindings - eventually it will come. Just get out there and fly. Thanks again.
  7. I had the same problem. Steam says to carry the HMD while mapping the space, not to wear it (Oculus just needs the controller). I assume the Vive stays 'awake' while you carry it. I guess I'll try it again with my thumb in front of the sensor. Thanks for the tip.
  8. First time player here, in VR. My controls were auto assigned to the thumbstick on my throttle, and the throttle and ailerons were inverted. While reaching for the P key, I accelerated time, lost control, and crashed. It looked great, btw. I have a GTX 1080, 4790k, and Rift. I had all default settings, which were graphics high. ASW was kicking in, so I'll have to see about disabling that like I have to do in ED. Anyway, initial impressions are that it looks awesome. I can't line up on a truck convoy worth a damn, and crashed in the trees couple more times, but it still looks like this game will be great fun (once I figure out the instruments and get a feel for the controls). But I have stuff to do, so that's it for tonight.
  9. Yeah, I had second thoughts about 'pathetic' after I posted that. But when you look left, then poke you head out of the closed canopy, and then move your head over the top on the outside to the right side of the plane, it's a little bit ridiculous for me. Everybody has their own tastes. I don't like when you can make the cockpit disappear and check 6 views that look directly behind you through the head rest. I'm looking forward to getting this and flying in VR, with realistic head movement boundaries and needing to move the plane out of the way to see behind me. Right now, my only experience in VR is with Elite Dangerous, and I haven't flown any flight sims since MSCFS2 15 years ago, which I probably didn't play more than a few hours. This game looks so beautiful in the videos I've seen, so I can hardly wait for the VR patch and to jump into the cockpit, look around, and start flying.
  10. That was pathetic. You've got to put some limits on head movement. I hope BoX won't let you stick your head out of the cockpit unless the canopy is open.
  11. Thanks, Shamrock, good to know. So once you buy one, the others are basically add-on content. So I'll just start with BoS - cheaper. Been reading the manual and going cross eyed. I thought ED was supposed to have a steep learning curve, but this looks ridiculous. This is going to take a long time figuring out keybindings, and setting up VA, but I think it will be well worth it once I get it figured out.
  12. Hi. I'm new here and have a similar question to OP. I've been playing ED for a couple years and got into VR. I recently heard about VR coming to BoX, so I'm definitely looking for a change. My question is whether BoS, BoM, and BoK are essentially the same game, but with different planes and maps? Or does BoM have big improvements over BoS, and will BoK have big improvements over BoM? I get the impression that updates see to apply to all versions, and if they are essentially the same, then I'll start with BoS and go from there. Thanks.
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