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  1. Ebay sales of Rift S are averaging around $425-$450. I am probably going to end up listing there to get more interest.
  2. Used Rift S for sale. In very good condition with brand new headband. Asking $450.00 plus shipping. Prefer PayPal but willing to look at other electronic options for payment. If this doesn't sell here fairly quickly, will probably list it on FleaBay. Thanks for looking!! UPDATE: Sold on eBay in 30 minutes.
  3. I know I am resurrecting an old thread from the grave, but was the issues with no blackouts ever fixed? I have never experienced one in game. Thanks!
  4. +1. I made these changes in Steam VR last night to allow OTT exclusive control over SS in game and it made all the difference! For me, the game is back to being one of the best VR flight experiences out there.
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