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  1. hello hv a weird problem. bomb sight view direction and angle indications , sometimes work and sometimes dont plus FX sounds doesnt work ,that happens only in career mode(BOM) , in quick mission it works as it should. am in VR , also sometimes i get a msg (waiting for data)when switching to bomb sight mode. rtx2080ti i9 9900k 32gb ram
  2. You turn HDR off , isnt that a big visual difference
  3. Many thanks for your time unfortunately i hate shimmering , cant take down msaa less than 4x , maybe thats why i get less fps than i supposed to get, i used OTT to lock fps 45 +ASW on +1.5pd so far good results . but what is the most effective setting for FPS aside from msaa?
  4. Hello Guys been away for a while ,sorry if that has been asked a lot, what is the best setting for good VR experience after latest update, also is there a way to lock my FPS to 45 in VR instead of jumping from 90 to 45? thanks oculus cv1 2080ti 9900k 32gb ram
  5. Its great campaign for the mig3 really thanks for the effort and wish to see more for the mig3 in BOM Cheers
  6. don't know what am I doing wrong, I reached the bridges zone defended the attacking aircrafts by destroying the AA's and even helped with destroying some bridges ?? then it says I friendly fired the bridges what am I doing wrong?
  7. hi guys, I only own BOM for the moment and already have '10 days of autumn' campaign ,is there any other good campaigns for BOM am missing? specially for Russian aircrafts thanks
  8. Welcome to our hobby bro If u r new to this sim id reccommend to turn on object markers at least , until you get hold of where to expect to see enemy planes and how does the campaign work overall . And ofcourse great guys will always be here for help Cheers
  9. Is there any user made campaigns for BOM?! Thanks
  10. Thanks guys for the feedback and great to feel am not the only one with that problem For the guys asking about VR? Bottom line : Vr is the best thing happened in flight sims By far ,and imo IL2 is the best looking sim in Vr I had the same doubts as u guys before i buy the rift , now i cant play any game out of VR ,its awesooome.
  11. Hi How do you Vr guys identify friendly from enemy aircrafts in expert mode specially during escort missions?!
  12. Have same problem, any fix to turn it off in expert mode yet???
  13. hi guys, this restricted view and crack sound is very annoying ,I understand that it has something to do with external views being disabled in expert mode , do we a fix for that ,I mean to turn it off in expert mode ???
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