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  1. hello everyone There are proposals for the next company (such an offer was already possible) 1 mission for 2 hours = 1 life captivity, death = rest until the next mission what do you think? and what to do with those who do not have a BBOP? sry for google trans
  2. anything but the red team's victory in at least one mission. apparently Fatherland "sends a transport from the Western front". honestly, this situation is already freezing my brain out. all progress 5 days killed off in 2 missions by paratroopers. if not capture, then severe damage up to non-working condition...... while the red tanks have a near-zero chance to get somewhere..... and the blue team easily plans to attack where they want - clean the airfield, throw parachutists-profit!! the red team depends on randomness - tank attack in the desired direction may not appear 2-3-4 mission.... I don't know how to play in such conditions. "I'm tired. I'm leaving"(C) until the next company. my chair burned to the ground. perhaps in future it will be more balanced (sry for googletrans)
  3. wow, fucking explain how this is possible.: the parachutists were carrying backpacks with supplies on 85% for field? mis 261 Airfield supply in Viselky was damaged. Supply level 76% Airfield in Viselky was destroyed Airfield Viselky was captured by paratroopers Captured airfield Viselky was repaired to 85%
  4. I don't understand why killing a parachute here is causing such a wild ass pain. pilot - is the same resource as the plane, like a truck, like a tank (and in the truck sits the driver, and in the tank and anti-aircraft gun sits the crew, and on the anti-aircraft gun and it can be seen), like all the others. minus the pilot of the enemy - plus pitch to win the team, simple as that. "this story is as old as the world"... after the introduction of landing troops logic capture blue airfield for the red team, or the protection of the red field from attacks, lost all meaning for me, I do not understand how you can capture the blue field for the red team. on the example of Viselki-when it was a red closed field, many missions in a row it flew (and I including) transport planes of many players, I watched the columns of aircraft for two or three missions until the airfield was closed. but it never became functional. then the front moved forward and unobtrusive so the field became blue. in such cases, the red team always has two times less chances. this situation should change, otherwise in the following companies red pilots will not remain. no one wants to be on the losing team all the time (sry for google trans)
  5. Whith 1 blue AF??? And no-1 WH??? and 60 planes for blue??? Dont think so, its bug.
  6. Hello! the question is about the situation now (13:34 11.10.2018) - the blue side not have a warehouse, the red side has two warehouses. the addition of the total number of aircraft at the red side - 40, the addition of aircraft at the blue side - 60. how is this possible? (sory for google trans)
  7. What about G-14 and Mk.9? Maybe some limited q-ty on last map?
  8. to remove techno chat? what for? Now practically on all planes the different sound is not realized depending on manifold. blue pilots are the first to start crying that in the manual mode the engine dies. most red planes fly perfectly at 100/100, only look at the temperature, but as an exceptionally red pilot I do not mind, turn off the techno chat))) (sry for google-translate))))
  9. The only option is to remove the pilots from the resources
  10. oh .... ok, thx, did not see this paragraph in the rules and manual ..... I'm quite old, blind and decrepit .... (((( again google translate
  11. guys hello and thank you for the server. the question - yesterday the tanks of the blue tanks did not remain, knocked out more than 770, today 750/770. rules correct for the sake of someone? sorry fo google translate.
  12. are there plans to increase the number of people on the server?
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