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  1. Looking for trouble is the best part!
  2. Beats my last ironman campaign, where I was about a week from making it through Kuban when I got jumped, on my own and at low altitude, by a whole flight of 109s and shot to bits before I could flee. Some units have very short campaigns, which is fine, I don't think many people will ever make it through all 3 theatres with a single pilot.
  3. FWIW, I recommend setting the campaign speed to 'fast' rather than 'realistic'. 'Realistic' is not only a real slog (the chances of you making it to another theatre are slim), but tends to inflate your kill counts unrealistically (since almost every career mission is a combat mission with action). Just imagine the skipped missions are quiet ones where nothing much happened. For PWCG, you can get a similar effect by adjusting a setting that multiplies the number of missions flown (maybe try 3 and adjust from there).
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention, it was 300 meters. Fully rich isn't necessarily the most effective mixture for running a plane. Most planes seem to have the option of running richer for starting the plane, different weather conditions, or something like that.
  5. OK, this was bothering me, so I went and did some tests. All planes tested on Kuban Autumn over the sea. Altitude 300 meters. Radiators 50/50. 1st supercharger gear. All speeds IAS from the UI dashboard. Yak-1 s.69 100% mixture = 510 kph 75% = 513 50% = 508 Yak-1 s.127 100% = 520 75% = 523 50% = 518 Yak-7b 100% = 523 75% = 527 50% = 521 So it really does look like 75% (or 70%, which seems to give the same performance) is the way to go. Fun fact: I ran the Yak-1s at 86% RPM, beca
  6. Yak doesn't have a 'boost' setting, it can run on full power until it overheats or runs out of fuel. For the mixture, my guess is that 100% is for startup or something. A translated manual I read once seemed to say that ground crew should set the mixture for flight, and the pilot shouldn't touch it until over 4 or 4.5 km, at which point they should lean until they start to lose power, then increase slightly for the right setting. I haven't actually tested mixture in all the Yaks; it could be that I'm missing something.
  7. With any plane, if you exceed the nominal settings in any respect (RPM, manifold pressure, etc.) you'll get the notice in the technochat to warn you. That doesn't mean you're at full boost; in this case, you've exceeded max continuous RPM but haven't actually engaged the boost. You should (?) get a little more power if you push both RPM and mixture to full. FYI, Yaks perform best with about 70% mixture (at least, they did when I last tested). You can leave it there up to about 4k altitude before you need to worry about leaning.
  8. 27th IAP is in Moscow and Stalingrad. 3rd Guards IAP is in Stalingrad and Kuban. Not sure whether there's one that overlaps with all 3, though.
  9. I third the suggestion of the Il-2, especially if you want to fly together. A pair of Il-2s can drag flak and cover each other against fighters. My very first online kill was actually in an Il-2, clearing the 6 of an allied Sturmovik. Those 23mms are serious business. I've seen online 109 pilots simply refuse to engage a pair of Il-2s that cover each other!
  10. I find any kind of markers an immersion breaker, but I'd love it if plane visibility were improved. I really don't care whether some grognards think it's 'realistic'; there simply has to be an easy mode for spotting, due to the vagaries of hardware and eyesight, and I sincerely doubt the current spotting is realistic. Last time I tried playing online, I was checking 6 when a fast-flying enemy fighter decloaked and started firing right before my eyes. It's literally unplayable.
  11. My Il-2 pilots tend to have very short lifespans. It's just inherently a very dangerous job: loitering at treetop level in a slow and vulnerable aircraft. Real pilots didn't tend to last that long, either. I've had more luck with fighters. I've currently got a career in a La-5 where I'm about 2 months into a Stalingrad campaign. The important thing is to be very cautious over enemy territory, staying high and keeping your eyes peeled. Ground attack missions have ended a couple of good fighter careers previously, so these days I'm not ashamed to make a couple of passes and get out,
  12. Victory day! May 8 for the western allies (VE Day), may 9 for the former USSR.
  13. I know they are based far away, but I'm surprised I haven't seen any on an intercept mission in my VVS fighter careers. I think I've seen it in the Moscow map. In Stalingrad, I'm currently at the point where the 6th Army is surrounded and I'm flying fighter missions over the pocket in a La-5, which makes the absence startling. Maybe I'm just unlucky.
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