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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/09/germany-lifts-ban-nazi-symbols-video-games/ https://www.pcgamer.com/germany-lifts-ban-on-swastikas-in-videogames/ Would be great to play IL2 with historically authentic skins ...
  2. When I start flight recording (Strg + R) the recording stops after max. 15 min. Error message: Recording files size has exceeded 500 MB. Never had that before BoX version 3.0. Is it a bug or is there any setting to set/ increase the recording limit? (I'm running Windows 10 64 bit, my hard disk=SSD has a plenty of free space for much more than 500MB ... )
  3. Loving Wings of Liberty an interested in flying coordinated Bf 110 ground attack raids with other 110 pilots? Then consider to drop a message via Telegram messenger's channel "Wol110" = http://t.me/wol110 The "wol110" channel may be used to coordinate with other WoL attack fighter pilots. E.g. if you are online or consider to go online at WOL at the moment to fly a 110 raid with other 110 pilots in team, then drop a message to the channel with your WoL-name and check for response. Flight routes and targets then should be arranged via WoL team chat only. Horrido
  4. A20 that were clearly visible at the clear blue sky suddenly disappear at distances between 2 - 5 km and then suddenly pop up again. All other planes and even smaller fighters at the same distance near the A20 stay visible w/o that strange "magic hood" behavior. Sometimes this effect occurs even when I zoom in = they disappear and when I zoom out again they appear again. This occurred in several maps in MP and SP carrer and short missions. My IL2 graphic settings are 2560x1440, Ultra, 4x quality, distance 70km, SSAO and HDR on, 4K skins, Anisotropic filtering="sharp", AA = 2
  5. For me 3.001 is a great improvement in game experience. Many Thanks to the developer! Due to some stuttering I had to test and adjust some graphic settings, reducing the max. distance setting from 140km actually did the job and the game now runs smooth. My rig: i7-7700K with Nvidia 1060 6GB. So far I especially enjoyed testing the Bf 109 G6. The MG131 and MK103 made the G6 my favorite fighter plane 😎
  6. I play IL2 with similar PC-hardware under Windows 10 and never ever got that bad fps. As mentioned first check if the NVIDIA is activated and not the on board GPU. Second check if you have the newest NVIDIA driver installed and get the newest. I'm sure, that will solve your fps problems.
  7. OK, yesterday I've upgraded my rig's CPU from i5-6400 to i7-7700K. And you're right: the difference in game experience is awesame! I'm getting now an average of ~100fps and never under 90 fps
  8. Here is everything fine with the 2.012 update and the hotfixes including 2.012c. Great work and many thanks to the developers! Only not so good thing to mention is a lag of the Bf109 stabilizer adjustment (CAPS+UP/ Caps + DOWN), which responds somehow undefined and with a great lag since 2.012.
  9. CPU may be overestimated for smooth game play. I'm running BOX at Ultra Settings and the highest quality nvidia drivers settings on my Intel I5-6400 @2.7Ghz without any lacks and stuttering at native 2560x1440 display resolution. Graphic card is a (overclocked) NVidia 1060 6GB, monitor supports and runs with Nvidia G-Sync (G-Sync instead of Vsync).
  10. Great update! Since then I can run the game in Ultra mode with HDR and SSAO without any lags (Geforce 1060 6GB, i5-6400, 16GB Ram and SSD).
  11. I don't know if this site is allready known here: http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/articles/109myths/ All informations there based on fighter pilots experiences with Bf109s and worth reading
  12. Same issue here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12263-quick-mission-campaign-and-single-missions/?p=471002
  13. Brief description: AI wingmen in interception campaign neither attack enemy fighters nor react to any Alt+1, Alt+4, Alt+5 ... commands to follow or support me nor to attack. Condition: Since 2.010 update in BOS campaigns when I choose plane (F190A3) -> interception, got 1 to three F190 A3 wingmen, they follow me to the action point. Problem: Ones reached the action point - the wingmen flight circles around the action point even when the targets enemy fighters are in range, - ignore any Alt+1, Alt+3, Alt+5 = firing green light... commands to attack enemy fighters, to support my attack, to follow me an so on: they still flight circles around the action point This is new since I've updated to BOS 2.010 PC config data: Windows 10 with BOS 2.010 ***** Edit: **** This posting of an other user describes the same: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29228-game-version-2010-discussion-il-2-43-new-graphics-features/?p=471005
  14. Heavy stuttering after updating to 2.010, solution was to update my nvidia driver. After nvidia driver update there was occasional heavy to slight stuttering, so I had to reduce my graphic settings from Ultra to High (GTX 1060 6GB @ intel i5-6400 with 16GB Ram), what fixed the stuttering. Strange AI-beavior after update to 2.010: The AI-Compangnions in BOS campaings don't want to fight and just flight there circles around the action point although the mission targets (bombers, il-2 ...) are in sight. They even ignore support and attack commands (AltLeft+5 and AltLeft+1). Very strange.
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