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  1. Yeah - Great times with you guys....
  2. I agree with RobIex. I only play allied so this mod would be easy. No choices for breakfast, just Cabbage Soup and Bread on the days when there is anything at all, and that’s probably 1 in 3 at best... I have been here since IL2:FB - This has been the best flight sim for the realism / gameplay mix for 15 years + and now they are working towards combined arms. Quite outstanding. The TC EA is so good at its initial stage that it is easy to forget that it is still under development. I am constantly being amazed by each update. I never expected to enjoy the ta
  3. Outstanding work. No my brain didn’t melt down, I did read it slowly and being a predigital electronic engineering graduate, I did understand it.... Absolutely brilliant explanation. It’s hard to distill something that technical into something understandable even if I have to rememeber my degree from 35+ years ago.... I was hoping to get to the point of a list of the outstanding questions you have about the British version over the K-14. I can take a look around in a number of UK museums to try to assist. I have used a gyro gunsight but only on stationary straffing targets so very li
  4. I’d just like to saw, “Well said” with the first couple of paragraphs about the 22 Jun 41....
  5. I kind of see Roblex's point - If I'd been shot down, I would expect a period in hospital followed by rejoining at a rear base to get back to operational fitness... Maybe forcing them to launch from a rear base would simulate this. Also, their squadron mates probabaly havent landed yet so a quick resupply mission (They are doable in 10 Mins) would mean supplyig a replacement airframe just about the time their mates are landing.... Just an idea... I know him - Check your PMs...
  6. Is there a subtitle or voice over of that movie in english please?
  7. I remember my first simulator. It was 1984 and I was in my Final year at University of Kent at Canterbury. I was playing on a Sinclair Z80 and I played Digital Integrtation's "Flighter Pilot". I remember my room in Darwin College well. http://www.retrogamer.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/sixofthebest_fighterpilot_screenshot_spectrum.png
  8. That would also slot back into the Eastern Front as I think the Russians operated them... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisunov_Li-2
  9. The right teamspeak is always a problem RE+ - Is mainly occupied by our russian allies.... Both the 72AG and DED teamspeaks are like that but you occasionally find english speaking players on there. TAW - Has its own TS3 = tidesofwar.net:9992 WoL - Tends to use the IL2:standard TS3 which often has english speakers on it. It must have been the same for the RAF Wing that went across to the eastern front to help out - Ultimate imersion. If you listen to the russians I find you can work out what is gioing on just by the way they speak and the urgency of their converstation. Occasion
  10. NOOOO. Don't make the ocean smaller.... Keep it all real....
  11. Speed in Km / Minute - Eg 420kph = 7 km per minute Estimate distance with Grid Squares - times 1.4 for 45 deg diagonals Time - All aircraft have a clock. Note time at know location. Distance divided by Km per minute = Time, Add this time to the noted time Keep heading Two minutes to go, look for next waypoint or target. Clock Map Ground - Is it time, what should I see from Map, What can I see outside Finally remember "ish" is good. So heading is 240ish, speed is 420ish ("ish" = Approximately). The idea of navigation is only to get your eyes onto the waypoint / target. Then "See
  12. Chaps Not least for preparation for the next phase of TAW, this is also good now. Please post here so that your channel details are correctly recorded. Thanks Gos
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