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  1. News on 3.005 update, full text You can ask new questions in this thread
  2. Jason_Williams

    I-16 Type 24 skins

    Since the template has been released let's see some skins of the Rata! Jason
  3. Don't call it a port please. Completely re-mastered planes except for the FM which was not necessary. Jason
  4. Damn it I knew I was forgetting something!!! Too crazy in the office today. Jason
  5. Jason_Williams

    FC and TC steam release?

    The answer is it may be a similar wait yes, but maybe not quite the same. It depends on how things go. Jason
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    Need Help with Pilot Biographies

    Everyone, The New Career will have a certain feature where you will be able to choose a personal background for each career, this "personality" will have a Name, Age, Country, Photo and… Biography. You will be able to select a biography from an existing list. We need help to create such default biographies. A Biography may be: 1. TOTALLY Fictional - but it should be closely related with real world history, time and places. 2. SEMI-Real - you may take a real pilot biography and re-work it, but remove some details which can't be used UNIVERSALLY. Biographies should be UNIVERSAL - this means that: 1. History which is contained by biogrpahy should be trunkated by Summer of 1916 2. There should be no victories, awards, ranks (except Second Leutenant or NCO in the middle of biography), promotions noted 3. $[name] tag instead of pilot Full name 4. $[firstName] tag instead of pilot First name 5. $[lastName] tag instead of pilot Last name 6. $[startRank] tag instead of pilot rank at the moment of career start 7. $[startSquadronName] tag instead of pilot squad at the moment of career start 8. $[age] tag instead of pilot age at the moment of career start 9. $[startDate] tag instead of date at the moment of career start 10. $[birthdate] tag instead of pilot date of birth 11. text may be used for itallic text7. There should be more than 2500 characters in the text. 12. There should be and tags in the start and in the end of paragraphs Here is an example from Rise of Flight that made the cut. ===================================== Sportsman - German pilot biography ===================================== Born an only child on $[birthDate] in Apia, the capital city of the then German Pacific island possession, Samoa, $[name] grew up tough, playing in the plantations with the local Samoan children, much to the dismay of his widower father - a civil servant in the colonial administration. In 1914, in a last-ditch effort to civilize him, $[name] was sent back to Germany by steamer to study engineering at university. However, the announcement of hostilities and an onboard friendship struck up with an expatriate German officer quickly changed his mind. He enlisted in the Imperial German Army immediately upon arrival in Hamburg. Due to his excellent physical condition he flew through the army’s tests and began training with his new regiment in 1915. Despite the unaccustomed cold and unfamiliar surroundings, his athleticism, initiative and stamina served him well in training. He became a machine gunner in the third platoon and quickly attained the rank of corporal. In 1915 his unit arrived at the front as reinforcements in the second Battle of Ypres. While marching up to the communication trenches they were detected by British aerial artillery spotters who directed devastating fire upon their columns. Without even firing a single round in anger, the regiment was annihilated on the spot. $[name] escaped with his life but was hit by shrapnel in both legs. Several months in a military hospital followed. Although able to walk relatively freely and despite his vigorous protests to the contrary, he was deemed unfit for frontline service and was assigned to the Staff officers' mess as an orderly. While serving in the mess, he encountered his former shipmate, now returned to the ranks and serving as a Colonel. Through his influence, $[name] managed to secure a transfer to the Imperial German Air Service as an aerial observer in an Albatros C-Ia. His previous gunnery training put him in good stead for this new role and he quickly claimed two hostile aircraft – spotters for British artillery. The thrill of flight grabbed him from the start and he began to campaign for pilot training. At the beginning of 1916, his commanding officer finally succumbed to his incessant requests and allowed him to be trained as a pilot. Although not the most diligent of students, nor the most natural of pilots, he nevertheless managed to graduate in the middle of his class. To his father’s further dismay, he was now officially a pilot. By this stage, the aerial war was beginning to take on increased significance and casualties on all sides were mounting alarmingly, and so it came to be, that on $[startdate], at the age of $[age], $[name] reported for duty to the Kommandant of $[squad]. His war was just beginning. The above example was for WWI so it is a little exotic, but you get the idea. WWII pilots for Germany and the Soviet Union usually had more mundane, common backgrounds, but each pilot is unique and they came from all walks of life. Please help us create interesting backstories for your future IL-2 Sturmovik pilot avatar in the new Career mode. Note: The biographies should end with the invasion of the Soviet Union. This way the biography can be applied to any theater. This will take some creativity, but I know you guys can do it. Please post your work below and we will check it. Jason, Han and Sneaksie
  7. Something with how bullets interact with the WWI crates. Jason
  8. Guys, Thanks for the orders. If you're having issues don't panic. We'll fix whatever the issue is and if for some reason you think you qualify for a FC promo code and don't receive one, write to support and we'll take a look. Jason
  9. Jason_Williams

    Game Updates

    Update 3.005 Dear Pilots, After months of preparation and planning following our big announcement this past Fall, we are proud to announce the Release of version 3.005 and launch of Early Access for both Flying Circus- Volume One and Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka. They are now both available for purchase in the IL-2 webstore and making a purchase gives you access to new content as we roll it out and before the product is final. Flying Circus – Volume One Let’s first talk about Flying Circus and what the Early Access includes. As of now, you’ll get the SPAD 13 and Fokker Dr.1 to fly and fight one another in. The Lapino maps are acting as a stand for the future French map for now and both planes have been re-built and re-mastered by our partners at Yugra Media from earlier less complex models. This means improved mesh, textures, damage and other small enhancements of the same aircraft from previous products. However, you must remember that FC content is still a work in progress and more work will be necessary before WWI aircraft are fully supported in IL-2. As with all our Early Access periods more flyable aircraft will follow in the coming months. Time to get the goggles and scarves out of the closet! Flying Circus Early Access can be ordered HERE. We’d also like to take this time to explain our discount plan for special Rise of Flight users who purchase FC and qualify for a special discount code. We have chosen to give those ROF users who supported us in our darkest, most difficult days some special recognition with an additional discount. Without this support we would not be here today and is a small way to say thanks to those that supported us when it mattered most. Some customers really went above and beyond in their financial support and that is reflected in the discounts below. We only wish economic reality would allow for it to be more. First, everyone who orders during the Early Access period gets a $10 discount off regular MSRP no matter what. Second, if you are an existing ROF customer and meet certain criteria you qualify for an additional discount. The criteria are as follows. Anyone who purchased content for ROF between it’s launch in 2009 to Jan. 1, 2013 from our website or a boxed or digital copy from an official retail partners (Excluding STEAM. ROF was not available on STEAM during this period) during that time frame will receive an additional discount. If you spent between $0.01 and $70.99 you will receive an additional $5 OFF. If you spent between $71.00 and $200.99 you will receive an additional $10 OFF. If you spent greater than $201.00 you will receive an additional $15 OFF. The special discount period ends September 15, 2018. To get your special discount you’ll need to access your ROF user account on the ROF website and retrieve a promo code we have placed in your user profile. Then return to the IL-2 website and place your order for Flying Circus. Enter your discount code at check out. The additional discount will be reflected in the final amount. Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka Next, we are excited to begin Early Access to Tank Crew and the initial release of our first two tanks – the mighty Kv-1s and the fearsome PzKpfw. VI Ausf.H1 "Tiger " Tank Crew Early Access can be ordered HERE. Due to development and gameplay considerations we have decided to create a separate AAA vehicles add-on featuring the GAZ-MM + 72K and Sd. Kfz. 10 + Flak38. We will prepare them as a separate product to be released later and work to make them a more interesting addition to IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles then initially planned. In addition to the two tanks released today, over the next 14 months we will release the full line-up of tanks included in Tank Crew. Ten tanks in total will be created. T-34-76 model 1943 KV-1s M4A2 “Sherman” SU-122 SU-152 PzKpfw. III Ausf.M PzKpfw. IV Ausf.G PzKpfw. V Ausf.D "Panther" PzKpfw. VI Ausf.H1 "Tiger" Sd. Kfz. 184 "Ferdinand" In addition to the tanks we will be creating our specially designed Prokhorovka map and releasing that once it is finished. In the meantime, we are including the Lapino maps as stand ins. We have also added drivable tanks to the QMB including the new Kv-1s, Tiger 1 and existing T-34 and Pz. III tank models. Please note that the existing T-34 and Pz. III tanks are the original models previously released. Tank Crew will eventually include updated versions of these tanks. And the Kv-1 and Tiger tanks now support custom skins. Templates will be along soon for skinners. And we’d like to take this time to introduce you to our talented development partners at DigitalForms in Saint Petersburg, Russia who have taken on the task of building these amazing tanks for you. They have worked tirelessly since our announcement last year to put you inside some of WWII’s most deadly and fearsome weapon systems. They have helped us re-invent our tank technology and built some truly stunning tank exteriors and interiors. They hope you like their work! Fw 190 A-8 We continue our work on the coming Bodenplatte project and this time its customers get a new toy - German fighter/bomber Fw 190 А-8. It comes with many modifications: 30-mm Mk 108 guns, additional armour, bomb holders capable of carrying up to three 250 kg bombs, heavy rockets 21cm WGr. 42 and up to 12 anti-tank rockets R-HL Pblz. 1 "Panzerblitz". This makes the airtcraft the most packed one among the other Focke-Wulf models. Battle of Bodenplatte can be ordered HERE. Other Improvements In addition to FC and TC Early Access we have spent some time working on minor improvements to ground AI, bullet damage calculations, small graphical corrections to the He-111 H-16. A-20B, Spitfire Mk. IX and Bf-109 G-14. And of course, many other small enhancements, fixes and changes, which are too many to list in this post. Please discuss the update in this thread.
  10. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    My knock it off comment was aimed at two people who were being rude to each other. I've already stated our position on this matter and the original post of this thread that has nothing to do with your issue. Further discussion in this thread is not warranted. Jason
  11. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    And this is why we built the new implementation for Steam users like you, but everyone needs to understand Valve forced us to change things which takes away some of our freedom to sell the game how we want. We support Steam anyways to keep everyone happy, but it comes at a cost. Jason
  12. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    Just to be clear. We no longer exchange Steam keys for pre-orders. We stopped that practice several months ago. We'll honor what we already promised, but this is no longer a feature or pre-ordering from us. Jason
  13. Pilots, Just a reminder to NOT buy any of our products from unlicensed "grey" market websites. You are all aware which sites I am referring too. Today while doing some back end work related to our recent and improved Steam integration, we deactivated a batch of old keys that appeared to be unused so we could replace them with some fresh updated keys needed for a special program. These new keys were to be used to meet some other obligations we promised our customers related to Steam. Turns out a large percentage of those keys were obtained through fraud and abuse and then sold second-hand through grey market sites that do not have a license to sell our products. As we have stated before, such keys are subject to deactivation at any time once the fraud is either purposely or in the case, accidentally discovered. Combating fraudulent purchases is a never ending battle and we have taken steps to minimize this so we can avoid what happened today. But we can't beat this problem alone. If you like our products, protect yourself by buying only through our website direct or through Steam direct or from one of our few licensed re-sellers like Gamersgate etc. If you have a question about a retailer ask us and we will let you know if they are legit. If a key or product you own was inadvertently deactivated that was bought direct from us or direct from Steam contact our support and we will investigate your case. You will need to show proof that you made the direct purchase for us to re-instate the product. If your key was deactivated and you bought it from a grey market site you need to contact them for a refund. We have ZERO control over their policies and have ABSOLUTELY NO relationship with them whatsoever, hence why we do not encourage anyone to buy from such websites. We offer many aggressive discounts and promo codes throughout the year and there is really no need to buy from such sites. There are even several users who purchase many licenses and give them away to players with little money. This community is quite generous. Such fraud is the worst kind of greed and it is perpetrated by scum who don't care about your hobby or this small genre. Don't reward them by buying from grey market sites. Jason
  14. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    Knock it off. Everything that needs to be said has been said. We are aware of the issue and we will assist any person who was wrongly affected and is an actual direct customer of ours or Steam and not a site selling fraudulently obtained keys. Simply do not buy from these gray market sites. We have no ability to service people who buy keys from those sites because we have no record of them buying our product legitimately. I never really comment on the decade old defensive war I have been forced to fight against fraudsters from around the globe who attempt everyday to rip off us and you by extension by using stolen credit card data and abusing programs we have put in place to make our customers happy. Matter of fact, these keys that have been recently deactivated were part of a process to do some unrelated housekeeping so we can better service those that wanted Steam keys for certain pre-orders we promised previously. You must also know that our new Steam implementation does not rely on Steam "keys" any more because they were such a target for fraud. This is also why we have encrypted our website keys and taken other measures to ensure the security of our products and our livelihood. Fraud is a huge problem and has really been a bitch to deal with while we try to build a product you will enjoy. The only legit stores to buy IL-2 products is from us direct or from Steam and handful of other websites that sell just BOS like Gamersgate. There are also a few others, but not many. If you have a question about a particular website ask us and we will tell you if they are legit or not. Jason If you bought a product direct from us and it was deactivated simply write to support and we'll check it out. We're not accusing you of anything. Read my comment above. Jason
  15. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    Yes I see and it's mainly people who bought from gray market which we do not support. However, this was done for certain technical reasons and actually fix an issue that has nothing to do with grey market. It just accidentally exposed some users that bought from grey market sites that do not have our permission to sell our product and I've commented on before. If someone bought from Steam direct or us direct and were affected they can write support and we'll take a look. Jason
  16. Jason_Williams

    Bought BoS on Steam?

    Yes, you can buy from the website and LINK to your Steam account. However, as stated they will not show up in your Steam library, but the content will be available in the game itself. Jason
  17. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    What part of write to support don't you understand? There we will research your key and see if you are eligible for a Steam key. Jason Cannot be done. Jason
  18. Jason_Williams

    Steam Removed Games

    Write to support and we will look into your key. Keys bought from illegitimate sources are subject to revoking. Don't buy from anywhere other than us or Steam itself not third party websites offering discounted keys. Jason
  19. Please post your specs (Vid card, drivers used, CPU etc.) and what you are experiencing in this thread so we can search for a common link. Rude comments won't be tolerated. Jason
  20. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  21. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    That's not what I am talking about. I'm talking about the new Steam implementation. Some assume after you link accounts items bought on our website will appear in your Steam library. That is not what linking does. Please read my comments more carefully. Jason We do not sell Steam keys. They are just a magnet for fraud. You want a Steam key please buy on Steam. Jason
  22. Hello everyone, This sub-forum is where we will discuss PWCG for BOS by Pat Wilson. There is still a ways to go on this project, but it is progressing. If we need anything from the community I will ask for it in this area of the forum. There are many bits of info and content the community may be able to help out with during development and after initial release. You can learn more about PWCG for BOS by reading the following link and watching the included video. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/19183-what-pat-wilson-campaign-generator-bos/ Jason
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    Ju-52 skins

    The skin template has been released. Let's see some skins that mission makers can include in their missions even if the plane is AI controlled. Jason
  24. Jason_Williams

    steam keys

    Guys, You can write to Support about Steam keys for your BOK pre-order. Our Steam implementation no longer works off of Steam keys. We never promised Steam keys for everything we sold and when we launched the new Steam implementation we asked that you link your IL-2 accounts so you can play everything you own together and avoid a second log in. We never said they would be in your Steam library. We really don't have control over your Steam library, but we have at least built a way where you can effectively merge your install. That's all we can do. And again, this was all caused by Valve and their changes to their system. We had to adapt or be left out. Jason
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    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Thank you Sturm - we hope you'll like it. Jason