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  1. A form of ray tracing. Not final, many things to clean up. Jason
  2. Many users tell us our VR is great. So you guys send confusing signals. We did not invent VR technology, we can only work within it's limits and we do the best we can. And this thread is not about VR so please take it to the VR section. Jason
  3. My tests so far with DS is very good in 4K maxed out. 120+ FPS. I detect no difference in my VR performance. Any issues in VR is not related to DS. Also, according to Sergey DS better bifurcates our CPU and GPU work load. So having a powerful GPU will make more of a difference than before. And it allows us to do more trick things like the reflections you see in this DD without a huge FPS hit. So we'll see how far we take it. Many things in the kitchen. Jason
  4. Sorry, but you are looking at the game. I hate it when people say this. I am working with someone to actually take advantage of what's possible as you see in the video and you'll have some missions that look like this. Jason
  5. PBR is possible now, but we'll see what we end up doing. Jason The support isn't built yet. Later this year I hope, but until then they still work the same without any restrictions. Don't wait for us to enjoy all the great skins out there. Jason
  6. Tankers, I'm looking for talented TC mission makers to assist me with some special projects and ideas I am working on regarding TC. If interested drop me a PM. Looking for strong mission design talent to make interesting and entertaining SP and MP mission scenarios. Jason
  7. Would be cool. but we don't have that modeled. Jason
  8. Foxes, Beautiful. PM sent. Jason
  9. Guys, Posts like this are not encouraged or welcome so I'm closing it. Team Fusion is a partner of ours and they have done a tremendous job improving CLOD and their new North Africa product. Threads like this are not fair or necessary. In the IL-2:GB forum. Please go ask questions in the CLOD section of this same forum. Jason
  10. Guys, Detcord did a cool mod for TC. It's in the main mod forum, so I link to it here. If he wants to post it here again or move it here he can. But wanted you guys to be aware. Jason
  11. Same answer. No. But I put all the cockpit textures up in the Mods section many months ago. Have at it. Jason
  12. It's multiple textures. 4 x 2k and 2 x 1k. Not simply one 2K texture. Jason
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