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  1. Going to be a little while. Jason When or if we have news on this we’ll post it. Right now there is none. Jason
  2. Tvrdi, Honestly, stop posting about this. I am fully aware you have MP stutters and I am aware of what is on the Russian forum. Jason
  3. Comments not contributing to the actual issue will be deleted. Jason We are not being neglectful. Comments like this are not helpful. If we were neglecting this issue this thread would not exist. I have not given an update because I have nothing new to add and very few of you have done what I have asked to help us solve the issue. We have worked on some new things to try and alleviate the issue, but we still don't know the root cause. It is very difficult to duplicate all the different conditions internally under which you may experience these. And I say again, if you have smooth SP experience and have these stutters in MP, they are not caused by graphics settings on your end. It's something else that's why we need to see videos and tracks. Jason
  4. War is hell. At least you're not really dead. Jason
  5. Man I missed this. Great job telling the story and editing! Jason
  6. We already have night fighting in the sim. I haven’t taken anything away. I’m just not trying to build an air intercept radar. Jason
  7. If I thought for a minute this community would be satisfied by a "an easily implemented" radar system I would have made it already. You guys are too hard to please as it is. Jason
  8. Make some friends or double the size my team. Which is easier? Jason I'm not in charge of coordination between players. I make the game, you guys play it. Marshal is in testing finally, but is buggy currently. Jason
  9. We don't model radar to make it a true night-fighter. I can only image the arguments about it. Nightmare for me. Maybe someday. Jason
  10. In-game VOIP is a luxury feature for my small team. I have no body that has time to implement it. Would be cool, but not on m y current to-do list. Jason
  11. What Alonzo says above is basically correct. We have been planning DS for a while as a way to increase performance and possibly allow for more graphical improvements, but the work is preliminary at this point so we shall see. The VRSS feature was dropped without much warning and we have no idea if it will have much of an effect on IL-2. Maintaining two different render techniques is likely not possible. I have only one guy and he's always swamped and it will likely cause other problems. We hope DS will increase overall performance and also VR performance. But again, we have no big data yet on the preliminary work. The industry moves too fast for our small team to keep up and I don't have nearly enough programmers to stay on top of it all. If we had an off the shelf engine maybe we could, but sims like ours require a custom solution. Never easy. Our competition has 4x as many employees as we do. Jason
  12. We are switching to deferred so doubtful it will work with what we are planning. Still early days. Jason
  13. Vacation and Holidays. Needed a break. Nothing unusual is up. Normandy work has begun as scheduled. Jason
  14. This sounds like a simple case of loss of head tracking. TrackIR can be very finicky sometimes. Check your camera view to see where you lose tracking. If it happens again try using the mouse to re-center yourself instead of key press. Jason
  15. Happy New Year to everyone in the community from the team. The team is on their usual holiday break. They will be back soon doing more awesome work. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, be safe, and have a nice day tomorrow. Let’s usher in another roaring 20’s full of progress, success, happiness and IL-2 simming goodness!! Jason
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