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  1. Yes, we have long wanted to offer missions that are fun, challenging and easy to set up. The previous "Campaign" system was just that, but many users wanted our old "Career" system as we had in ROF. So, we built that instead, but we always knew that we could expand the QMB to include the old campaign system that was previously tied to our crappy unlock system which was dumped long ago. Although, it's not really a campaign system in the traditional sense, it's more of a Advanced Quick Mission Builder and we will try to take as many elements of that as possible and graft it into the QMB to offer
  2. Guys, Here are the final winner of the questions. If you are a winner please post what freebie you want. - How old am I today? I gave a hint in a recent DD. 48 years old. Won by Barnacles (Tank Crew) - What was my very first taste of virtual air combat in a video game? Name the title and system. Combat on Atari 2600. Won by E69_Vonted (BON) - What was my favorite air combat game on the original Nintendo system? Name the title. Top Gun circa 1987. Won by CountZero (Yak-9 S.1) - What was my favorite air combat arcade game in an actual coin-op arcade? Name t
  3. For more details see the announcement HERE. Jason
  4. Attention Pilots! The Annual Spring Sale has begun in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on Steam! Save between 40% to 85% on most items. The Annual Spring Sale runs from 10:00am PST April 9th to 10:00am PST April 23rd in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on STEAM. IL-2 GREAT BATTLES IN IL-2 OFFICIAL WEBSTORE IL-2 IL-2 GREAT BATTLES ON STEAM Tank Crew - 40% Off (Webstore & Steam) BOS – 85% Off BOM – 75% Off BOK – 75% Off BOBP – 66% Off FC1 – 66% Off Hurricane Mk.II - 40% Off Yak-9 – 40% Off
  5. No Afterburner was my fave coin-op game as listed above. First taste...... Jason
  6. Sadly no. I never win. It's just fun to try. I do better at sports betting. Jason It's not on an Amiga or Commodore. Jason
  7. Hi everyone, Thank you again for the birthday wishes and for asking all the questions. And thank you for playing my little trivia game. I have posted the correct answers below, but there is still one question not answered correctly. I will leave this up for a while to see if anyone gets it right. I'm surprised no one said it yet, I might be older than I though! Maybe you guys don't even remember the game!! It's a true classic. - How old am I today? I gave a hint in a recent DD. 48 years old. - What was my very first taste of virtual air combat in a video game? Name
  8. Customizable ammo belts is unlikely to happen. And such a feature should be designed in the beginning not retrofitted. Hard to do otherwise. We already give options for different load outs for planes that we were aware of. Not sure how common no tracers actually were. I've only seen anectodical information. We have the most common convergence used by the USAAF. Please show me what other convergences were adopted officially by the USAAF. Our info only shows basically two types. Jason Would love to have someday in some product, but no one to build it.
  9. You can't answer a question with an answer. Please give final answer. Jason
  10. Unlikely with this generation of IL-2. Jason Already answered above. Jason Unlikely. Our map tools are very hard to understand and we have no time to train anyone and it will just cause chaos and bombard us with questions. Plus we want to keep control over the quality of any maps. Bad maps are bad for business. Our map tech is difficult to work with. Jason You get one question. 🙂 I hope to have torpedoes eventually, but for what aircraft? There is a mod for them out there. Jason. Not sure yet
  11. I want to make an engine durability setting to allow uses and servers to set it to whatever they think is right. But we have to build it and don’t know when I can make this a priority, other things need to come first. Jason
  12. No. Single maps are very unlikely. Just making the Luki summer was a stretch and a passion project of one team member. Yes, that is correct. Top Gun for Nintendo. Played the hell out of it. Jason
  13. A-1 Jason No comment other than to say hundreds of thousands. All titles require a couple million minimum. Jason
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