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  1. I’m here. I’m in Texas again. I was beat down after the show. Was too much work for me and my skeleton crew. We were the last one’s out and that was with Req’s awesome help. I stopped in Destin, FL on my way back for a couple days and enjoyed the beach. Then I went to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL. I’m done sight seeing now. I’m westbound for the bright lights of Vegas. I miss my girl and tired of sleeping in a moderately priced hotel. I’ll be back to normal next week. You guys just keep flying. Don’t mind me. LOL Jason
  2. No this is false. We never did anything for balance. There were long running debates about ROF FMs over many years and we made some changes after years of debate, but we eventually regretted them and felt they weren’t accurate changes. That is all. We never do anything just for the sake of balance. Don’t make such false comments about us. We’ve said over and over and over that we don’t tweak planes for balance. Jason
  3. Great video!!! Nicely done! Jason
  4. Sorry no, the P-51, P-38 and Tempest are not done, therefore we cannot release them. Very simple situation. Bodenplatte is Early Access. The order in which they are released has zero bearing on the final product, which is what matters. Jason
  5. Guys, I'm exhausted, but the show today was great. Big super thanks to Shamrock for all his preview work and being friendly and helpful to folks stopping by. And super huge thanks to Requiem for helping me break down the booth at the end. Also more big thanks to Rooster who helped me set up on Friday. We really do have a great community. Thank you to everyone who came by the booth this weekend and had some fun and chatted me up. Always great to meet people in person and talk about simming. I'll write more tomorrow. Get ready for the 262! Jason
  6. Guys, A long hard day that started off bad, but got better at the end. Our cool VR-Motion rig had unexpected problems even after everything was wired tight and working correctly at end of setup the night before. So, we had to use an older build for motion and no VR most of the day. After the exhibit period ended, with the help of Requiem, we were able to get the VR back up and I solved the motion problem with a stupid simple file replacement. So, tomorrow we hope to wow more people with the motion and VR. and on top of all that, throughout the day my collection of VIRPIL sticks kept un-calibrating themselves causing another headache. Most importantly, several community members stopped by and were super great to everyone at the booth and me which I appreciate greatly since I was irritated beyond comprehension. So today was not ideal for pictures and videos. I hope tomorrow won't be such crazy day and we can give some more flavor to the event, which is actually pretty cool and fun. Now I'm off to bed to get some sleep and do it again tomorrow. Jason
  7. Sorry guys. Interview got delayed. We’ve had lots of technical difficulties this morning at our booth. Jason
  8. Sorry guys. Only thing new at the show is the 262. Jason
  9. Yep that's the route I took. Jason Yes I have spoken to Froogle. He'll stop by as well as Shamrock. Jason I'll have a lovely assistant this year as well. I'll meet her today. Jason
  10. It's not my job to video everything. If you want to see everything come to the Expo. You'll be able to follow a lot of FS Expo action here. https://fselite.net/fsexpo19/?fbclid=IwAR07SUNGbs4S8_CriV0TxYh-SZOKAaEKFbKg4reBIbeSiwUhh0CnhiYrWew I'll be busy talking to attendees and supervising people playing IL-2 on our setups. Jason
  11. I made it to Orlando last night. Now we're working to prepare the booth. The drive was fun. I enjoyed it. Jason
  12. Ok guys I made it to Mobile, Alabama. Only one more leg to go. Here's some footage of me driving through the deep south. See you soon Orlando! Jason
  13. I made it to Big D in one piece last night. To commemorate I give you Texas's greatest export. While here I caught up with Hooves from the community. Here's a picture of us hanging out. On to Mobile, AL today. Jason
  14. Hot is fine with me being from Vegas, but your humidity sucks. I'm in Amarillo at the moment. Be in Dallas in a few hours. P.S. cow crap smells bad. Jason
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