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  1. DD today?

    No DD today. Han is out of town and so am I. All this week was consumed with the update. Jason
  2. You have no clue what our priorities are. If you don't like what we are doing don't play the game. We have 10 years of addressing all sorts of "priorities" of the community. Start your own company and do it yourself if you know better. So God damn tired of posts like this. Jason
  3. What Mod are you referring to? Jason
  4. We had this functionality in ROF. We'll eventually have an SDK for it. Jason
  5. Thanks Robert and everyone else. All praise really does go to the team, not me. They do the really hard work. They really do work super hard on all aspects of this product and their results speak for themselves. After all these years of result after result I get tired of having to defend our work. It’s been a decade. We know what we’re doing and what’s possible or not. Jason
  6. Error code: 2C171/1

    ROF and IL-2 are different in that regard. Jason
  7. Have no idea until we look at it. Maybe just a simple bug. Jason
  8. It's not a fix if it's not broken. Not sure what old clouds you are referring too. They always worked this way. No more cloud complaints from you in this thread or any other for a while. You've been heard. Jason
  9. Error code: 2C171/1

    You and I both no that's not possible in IL-2. Jason
  10. We've already looked at it. That's just how they work. You must think we're dense or something. If something is easy to change we change it. Jason
  11. Error code: 2C171/1

    I just tested it and it worked. I wouldn't even bother though. It's horribly out of date. Need to write a new one. Jason
  12. Semor, How many more times do I have to say that this is not a bug, it's a technology limitation. The clouds are aliased at a different rate then the planes and when they are i the same space and at certain angles this occurs. I've said this multiple times now and you keep on complaining about something that cannot be changed now and maybe never. That's just the world we have to live in. Feel free to ignore everything else the team just broke their back to fix for you. If and when we can improve this issue I will tell you. Jason
  13. Need a German Translator ASAP

    Guys, I require a German speaker to translate about 10,000 words into German from English. This is for a new payware Bf-110 Scripted Campaign. We could really use your help. Please PM me if you are interested and I'll explain more. Thanks! Jason
  14. DD today?

    No DD today guys sorry. Team is swamped with latest beta. Jason