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  1. My name is Jason, not John and SLI does work with VR. Just because it doesn't work as you expect it to, doesn't mean it doesn't work. Your issue lies probably with the VR companies and Nvidia, not us. Do you get more frames with SLI and VR than without? If yes, it's working. SLI has always been a strange feature for sims. My advice is just having a really nice single card. Jason
  2. The ME is a tool meant for developers. We released it to the public because users asked for it. It's not a joke as you want to put it. We find that incredibly insulting. There are many here who can assist you if you have difficulty. Like anything, it gets easier as you learn how it works. It is indeed much more powerful than the old 1946 ME that was easy to use, but as others have said quite basic. Jason
  3. There are a million planes we'd like to make, but only a few are possible with the constraints we have to work with. I have to be real and only go after ones I know we can build and from those pick ones that might be fairly popular. Please lets not make this thread into a big wishlist. Jason
  4. Undecided, but due to the difference in the airframes the game will see them as two separate planes. Not decided yet how I will sell them. Jason
  5. Dear Pilots! It’s our great pleasure to officially announce that our next Collector Planes for the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles series will be the – Yak-9, Yak-9T and the Hurricane Mk.II. Both of these aircraft, or I should probably say all three of these aircraft, were important designs that were workhorses of their day that made great contributions to the war effort on several fronts. These particular planes were chosen so we can offer an even more diverse and well-rounded plane-set that benefits primarily our Eastern Front products, which we still care deeply about and as of now, the majority of our customers own the most of. The Yak-9 came in many different flavors and it derived from the robust Yak-7b design. The Yak-9 was used over many important Eastern Front battles and was a very versatile and reliable airframe. It was the most produced Soviet fighter of the war. The famous Normandie Niemen pilots also used a variant of the Yak-9 in combat as did many successful front-line Soviet units. The Yak-9 was light and maneuverable at low altitudes and gave her pilots a real chance against the Bf-109 and Fw-190s of it’s day although it was less armed than its German adversaries. However, the Yak-9T came packing the NS37 37mm cannon in the nose which was a heavy hitter. A 37mm round can do some serious damage to not only enemy airplanes, but also vehicles and armor. Due to the bigger length of the 37mm cannon, the cockpit of the -9T had to be moved rearward about 400mm to accommodate it, slightly changing its lovely profile. The Yak-9 was an important aircraft for the Soviet Union and will make an excellent addition to the IL-2 Great Battles Series! The legendary Hurricane, which was built by Hawker, became famous in the west for winning the Battle of Britain and for the many sorties flown in the Mediterranean and North Africa theaters. However, it was also widely flown on the Eastern Front as a Lend-Lease product and saw much combat over the vast landscape of the Soviet Union. Hurricanes were one of the very first Lend Lease types to reach the Soviet Union and they were pressed into service right away as a stop-gap fighter as Soviet industry moved eastward to safer locations. It would eventually be joined or replaced by other Lend Lease designs like the Kittyhawk and Airacobra and newer Soviet designs, but the Hurricane soldiered on in many combat roles across several fronts including Stalingrad and Moscow. They were also heavily used on the Northern sectors to protect important warm water ports. Soviet ground crews also employed several weapon modifications which had a heavier punch than its original Browning machine guns. We hope to model most of these modifications. The Hurricane in Soviet service was a lengthy affair that deserves inclusion in IL-2 Great Battles. Without further delay, here are some very early Work-In-Progress renders of the Yak-9 and Hurricane in production. As is customary, Pre-Orders for these planes will commence in just a couple weeks and they will be ready for duty first half of next year. Remember, that by purchasing Collector Planes you allow us to continue to make important and interesting aircraft that we may not have been able to include in our main titles. The Sturmovik Team You can discuss this announcement in this thread HERE.
  6. You can discuss the Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane Mk. II Collector Planes announcement here. Jason
  7. Guys, This is NOT the thread to discuss such technical issues. Do so in the Technical Issue section of the forum. I've made a special thread just for this issue. Not all users and even the team are experiencing such MP stuttering. This is not an easy issue to pin down. Any more posts in this thread on the topic of stutters will be deleted. Post in the special thread and be concise, work to help us pin down a possible cause of scenario that causes such stutters. Jason
  8. Please discuss your stuttering issues, especially stuttering on MP servers here in this centralized thread. Please be clear in what you are reporting and use good testing methods to try and pin down what is causing your stutters. Being precise helps us, help you. Graphical stutters and other types of stutters such as ones caused by a CPU bottleneck are not the same. This is where much confusion on the topic of stutters lies. Help us untangle what you are experiencing so we can take a look. Right now, our experience in the office and at our homes, do not match the experience some of you are reporting. I cannot promise anything will be done unless we can duplicate the issue and identify under what circumstances such stuttering occurs. Nasty, angry, disrespectful behavior in this thread will not be tolerated. Jason
  9. This is a clue possibly. Thanks for doing that test. I’m traveling back home from Moscow. Will do my own testing on my home machines and fly MP with my usual setup. It’s really hard to get a feel from my hotel or the office on a laptop. Our testing I’m the office did not show what some of you are reporting. So it’s strange. We didn’t make any changes to MP. We only allowed users to limit frames with Vsync On. Jason
  10. Dear Pilots! Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and the Achtung Spitfire! Campaign are nearing official retail release in just a few weeks and to celebrate we are giving you the opportunity to purchase our older Battle Modules and previous Scripted Campaigns for an amazing 75% OFF!! No doubt you will want to pick up our latest titles, but in case you don’t already own some of our previous titles, this is the most aggressive pricing ever offered! It’s also been 75 years since the time period in which our Battle of Bodenplatte title takes place. It’s was the height of the war on the Western Front and the Allies were struggling to break into Germany. This era was the pinnacle of piston powered aircraft designs and saw the first introduction of jet fighters. Oct. 15th - Oct. 31st 2019 on Website Oct 15th - Oct. 27th 2019 on Steam BOS = 75% OFF (Website and Steam) BOM = 75% OFF (Website and Steam) BOK = 75% OFF (Website and Steam) Blazing Steppe = 75% OFF (Website and Steam) Fortress on the Volga = 75% OFF (Website and Steam) Ten Days of August = 75% OFF (IL-2 Website Only) Havoc Over the Kuban = 75% OFF (IL-2 Website Only) Cliffs of Dover: BLITZ – 75% Off (IL-2 Website Only) All Rise of Flight Content = 75% OFF (Website and Steam) And don’t forget to Pre-Order our next upcoming Scripted Campaign – Achtung Spitfire! Available exclusively on the Official IL-2 Website. OFFICIAL WEBSTORE STEAM As usual, if you purchase a plane you already have you can send it as a Gift to a friend or squadron mate. IMPORTANT NOTE: The $10 OFF Early Access discount for Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus will be expiring in just a couple weeks. If you want to get that discount please don’t delay! NOTE: having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts. The Sturmovik Team
  11. Guys, We need the max loaded weight and max speed of these early vehicles. Any know anything about them? We seem to be stumped on finding such info. Leyland 3 Ton RAF Benz-Gaggenau Type 5 1912 Crossley T5 Y 1616 Mercedes Kettenwagen 22 Just post here if you find anything. We're trying not to guess. In ROF such parameters weren't entered. Thanks! Jason
  12. I'm sorry, but we cannot build and display every town, village or city. This goes for every map we've ever done. Jason
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