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  1. Jason_Williams

    Po-2 ... ?

    It's coming and looks awesome! You'll see it soon. Not to worry. Jason
  2. Actually no it’s not. It’s much simpler now for new users and once everyone links it is much less confusing. You have no idea how many people complained about two logins. You guys on this site are the minority believe it or not. Jason Once again complain to Steam they made us change a perfectly functioning system. Write to Gabe. And when Gabe says we should have just gone with Steam in the beginning, tell him his people ignored us for 5 years even after I crashed many a meeting room at various trade shows asking for their support to list our games and support their platform. And then his people making empty promises. This whole gigantic turd sandwich was caused by Valve ignoring Rise of Flight. At least when we partnered with 1C we could get on Steam. Now it’s a self serve platform and no one believes me when I tell how difficult it was just to get on Steam. Jason
  3. Yes, once you link accounts you can launch from Steam and all will be there, but BOBP won’t be in your Steam library. We have no way of placing non-Steam purchased items in your Steam library. Jason
  4. Yes if you absolutely want it that way. Jason
  5. The problem here is that for 3 years all we heard is we want to play through Steam, please give me a Steam keys and more content on Steam. Now we find the opposite that there is a small group who wants Steam content but use the launcher. Which to us seems weird. The question has always been about using all content, not about launching. Jason
  6. Trup, This isn’t nonsense, Check your attitude immediately. Whatever you did and why is no consequence to Valve. We cannot design a system within their current system and give everyone with every combination of motives and purchasing activity what they want. We didn’t create this issue. Valve did. Jason
  7. Everyone needs to check your attitude at the door. Everyone who owns our content either at Steam or through us still has what they bought. Read the guide please and link the accounts so you can play everything you want. If you’re annoyed blame Valve, not us. We’re only adapting to their system. The end result is pretty damn streamlines for everyone, but still pretty flexible. Just relax and read our guide. Jason
  8. All moneyto us if bought on website. Jason
  9. Something with the windshield and an oil gauge. Small stuff. Jason
  10. Jason_Williams

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Murf wins IL-2 post of the year! Jason
  11. Jason_Williams

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    That's entirely up to GVL Aero. Just shoot him a PM. Jason
  12. Jason_Williams

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    GVL only makes throttles upon special order. There was no announcement because it is not a commercially available product. It was made to order based on my personal design for the show. To get your own you'd have to deal with GVL and order one. Jason
  13. Jason_Williams

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    I appreciate the input, but I already did what you are talking about and the show was not that large. We already had the biggest, brightest and most engaging booth. This isn't E3 where 50K people are gonna walk by your booth. Jason
  14. Jason_Williams

    What happens in Vegas......etc, etc, (thanks Jason)

    Thanks Geezer. It was great meeting you and the others as well. Jason
  15. Jason_Williams

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say that the FS Expo 2018 was an interesting and fun event. Not the largest on the planet, but pretty interesting for simmers. Our Sturmovik display really was a highlight of the show and many attendees indicated to me that it was their favorite. Many attendees also came back around multiple times to play IL-2 and for those that were unfamiliar with IL-2 got to see it in all it's glory across three large screens using some awesome gear. Nothing but positive comments. There were people waiting to fly because of full stations the entire time. There were of course some rude people and ill-informed people who made dumb comments, but overall it was a good mix of people who just loved aviation and liked what they saw with Sturmovik. This included real pilots and even some real USAF pilots who came by. This attempt at a flight-sim convention I think it turned out pretty well and it sold out so hopefully it will become an annual or biennial event. I also hope we can keep it in Vegas. Very convenient for me. Although next time I'd like to see all big players in our industry attend and help make it a bigger show with more action oriented exhibits. If done right we can have our own mini-E3 just about our hobby. The VR was a hit, but also the unit(s) using TrackIR were also very popular. The gear I brought did get attention which was cool, but many were ignorant that such gear even existed. Sad! It so much different then the gear for civvy sims that they are amazed. We also overcame some early technical troubles to get things going and our team really handled everything awesomely! Speaking of the team, Hooves, Luke, Elisa and Callie really took care of the attendees and and answered so many questions about Sturmovik. Even the girls got the hang of it and really helped everyone have fun. Hooves and Luke brought gear to the show to help defer costs and it all came together very nicely. I could not have pulled this off without them. BIG thanks to both of them. Also, Herrmurph came on Sunday and he was gracious enough to help us breakdown the exhibit and speed up our departure. Was a big, big help. And finally several of you from this very forum came to the show and hung out at the booth and I was able to talk to you guys and shoot the breeze. I enjoyed it a lot. I won't mention everyone here in this post because I'll forget someone, but it was great talking to you guys and getting to know you in person. I hope we get to do it again next year. Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped, attended and provided gear (Virpil, GVL and MFG). All the hard work and effort was worth it I believe and I learned many lessons from this event that I can apply to any future FSExpo to make our exhibit even more fun. The event itself was pretty well organized and they treated exhibitors quite well. I did have to grease the wheels a bit at times, but it worked out. Luckily I know how conventions work, especially in Vegas. My past years there helped when we were in a pinch lets say. We were so busy that documenting all the action and doing fancy videos or reports was difficult. We just focused on the attendees who paid and traveled to be there, but here are some pics of the booth in action. P.S. someone did win our Ace of the Expo contest, but I need to dig out the score sheet from the show. He got 6 kills in 10 mins from what I remember. Jason