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  1. Thank you from me and the team for the kind statement. Jason
  2. No we only have one client. You download everything regardless of what you own and then your purchases unlock the content. Jason
  3. Was more like a team effort, more like how a tank operates. Several people involved. We have to solve how to represent this, but still make it entertaining and possible to shoot things down. Just another challenge we have to overcome per usual. Jason
  4. Maybe you scared him away? Why don't you tell me what the AI setting was and why don't you record a track so we can look at it. Or Maybe something is amiss in the mission logic which actually dictates a lot of what you consider the "AI'. How many Quick fights did you perform? Just one? Jason
  5. I don't like the flags and this design was done without my permission when a GUI artist decided to get cute. I will eventually change it. Jason
  6. Attention Pilots! The Winter 2.0 Sale has begun in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on Steam! Save between 30% to 85% on most items. The Winter 2.0 Sale runs from 10:00am PST January 22nd to 10:00am PST February 5th in the IL-2 Official Webstore and on STEAM. IL-2 GREAT BATTLES IN IL-2 OFFICIAL WEBSTORE IL-2 IL-2 GREAT BATTLES ON STEAM Tank Crew - 35% Off (Webstore & Steam) BOS – 85% Off BOM – 75% Off BOK – 75% Off BOBP – 66% Off FC1 – 66% Off Hurricane Mk.II - 35% Off Yak-9 – 40% Off Yak-9T – 40% Off Fw-190 D-9 – 66% Off P-38 J-15 – 66% Off U-2VS -75% Off Ju-52/3M – 75% Off Bf-109 G-6 – 75% Off Yak-1B – 75% Off Spitfire Mk. VB – 75 % Off LA-5FN – 75% Off HS-129 B-2 – 75% Off P-40E-1 – 85% Off Macchi MC.202 – 85% Off Fw-190 A-3 – 85% Off LA-5 Series 8 – 85% Off Ice Ring – 30% Off Blazing Steppe – 75% Off Fortress on the Volga – 75% Off Hell Hawks Over the Bulge – 30% Off (Webstore Only) Ten Days of Autumn – 75% Off (Webstore Only) Havoc Over the Kuban – 75% Off (Webstore Only) Achtung Spitfire! – 75% Off (Webstore Only) RISE OF FLIGHT IN ROF OFFICIAL WEBSTORE RISE OF FLIGHT ON STEAM All ROF Content – 75% Off Enjoy! See you in the skies and on the battlefield! The Sturmovik Team
  7. I have not used them yet because I'm not done re-designing the website. Not all will be used of course. It's just me so things move slowly. Jason
  8. Guys, Products bought on Steam can only remain on Steam and products bought on the website can only remain on the Website. However, if you bought BOS on Steam you can LINK your Steam account and Website account and purchase products from either place and they will all be accessible when you launch from Steam. That is how it works and there is no way to exchange one for the other. That’s all we can do. However, system enables you to buy content from both places if you LINK. But remember, this is only possible if you buy BOS from Steam and launch from Steam. Jason
  9. It's very simple. I don't control how all 1C's money is spent. Jason
  10. You all assume such things are easy. They are not. People complained we did not have joystick support for tank turrets so we added it. Aiming by any device is interconnected so changed occur to support everyone best we can. I'm not sure it can go back to the way it was. Jason
  11. This is not a useful poll. We all know the answer. If I can improve the free tanks to the same level of TC tanks I will. Right now, I cannot. I have always wanted to, but the cost involved are currently prohibitive for such "free" content. Jason
  12. Guys, We're making changes to PMs so this won't happen again. Please delete any unwanted PMs. Jason
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