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  1. There is no "as intended" mindset with us. That would indicate bias which we don't have. Our results are the culmination of the team's work based on information we have, our technology and sometimes your feedback. Our update was based on all that and the result is what it is. We feel overall we've improved the damage system and made it more realistic. Some like it, some don't. I'm sorry, but we are dealing with a subjective topic and our planes are not real ones and our damage system is an approximation and made to look and feel believable, it can never be perfect. Just a limitation of what a computer simulation is. We always listen to your complaints, but we don't always make changes. I this case, we felt there were technical changes we could make that would make the damage more realistic and you the user more satisfied. Can we make everyone happy all the time? Nope. Some of you want uber amazing one shot kills with certain weapons. Some want extended battles with rounds only chipping away at the enemy. Like FMs this topic will never be fully resolved. What we've made is a dynamic and believable damage system where there is a whole range of possibilities and outcomes with different weapons behaving generally like they did in real life. That's the best we can do at the moment. I honestly don't think there is another combat sim product that has taken as many steps and done as much tweaking as we have to make the damage model better. The team does their best to improve the product and I trust their judgement on some of these "in the weeds" items. Maybe some ammo is a little off, but there is absolutely no correct answer under the technology and circumstances we have to work with and under. Please enjoy the product and our hard work and take such specific testing and videos to another part of the forum. This thread is for general discussion. If we make further changes or have more to say you'll be the first to know. Jason
  2. Jason_Williams

    The IL2 store

    Moved to complaints. I've already told you to write support or Xsolla. See my comments in the other thread. Jason
  3. YoYo, This isn't the thread to complain about the store. Write to our support and talk to Xsolla. We've had thousands and thousands of orders go through without a hitch from all over the world since we moved to Xsolla. What went wrong with yours I don't know, but Xsolla has done a good job handling this migration so far. We want to help you, but throwing around general statements about a system we like and most do like will just get deleted. Write to support. If they don't respond write to me and I'll look into it. Jason
  4. No that's not right to say. All airplanes will see changed due to hit angles being considered and other adjustments.. You should read more closely. We continue to improve everything within our product. Jason
  5. Havoc Over the Kuban will be available for purchase and released soon. More info coming later this month. It's our current policy to showcase them one at a time. Jason
  6. Jason_Williams

    HAVOC OVER THE CAUCASUS - A-20 Scripted Campaign

    Havoc Over the Kuban will be available for purchase and released soon. More info later. Jason
  7. Closed. Once again you guys take things off topic. Post such thing in other topics. Jason
  8. Jason_Williams

    From CCG with loves

    LOL good one! Jason
  9. Jason_Williams

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Because if it was the our usual heightmap standard is would be super flat. The area is not super hilly to begin with AND we have not applied our automatic angle textures. See other maps for examples. Once that is applied the ground will have more variation and the relief becomes more obvious. Jason
  10. Jason_Williams

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Feel free to post in Videos. Jason
  11. Jason_Williams

    Who lives in London, England???

    Cold beet man...COLD! Jason
  12. Jason_Williams

    Who lives in London, England???

    Guys, I'm staying in the Kensington area. So if there is a pub anywhere not to far from there we can meet that would be good. I don't mind quiet pubs and I don't need anything fancy. Jason
  13. Jason_Williams

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    It's unlikely we can increase the number for MP slots. We hope to improve MP with the 84 players limit we have now. That would be a good step. We recently made some changes to MP code to try and improve things. We want to eventually include the pilot body for VR, but it takes a fair amount of work due to the animations. Luckily we now have an on staff animator, but he is busy with other work at the moment. There is a mod that does a rudimentary job of that now though. Check the Mods section. Jason
  14. Jason_Williams

    Official Skin Template Links (Updated 8/5/18)

    I have no idea what's wrong. No other reports other than yours. Can anyone else confirm this issue? Jason