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  1. No campaigning for mods to be official. Follow the rules of this section please. If we ever want to make something official you will know. We are not obligated to do anything with Mods so don't ask us or the author. Love on a mod all you want, but don't drag us into it. Jason
  2. We threw the Hurri on the rubbish pile. Jason
  3. Jason_Williams

    VR zoom

    We have a new zoom coming in the 4.007 update. It's more than one zoom level. Jason
  4. Ummm... the map is done. I’ve said this previously. We are working on the Normandy map now. Jason
  5. Hey guys, Thank you for the Thank You thread. We really appreciate such gestures and your continued support! More good stuff coming! Jason
  6. Dear Friends, Today we'd like to present you the final part of the Stalingrad trilogy, the ending of the story that started in "Blazing Steppe" and continued in "Fortress on the Volga" campaigns. The new campaign will tell you about the combat operations of the Soviet IL-2 attack planes in December 1942. The development of the third part took much longer than we initially expected, partly because of the need to research a huge amount of data from the archives telling about the actions of the three Soviet Fronts and Air Armies, but the result will prove itself worthy of the effort spent. We are proud to announce the Pre-Order of the new historical Campaign "Ice Ring" for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. Basing on the combat order records and operational reports of the Soviet 8th Air Army, we have managed to recreate an absolutely unique history of combat operations of the 226th Ground-Attack Air Division regiments. The campaign consists of three large stages, during which you'll operate from 4 different airfields and take part in the most dramatic events of the final part of the Battle of Stalingrad. The successful counter-offensive of the Red Army in November 1942 led to the encirclement of the 284 thousands troops including the German 6th Army and 4th Tank Army, as well as Romanian divisions. Then the task of supplying the troops was assigned to the transport and bomber units of the Luftwaffe, so the first part of the new campaign is dedicated to the very beginning of the Soviet air blockade formation. At the end of November, the command of the Soviet 8th Air Army issued an order to relocate the 235th Fighter Air Division to the south of the city. It was also decided to form a special air group of IL-2's pilots from the 226th ShAD who were experienced in dogfights and flying in difficult weather conditions and place it under the 235th IAD headquarters command. During this period, you'll fly reconnaissance flights, search and destroy German transport aircraft in the air and strike at their take-off and landing airfields inside the cauldron. The situation of the encircled enemy group on December 2-6, 1942 from the reporting map of the Don Front and the situation at the morning of December 2nd from the campaign map. In mid-December, when the special air group was disbanded, you'll return back to your regiment. Against the background of the ongoing reorganization in the division and the beginning of the enemy offensive from the direction of Kotelnikovo (Operation "Winter Storm"), you'll have to fly several combat missions directly against the surrounded German troops. At the end of the campaign, when the situation on the southern flank of the Stalingrad Front becomes critical, you'll be sent to the most threatened sector. As part of a hurriedly formed ground attack air group, you'll take part in the heaviest battles on the Myshkova River, which determined the outcome of the entire German counter-offensive and sealed the fate of the troops surrounded in and near the devastated city. Events on the Myshkova River from December 22 to 26, 1942 from the reporting map of the Stalingrad Front and the situation in the middle of December 22nd from the campaign map. You'll fly 15 combat missions on the IL-2 AM-38 (model 1942), about 7 hours of gameplay in total. The new campaign is scheduled to be released in Summer 2020. The IL-2 Sturmovik Team You can discuss the announcement in this thread
  7. You are simply wrong. Image quality has not been degraded between initial 4.006 launch and 4.006e. We've only fixed bugs with AMD cards. And you're not disappointed for us, you're just being an agitator. Jason
  8. We have them. My team was on lockdown in Moscow due to COVID. We literally had one day to get everyone working from home and we weren’t able to get them home. The guys broke quarantine to fix this. These are not normal times. Also, without going into it, basically AMD cards do not work as they should even though our code followed the rules. Long story. Not all our fault, but we fixed it so time to move on. Jason
  9. I appreciate the thanks, but these Hotfixes are the hard work of the team, not me per se. But they do make the boss proud. They showed great initiative to work on these tough issues and e VR zoom tweak without any prodding from me. Especially Daniel, Sergey and Sneaksie working late several days in a row to get it done. Now they deserve a weekend off. Any further fixes or changes will happen next week. Jason
  10. Flappy please post in this thread OK. Keep it in the right place please. Jason
  11. Ok guys, Please halt the reports until after you get the next Hotfix later today. There clearly was some issue with the wider-field goggles. Han has tested a fix in his PiMax and it worked so, we think it is solved. Just be patient now please. Jason
  12. My team has busted their ass under really crappy circumstances to fix everything that has not worked to plan in 4.006. Insulting us with crude comments is not going to be tolerated. The team has worked non-stop to try and address any remaining issues including any caused by the VR Zoom change. I urge everyone to relax. Another Hotfix is imminent. We think we have VR working properly on all types of goggles. If not, we'll address again next week. The guys need a break. You guys put tons of pressure on us to do this and do that etc. As usual we listen and try to find solutions. This process is going to be messy sometimes, especially when my guys are forced to work from their cramped apartments without all their usual gear. Under the circumstances they have done an extremely good job. If you continue to have problems with AMD or VR please post in the threads Daniel has started above. We believe it is back to normal after the next Hotfix. Only difference should be the new level of zoom. Jason
  13. You're not going to be handicapped. It's a moot point now. I addressed this yesterday. I hide, close or move threads if they don't belong somewhere or they have an ugly purpose. Jason
  14. Probably just boredom being stuck in your Moscow apartment. LOL The entire team is very dedicated. Jason
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