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  1. Jason_Williams

    Tank Controls "redefined"

    Guys, As I have explained before. making such controls for tanks using joysticks etc. is a large job and we cannot fit it into the current schedule. I hope we can in the future. That's all I'm going to say on the subject for the foreseeable future. I suggest you check out Joytokey for the current situation. And please move such discussion to the Tank Crew area of the forum. Jason
  2. Jason_Williams

    No fog mod

    It's not fog its haze. Jason
  3. Jason_Williams

    Russia plans to disconnect from the internet?

    We use Amazon AWS for our master servers. You shouldn't have any issues. I read about that too. Jason
  4. I have a good relationship with Fantasy of Flight in FL the RAF Museum in Hendon. For our purposes that's good. All the others have either ignored me or we had some issue preventing a closer relationship. There as a contact in Germany for the 262, but I was unable to get there. Duxford is DCS country so they aren't helpful. I always try to get access whenever needed, but it's just not easy. As I've said for years, there is a HUGE disconnect between museums and sim makers. Anyways, I don't want to dwell on this negative topic. There is lots we can build without studying an actual example. With regards to heavy bombers, I have not needed to try to get access to those. At least some of them are far more open to the public and actually fly and you can hitch a ride for some cash. The turrets they shared with smaller birds are a niche bit of technology and to build them right we need manuals, drawings, pictures etc. For like the B-25 that would be important. Some bombers also don't have fully restored turrets. Jason
  5. I have offered many times to pay assuming they pick up the phone, return a call or answer an email. You have no idea how much I've tried the past 15 years. Jason
  6. This guy does not respond to messages. I have tried. A lot of people and organizations that you think would be happy to help simulate something in a PC sim are simply impossible to work with or get in touch with. As I've explained before, museums, foundations, aircraft restorers, experts, archivists, governments simply don't care or are very rude to me when I send messages. I got very lucky with the Tempest and that took months of trying and help from the community. And I don't have loads of money to throw around to bribe people so it's a hard task. This is why I ask for drawings, pictures and anything that does not require me to get someone's permission. I have over 10 years of doors being slammed in my face and emails and phone calls ignored. Jason
  7. Jason_Williams

    Overcast weather

    We have a flat world. When we don’t have a flat world overcast and horizon will looks different. This s just a sophisticated trolling exercise. Closed. Jason
  8. Jason_Williams

    Better clouds

    It affects performance negatively. If you like the mod use the mod. Jason
  9. Some great stuff Bugsy! Jason
  10. Jason_Williams

    Better clouds

    ROF clouds have their own set of issues that affect performance and these clouds were handed down to me when I took over. I would not have used them given the choice and now I don't have the time or money to change them. I don't like the jaggy effect either. Hopefully in the future we can change technology. Please just try to live with them and I've heard you guys a million times. No need to keep complaining. Jason
  11. Ok so, let's put this experience to the side for a second and treat it separately. This mission was tweaked by Daniel recently so let's look at this in it's own branch. I can help you test this later today if you can or tomorrow we can try. Looks like you are 9 or 10 hours ahead of me. Jason About the original topic with Gambit's COOP mission. Vander helped me test connecting to MP missions hosted on a local machine. Here's what we found and we eventually had success, but only after finding some things amiss which I will discuss with the team. Spaces in the filename (Gambit's mission) appears to have been the problem with sending/receiving his mission. Vander added underscores to the name and it worked. Vander and I both successfully hosted the mission in question. Also, we identified 4 issues total that need to be looked at or discussed with the team. 1. Missing Dialog when cannot connect from server causes game to hard lock/crash. 2. Blank .list files preventing download of missions between host and client 3. Resaver tool may not be working correctly (creates blank .list files or adds wrong data to .list files) Saving in ME itself seems to fix problem. 4. Names of mission files must not have spaces in filename for sending/receiving mission files between local hosted server and client. Spaces in filename do not seem to affect ability to play SP missions. I hope this info might be useful to some of you. I'll be on TS later today to do more testing. If you see me on there say hi and let's test and see how it goes. With our Air Marshall system coming I want to make sure our MP is working well. I have not played much MP since I moved this past summer, but now I can re-focus some of my energy on testing MP. Thanks to Gambit, Req and Vander for helping me. I also had group of guys on TS last night help me test this as well. Thanks everyone! Jason
  12. Nope list file was filled in properly. Jason
  13. I’ll check after breakfast. Jason