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  1. Umm... you sure because that’s quite impossible. We only sell Premium BOBP so far. Jason
  2. Things change and some things get finished sooner than others. This is why we don't like to comment too much on what is coming until it's imminent. Everything we do is subject to change. Jason
  3. Jason_Williams

    Sea Dragons - Cinematic

    Jade, Very nice video. Jason
  4. Jason_Williams

    Developer Diary 219 - Discussion

    Separate. Jason
  5. Jason_Williams

    Request mod, add axis to trim

    We are well aware of this desire. When we have time to do it we will. Jason
  6. Jason_Williams

    First Bumbling Steps at Coop - now with 100% more PWCG!

    Check your router settings. Even I had to make changes to mine. It's not our fault. Our COOPs system works just fine provided there is a clear path to your hosted game. Jason
  7. Jason_Williams

    Using the VV-1 sight for IL-2 level Bombing/Rockets

    Another awesome video Req! Jason
  8. Jason_Williams

    The Hurricane....continued

    Someday. But I’m two whiskeys in so who knows. 😁 Jason
  9. Jason_Williams

    Developer Diary 218 - Discussion

    Dev Diary. Glad you guys are enjoying the diary pics. The P-38 is just awesome. When I saw it in person on my trip to the office a couple weeks ago I was floored. And don't worry about the Dora it is coming along great and the Tempest is being built as well. Same artist who is doing the Dora. Oh and I have seen the P-51 in its early form and it looks super great too. All good t hings coming as I mentioned a few weeks ago. The team and our partners are firing on all cylinders these days. Jason
  10. Dear Pilots, We want to inform you that we have placed Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow and Battle of Kuban on special at our website and on Steam! We understand our favorite hobby can get a bit expensive at times, so we are offering these awesome products at a significant discount to help you fill up your hangar as Spring approaches. They can also be purchased as gifts to help get a friend or loved one into the sky and flying as your wingman! The Sales run March 5th – 31st in the Official IL-2 Store and March 6th-20th on Steam. 33% OFF Battle of Kuban (Steam, website) 66% OFF Battle of Stalingrad (Steam, website) and Battle of Moscow (Steam, website). Please note that having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts. Enjoy! The IL-2 Sturmovik Team
  11. It's simply impossible sometimes as we have to make changes to core elements that break the previous recordings. I hate this too, but there is simply no way we can guarantee such forever compatibility. I have complained about this internally since the ROF days and the team has demonstrated to me on multiple occasions why this is impossible. It is a side effect of constant development unfortunately. Jason
  12. Convergence is bugged at the moment. A weird one. Didn't seem to do it in Beta. Jason
  13. Our AI is not perfect and I have a limited number or programmers. When we can make changes you'll know just like always, but to claim we don't do anything about it is wrong. I like to make don't make promises I can't keep so when I have something to say about further AI tweaks I will. Jason
  14. If you want to discuss the merits of FC1 take it to another part of the forum. Please keep this thread about the actual update. Jason
  15. Finding someone to work with AI is not easy. You don't know what we're doing behind the scenes. Jason