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  1. sniperton

    [MOD] Icons

    IMO what really matters here is that the graphic representation of the G-meter cannot be found. Wait off the next update and perhaps we'll see what the heck is all this about.
  2. sniperton

    [MOD] Icons

    Or it doesn't have the new content at all. My Swf.gtp has a timestamp of 11 July, while the last patch was on 14 July according to my updates folder. In this case I wonder why and how the extracted old id.txt is otherwise working as designed.
  3. sniperton

    [MOD] Icons

    The Swf.gtp file is slightly bigger than the unpacked folder (809 vs 807 MB). Maybe unGTP doesn't unpack everything from the archive?
  4. So you're saying that after enabling PNCP in JSGME the custom_photo.dds file in the data\graphics\Planes\[AnyPlane]\Textures\ folder is still showing the girl when opening it with an image viewer? (In "plane setup" it's always the girl that's shown, no matter the mod). If this is the case (stock dds file hasn't been replaced with modded file), 1. check if the stock dds files are not set to read-only; 2. disable all mods in JSGME; 3. check the JSGME folders !BACKUP and !INSTLOGS and delete any leftover files there; 4. re-enable your preferred version of PNCP, say, PNCP Base Version. 5. check again any custom_photo.dds file with an image viewer. Hope it helps
  5. The trick is that you shouldn't do anything except enabling this mod via JSGME. You don't need to select anything in-game. Just to double-check: 1. Enable the mod. 2. Go to data\graphics\Planes\[AnyPlane]\Textures\custom_photo.dds. 3. Open it with XnView or anything that reads dds format. Report back if it's still a girl and specify the plane type. (In my version of PNCP WWI planes and recent additions such as the Yak9 are not covered.)
  6. Perhaps it's just bad karma. Or you're not born to the 109 (me neither). Forget about it. Take the Yak, or the MiG, or the P-40, or the LaGG, or even a 190. They are all different, and they are all fun. I'm sure you'll find the one which is best fitting to your style.
  7. Overcooling hasn't been an issue for me in the past. P-40 engines sometimes signalled a techchat messege that the engine is overcooled, but it had no consequencies, and closing the rads resolved the problem even if the engine was idle. Now a P-47 engine quitted me after a few minutes in overcooled state. All three rads were fully closed, and I was gliding towards an airfield with idle engine. What's the trick to avoid that?
  8. It's a general FOV/scale/visuals problem. Thing is that not only the colours are hard to read, but most of the instruments as well. I wouldn't mind faded colors if I could see the needle without zooming in. If you need SA, you need a wide FOV, and if you have a wide FOV, you're watching the dashboard from too far away.
  9. And here is what we have in-game: I find colour markings very useful, and the idea was not unknown, even though it was rarely realised systematically back then (possibly due to technical reasons). I'm for it.
  10. The pics tell me that now your head position is definitely much lower than before. Don't expect to see the crosshair if watching the gunsight from below. You may have inadvertently modified the head position for that particular aircraft. (Or the update did the same.) Delete the snapviews file to revert to default settings for all aircraft.
  11. There are possibly related, but certainly parallel issues online, where even inactive static objects can bring DServer on its knees according to tests by @SAS_Storebror: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,64511.msg709796.html#msg709796
  12. In my experience it's a common problem here at Gelendzhik-1 that waypoints are placed too close to the airfield and/or too high for the AI to proceed to the target. It also happened to me when I flew fighters that the AI was stuck because it could not "hit" the next waypoint before target.
  13. Brief description: BOK campaign glitch -- AI planes cannot get to altitude Detailed description, conditions: BOK campaign, 17 June 1943, 47th ShAP VVS VMF, stationed at Gelendzhik-1. Mission objective: "Enemy Airfield Attack" (Anapa). Player is not flight leader. Aircraft: IL-2 mod.42, 100% fuel, VYA-23, 2xFAB-100M, 8xROFS-132 2nd waypoint: Gelendzhik-2, 1000m, 350 kph AI planes circle endlessly and can never get to that altitude Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): v4.008b
  14. I guess you're right, otherwise FM or DM updates wouldn't render old tracks unplayable.
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