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  1. Key mapping screen? Never thought of that, but next time I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. It happened to me again just now. Symptoms are the same, force feedback on pitch axis lost, menu, uncheck/recheck FFB, then stick completely lost. Rest of the controllers (custom throttle box and rudder) still working fine. Went to level autopilot, disconnecting and reconnecting the stick, nothing helped, I had to bail out.
  3. MSFFB2 and custom hardware here. I rarely play for more than an hour, but when I do, sometimes it happenes that I lose force-feedback on the pitch axis. (It's also reported by other FFB users BTW.) When it occurs, unchecking and rechecking the FFB option may help. Afterwards, however, my controls tend to get locked up, and I crash. My experience is that - it's rare, but nothing new. Already happened to me more than one year ago here and then, mostly online; - previous alt-tabbing out of the game seems to increase the likelihood of the issue; - as with the old sound bug online (now fixed), the only workaround I found is to exit and restart the game after one hour of gameplay.
  4. @DeathDaisy The last 4 numbers in the atlas files never exceed 350, so they might refer to rectangle sections in the 350x350 png file specified at the start of the line. The first 4 numbers can be up to 1024, so they might refer to rectangle sections in the file specified in the header (customphoto_#). Just a blind guess, not checked, not proven. And I'm still puzzled why the individual atlas files are so different as to parts content.
  5. I had one for years and nothing helped, not even replacing the pots with Hall sensors. The T Flight X is simply a flawed design, it has a huge deadband towards the centre (+/- 9%), hence your feeling of delay/oversensitivity. It's definitely worth upgrading from it. Anything that @Sokol1suggested, but even the improved T Flight 4 might be an option for you (same HOTAS layout with plenty of buttons and a reduced deadband of +/- 3%). Anyway, if you go for the T.16000M, you may want to keep your T Flight X and use it as a secondary controller for throttle etc.
  6. @DeathDaisyGreat idea, I hope you succeed. Are you sure that - mods are really enabled in-game? - path is correct? (swf/il2/characterphoto/[countrycode]/...) - you're watching the proper country/career? Also check the "characterphoto_#.dds" files in "swf/cache/il2", they may have something to do with how those zombies show up. Good luck!
  7. Yep, my point was that it's pointless to limit TiR just because VR has some limitations (together with plenty of advantages over TiR).
  8. If you have only one eye, you have to move your head more than what's needed with two eyes. You can easily check it by closing one of your eyes
  9. If you're restricted to one-eyed vision projected on a flat screen, bigger head movements are required than in real life where two-eye vision enables you to see backwards even if your head is just turning sidewards. The seemingly more movement freedom TiR users have is just a compensation for this deficiency of one-eyed vision and flat screen technology. If VR doesn't provide you with the peripheral view of natural two-eye vision, it's not the fault of the TiR technology.
  10. In the test mission the player plane was spawn already in the deadzone of the AI, while under mission circumstances you have to get there somehow. It's still unknown what separation is needed to sneak into the deadzone of the AI unnoticed. It's easily possible that the AI detects you when you curve in at a distance of 2 to 4 km, but doesn't react until you get dangerously close.
  11. The mod I referred to above doesn't disable the minimap in "Normal" or "Custom" difficulty. Possibly you disabled the whole HUD, hence your problems.
  12. @SNAPKronovanX ~33 GB might be correct for the base game without custom skins, mods, 3rd party campaigns, screenshots and recorded tracks. My current install takes ~45 GB on an SSD without custom skins (which are on a different drive and take another 45+ GB). If you want to free some SSD space, move your screenshots elsewhere and regularly delete obsolate track files in your data\tracks folder.
  13. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,62868.0.html
  14. Not quite, each plane seems to have blind spots according to individual plane geometry. See the discussion and test results here:
  15. The human eye is a fairly complex organ and has an effective resolution which even surpasses 8X zoom at 4K. It's explained here (among others): https://clarkvision.com/imagedetail/eye-resolution.html Our vision is seriously compromised in any video game and the loss has to be compensated for by artificial means (what you'd call "unrealistic") if we want to get near the RL experience.
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