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  1. sniperton

    Weapons Mod

    @TVH46_Assino offense, but please report your graphic issue elsewhere (Tech section for instance).
  2. sniperton

    Weapons Mod

    Different issue, has nothing to do with this mod. (Try NVidia Control Panel > Antialiasing - transparency > multisample instead of supersample.)
  3. Not possible other than by using mods. Here's a simple tweak for the "clouds_samples" value: And here's a full mod:
  4. I'm not sure whether TacViev is correct when it comes to the actual number of hits. Still investigating, but sometimes the raw data .acmi files report more hits than those reported by TacVieiv or its .xml export.
  5. I'm primarily an SP gamer. I voted for DM, because (1) it needs to be fixed to comply with common sense; (2) both MP and SP can benefit from it, and (3) it's a relatively easy fix compared to others where an overhaul of the game code is needed. My second preference would be CPU optimization together with AI optimization. It's not the same as netcode, which I find otherwise very important in the third rank. Currently you can have nice visuals even on a potato PC, but you can't have as many AI units as you could have in the old game. Some cows on the field ma
  6. The fun fact is that most of us "whiners" are not American.
  7. While I fully agree with you, unhappy people do vote with their feet. Sad as its is, but the only public mod-friendly server was shot down as a result. Its site had 16k+ views in the past 1.5 years, so estimate how many customers or potential customers may be affected, and how, by the policy of "take it or leave it for now".
  8. For me it's just a reply, not an answer. And it basically means "take it or leave it".
  9. For a better understanding of the problem please read it thorougly:
  10. As always, thank you very much for your valuable contribution.
  11. You're completely right IMO. But we should be clear about the scheme here: People are discussing topics that they find brisky for the present and the future of the game. Then other people arrive uninvited whom I have good reason not to call a troll. Then the discussion escalates and the mods find an excuse to lock another thread. Deal with it and be on your guard, cheers.
  12. ... and bomb effectiveness more consistent ...
  13. If I understand correctly, you infer that the threshold value for skin damage is not proportional to the size of the affected hitbox, right? A thought experiment: I fire the same shotgun at a bear (=hitbox A) and a rabbit (=hitbox B) under exactly the same conditions. Once my aim is correct, I can be sure that a number of projectiles (shots/pellets) will hit the target. The actual number of hits will be higher in the case of the bear, simply because its a much bigger target, and individual pellets have less chance to miss. Even the probability to hit a cr
  14. If we're right to assume that aero penalty only applies when "Level 2" skin damage is triggered, then our main problem is that "Level 2" skin damage is inconsistently triggered across various aircraft. Have you ever seen this kind of damage on a 109? I ask it because the damage you see here on this Heinkel was done by ~70 .303 bullets (according to Tacview). Realistic? I can't tell. (Anyway, the AI crew of the bomber considered the damage serious enough to break the bombing run and even abandoned the plane after my second pass.) Now have a look at this p
  15. No, IIRC they turned Brownings to use MG 131 ammo in SP. Six of them proved to be fatal, literally obliterating everything we have, and as devastating as nuke. It was an experiment to demonstrate that HE ammo was vastly OP.
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