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  1. sniperton

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Finnlaaaand!!!! Italllyyyy!!!
  2. sniperton

    Graphics, models and maps

    Brief description: Cannon shells ricochet from the ground Detailed description, conditions: MG 151/20 (and possibly also MK 103) cannon rounds are prone to ricochet from the ground. It's hard to observe in real time, but clearly visible in track replays. HE/AP ammo was used. Kuban map and Stalingrad map. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): 3.010c
  3. sniperton

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    It's just a clip, see here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=159647
  4. Same here with the difference that I use the mod in 2D and only need the customizable masked icons feature. As I see Lefuneste's mod is a treasure trove of functions and features that should have long been implemented in the base game.
  5. sniperton

    Too many Bf 109s in the game?

    Just as a side note, but correct me if I'm wrong, it seems to me that WWII pilots did fly the Me-109 they had at their disposal, much the same way as we run Windows or Linux, and did not much bothered about the actual version or build number as much as we geeks do. Of course it made a difference to go into battle in an F-4 or a G-10, but performance differences were less of an issue for them than they are for us.
  6. sniperton

    Shot for comitting war crime!

    Exactly. And there are a lot of confirmed stories about bombers attacking their own troops.
  7. sniperton

    Bad Graphics Bug Ruins Replays

    @KroatJG52I'm sorry to inform you that major updates always break earlier recordings and make earlier tracks partly or fully unusable.
  8. P-47D, Spitfire Mk.IX, Bf 109 G-14, Bf 109 K-4, Fw 190 A-8 See also here:
  9. sniperton

    General Kultur Question

    I know it's not the heads-up you asked for, but if everything fails, don't hesitate to apply this:
  10. sniperton


    I used to run large M2TW battles on a laptop with 2 Gigs of RAM and an 1.25 GHz CPU. I don't think we need thousands of soldiers in such complexity in BoX, we only need two or three different types of infantry platoons with very simple animations for the individual soldiers. My point with M2TW was that one and the same animation sequence can be used to the effect that soldiers in the platoon seem individual, while they are programmed (and in fact behave) as a single group. Now that the devs have a dedicated animation artist, they can give it a try and test how resource-heavy an infantry platoon would be when just marching and laying down when attacked.
  11. sniperton


    No need for an individual AI IMO. Look at this one, Medieval 2: Total War from 2007. Infantrymen are organized into larger or smaller groups having a formation which can be set to anything between square or "horde", tight or loose. Each type of soldiers have a few animation sequences (idle, walk, run, shoot, fight, fall). Individuality is created by applying these sequences asynchronously. In WWI or WWII we don't need soldiers to physically interact with the enemy, we only need idle, walk, run, crawl, fire, fall, with the group proceeding from one set waypoint to another. Used on open terrain, such a group would take less CPU resources than a vehicle column in a village.
  12. sniperton

    Limitations of modding in regards to head movement

    I doubt if it's possible, the game just takes the input as raw data, all calculations are done in the tracking software, so IMO it would be better to convince TrackIR's developers to do something for the money you paid.
  13. sniperton

    Limitations of modding in regards to head movement

    Just nitpicking, but I think OpenTrack's output is 6DOF, the trick is that it extends the 4DOF input from EDTracker. Otherwise you're right, I forgot about the possibility that you can define custom views, e.g. you can define a left backwards view where the viewpoint is removed from the centre towards the canopy frame. My bad, sorry.
  14. sniperton

    Limitations of modding in regards to head movement

    This involves changing head position to the side while turning it, right? You can achieve this by simultaneously pressing two buttons (one for rotation, the other for translation), but I think it's impossible to reasonably bind them together in-game. However, head tracking software such as OpenTrack can do it for you when 6DOF is enabled.
  15. sniperton

    Icon rework

    No Sir. Those who want icons are the newbies or veterans of Il-2 who have myopic eyes, who can't have a monitor bigger than 24 or so inches, who don't want to sit at a one feet distance from their display, or who fly in VR. Now they only have the option to fly on an "expert" server (intimidated by not seeing sh.t), or to fly on one of the few "normal" servers, where they can't switch off the annoying speedbar without switching off the vital icons, and where those vital icons are irrealistically visible even when they should be blocked by the airframe. What we need is not less realism, but a "hard" difficulty level, where you can have icons blocked by the airframe and disappearing in close distances, while the arcadish options are all switched off like in "expert".