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  1. It’s a bad idea. It sounds like War Thunder is closer to your needs.
  2. Thank you, Kalthios. I'd given up on ffb for this, it's great to see someone pursuing it
  3. Fantastic film. Not sentimental or predictable, absolutely recommended.
  4. Huckle


    Really? I ran out of activations and just emailed them to get more.
  5. Huckle


    They're replacing it with a system that calls home continously, if you're offline for three days or more DCS stops working. A deal breaker for those of us who aren't continously connected. Sikorsky R4 would be fun, but they saw little action...
  6. Huckle


    Don't think so, but don't want to turn this into DRM thread. Not expecting anything modern... if they can do Me-262, then MiG-15 seems not a big step? Apart from radar gunsights, there is not much more in Korea than in WW2 except helicopters. Just blue-skying here, but my dream sim would be MiG Alley 2 with helicopter medivac and jets off carriers.
  7. Huckle


    Don't get me wrong, I like that 777 stick to one arena at a time. I'd personally like to see Korea done properly, as original Il-2 project never got off the ground, but certainly not expecting - I don't think they've even mentioned it. I'm just curious as to if engine is capable of advanced flight dynamics. Regarding DRM, I don't care if modern games have it or not - unless DCS come up with an amended version, I can't use it and won't invest any further in their products. So, fingers crossed.
  8. Huckle


    DCS currently has a lock on realistic military choppers, at least as far as flight modelling goes. However, their new DRM might kill the series for me, which means that I'm looking for alternatives. Is the Digital Nature engine capable of replicating helicopter flight dynamics to the same degree as DCS? I'm not hoping for the next AH-64D sim, just wondering if 777 would consider Bell 47... or H-19... Or even Korea as a next sim
  9. Read this, should answer your question. https://il2sturmovik.com/news/228/dev-blog-127/
  10. Going to fly blue for at least 6 months predominately, usually flew red in il2. I'm definitely going to use 190, never got into in 1946 and earlier because of the bar.
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