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  1. I got the volume 1, for the future (part of volume 2) I would like to see: StuG III Ausf. C StuG III Ausf. F/8 StuG III Ausf. G Cheers
  2. It depends on video card you have, I'm not sure if VR SLI works in IL2 (I do enable SLI in IL2). With my 2 x Titan Xp in SLI, I have no performance issues. I also have super sampling set to 2.0 (whatever it is called IL2 config).
  3. Ok, I understand now; no I don't have this problem on Vive Pro.
  4. Just like the original Vive, only two stations are needed and the original stations v1.0 will do . The cool thing about Vive from my point of view is that I have two base stations running and I and my wife and we both have Vive HMDs in the room playing game at our desks and the two stations are supporting both of us just fine. Now all we need a cool app that we can both playing together in VR...hmmm.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by that, even with the original Vive I never had problem sitting in the Bf-109 (that's all I fly to be honest). I flew without plane labels and I didn't have problem recognizing enemy planes.
  6. Ok, I just about 30 minutes flying in IL2. As in Project Cars 2, Elite Dangerous the visual upgrade is obvious and I'm very pleased. It's so easy now to see and read the instrument panels, the visual quality upgrade makes it more immersive overall experience. I have all settings maxed out, no HUD in VR, visibility was set to 50km. I did a few quick missions with two flights vs two flight dogfights and it was fun. I just recently updated the game to v3 (the latest) and I haven't been flying for a while so I don't remember my warthog setup so I just did the quick missions in the air. I'm very pleased with the results. I did not have any issues. I'm not sure if IL2 support VR SLI...now I'm going to try DCS but overall I'm very happy with Vive Pro. Works right out of the box, SteamVR detected the HMD and everything went with the setup. I took of the headphones from the HMD as I prefer to use my 5.1 sound system for games and when my own head phones when needed, they were easy to remove. Zero negative feedback Cheers!
  7. It's easy, take out the Vive switch box, pug in the Vive Pro and go to steamVR settings and don't to automatic scaling for the resolution so that you can do it yourself. At this point I'm running 100% scaling in SteamVR and the set the supersampling at 2.0 in IL2, Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 2 etc.
  8. VR SLI at this point has to be implemented at an application level. Project Cars 2 does utilize SLI. i7 6850K (running at 4Ghz) , ASUS X99-DELUXE II motherboard, 64GB of Ram So, I just finished testing Elite Dangerous and I have to say I'm in love with Vive Pro, it's like a new game experience for me I have no doubts that IL2 Sturmovik and DCS will be a positive experience , I will try that next.
  9. Well, I just got my Vive Pro. Setup was very quick, replace the switch box, hook up the HMD...let the Win10 do the setup (detecting new hardware etc). Then I turned on SteamVR and went into Video, manual override for the application and bumped up the super sampling to 200%. Started up Project Cars 2......and....WOOOW!!!! Man, everything much more clear and sharp!!! Did a quick 30 minutes race Le mans with MB AMG GT3 and jesus the graphics are great, virtually no screen door effect. It text is now very easy to read, everything is much sharper, the road, the other cars...my cockpit. I'm in totally in love!!! I wear glasses and with Vive Pro is easier to put on and wear than the original Vive. Everything was supper smooth, of course having 2 x Titan Xp in SLI is helping a lot. Next test will be Elite Dangerous but just from 30 minutes testing Vive Pro in Project Cars 2, the upgrade was definitely worth it for me. From my personal point of view: Vive Pro is very nice upgrade and I don't have any regrets for the price (sure it would be nice cheaper but it is what it is; I spent $600 for cougar stick...so it's not that far off). I can't wait to try IL2 sturmovik and DCS. I haven't tried the included speakers as I have 5.1 sound system hooked up to my computer so I would actually prefer to take them off. Cheers!
  10. I will let you guys know as soon as I get it, the Fedex package is out for delivery...can't wait!
  11. Hi All, I'm getting my Vive Pro today, is the Vive Pro higher resolution supported in the game yet?. Anyone tried Vive pro in IL2 yet ? thanks
  12. Found it now, thank you all for your help!
  13. Ok so, I did that and in the options button on the bottom right of the screen I can choose the Difficulty level (Easy, moderate, hard) but I don't see options like do I want outside views, do I want unlimited ammo, fuel, mini map etc...is this still available somewhere or are these choices gone? cheers!
  14. So I'm about to start my 1st career (Kuban), I created a pilot and chose the squadron. Next I arrive at the location of the squadron but I didn't click on the "Next day" button...where do I configure the career difficulty ? thanks!
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