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  1. What about the Community? That is my main concern. Are the servers populated?
  2. I have some questions regarding Cliffs of Dover Blitz before I spend my money on it. 1. Are the planes detailed? (Flight Models, Graphics, etc.) 2. How big is the community? (Are servers populated?) 3. How much does content Blitz have compared to the original Cliffs of Dover? 4. Are updates coming out on Cliffs of Dover Blitz? Thank you for the answers
  3. Honestly my recommendation is: Don't use the 1800kg bomb. Try to master the Stuka with a "Normal" bomb load. The only time I have used the 1800 kg bomb is when bombing strategic buildings which if you are bombing specific points you should try using a He 111, it is much better for it.
  4. So let me ask you a question. Do you have a dream car? Almost everyone has one. Do you know why it is called a "Dream" car? Because it is a dream and will you most likely never get it. This is basically the same thing. I know the B-17 will never be added but it would be very cool if it was and it makes for good conversation. Lastly I am not going to be mad at the devs if they don't add the B-17. I am proud of them anyway. They have been pushing out amazing stuff in a very short period of time. How could anyone be mad about that?
  5. Yeah, its crazy that over 12000 were made but only 47 can still fly
  6. I flew in one as well. The yankee lady. It is a beautiful plane, but it never saw combat because its construction was finished like a week after the war ended
  7. I would love larger bombers to be added into IL-2 with Battle of Bodenplatte. Give me your input
  8. We are casual pilots that fly everything, but we mainly fly Germans and we fly a lot of Ju 87s. We have not played much recently mainly due to Joystick issues, but more people joining us would be big motivation to get the problems fixed. We are also somewhat young with most of us being around 15 years old. You do not need to be very active but we would like it if you joined in every now and then. Lastly, IL-2 is not the only game we play, we play Rainbow 6, and the occasional ArmA III. Answer these questions and we will most likely invite you to join us, we do not turn people down often. Do you have Discord? How old are you? What name do you go by? What is your primary language? What time zone do you live in? Add any other info you think is necessary Note: If you want you answers to be more private feel free to DM them to me
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