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  1. From a friend of mine...he nailed it... They are not only heroes, they are being sacrified...
  2. I upgraded my system..(well, i kept the case, the ssd and graphics card...) and switched to the new Ryzens... They really do rock it...
  3. When it becomes plug and play on an avarage pc, then i will jump in...even the price wont matter... I tried VR with my clanmates...and it is really nice and immersive... But when i have : * to toast my CPU/graphics card/hardware * to downgrade graphics * spent hours and hours of tinkering to get 35 fps....with stutters when enemies pop up... i think...nah, not yet...
  4. same here.....tried to reach target in this plane in mp server....never made it there....probably historical....;) Man, those russians must have been scared taking off for battle in this death coffin...
  5. Suggestion, after an hour or two hours pilots HAVE TO CHANGE SIDE. So the always wannabe Hartmann 109K flyers may fly a crappy russian plane too...and maybe not always vulch or tailchase..... Or maybe fly italian planes.... Enjoy, try another plane from the game !
  6. Belgian and the Netherlands...dutch and english speaking. Can anyone reset 1.JaVA_Biggles pw or loing....he has lost it.
  7. Ground attack with a Spit....i used my rockets well !
  8. Thanx Coconut for hosting this. Im a returning pilot, after a long break, and i enjoy your server
  9. i like it, if you would make this skin, i would be very grateful!
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