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  1. I came on here to post about your campaign. As a big fan of ground attacking I am a huge fan of this. As well as being a 109 E fan this has been so enjoyable to play. From the many close calls with trees to force landing because of engines being shot out i've had a lot of fun playing this. Even when I was forced to land over my engine being taken out i didn't mind starting over because it was that much fun and enjoyable. I remembering doing that nervous laugh after narrowly missing trees on a strafe run and I mean inches and what seems to be good hit boxes for IL2 haha because I was like wow!
  2. I really really really want Pacific campaign. So badly. Early or Late don't matter to me. The Pacific campaigns in 1946 are by far some of my favorites. I always try to pre-order but if Pacific was announced.. my wallet is already trying to hide because it knows I'll throw it at the monitor until i have the pacific campaigns haha
  3. thanks, i was wondering what pwcg was when he said it.
  4. This skin I use all the time. I really enjoy it. I've used it all of the Tempest scripted campaign as my skin of choice.
  5. Gambit, as like before with Havoc of Kuban A-20 missions. You are the man and master. I'm back again to sing your praises like with the Havoc missions. Thank you again for these great campaigns. I'm only on the 4th mission, but everything has been amazing so far like before with the Havoc. Great work again as always. Great story, missions are always incredible as well. I can't wait to complete this one as well. "If Gambit makes it, I will buy it." words I now live by when it comes to campaigns from you.
  6. I'm about 70% thru this now. I am a firm believer of if you like something like this and there is the option to let the campaign maker know, I will do just that. Like with Gambit21's Havoc of Kuban A-20 missions. I can't sing this campaigns praise higher. Before I played this I saw the Tempest and was like okay cool, but never really thought about playing it. Then I started this campaign. I love the missions, the history, all of it. Il-2 always out does themselves as well as do the players who do things like this. I'm an SP only player. Multi-player isn't really my thing and don't really know
  7. After playing your Havoc mission this will be a must buy for me and it looks like many others as well. I can't wait to get my hands on this one, I'm sure it'll be just as good if not better than the Havoc one.
  8. I picked up this campaign during the sale. I'm on mission 8... I can't express into words how much I've enjoyed it. Aside of Eagle Leader flying like a dick from time to time 240mph to 170mph okayyyy SUDDEN DIVE at way point lead for many "oh shit!" moments haha. That is honestly my only complaint is the flight lead, if I was leader that'd be great (i'm not finished the campaign yet so who knows). This is the first campaign I've played thru, I picked up a few others as well during the sale. But I hope this is what every campaign I bought is also like/similar. The anti-shipping missions are by
  9. Does this mean Campaign missions will be improved? As of right now 98% of the US missions seem to be either bomb airfield, truck column or artiliery position with a free hunt thrown in once in a blue moon. As well as overwhelming amount of axis fighters. I just did a P-38 mission with easy and scrathered air and no lie something like 12 BF-109's jumped my 4 ship formation. Those 2 issues really have killed my interest in the battle of the rhineland campaign. I'm an SP only player so its quite disappointing.
  10. I wanted to attach this one... I didn't change a thing I promise. When I saw it though.. I laughed so hard and my first thought was god damn il2 no chill at all
  11. Anyone else had issues with overwhelming amount of axis fighters? I've been playing the P-38/51 campaign(s) and I'll fly to the AO only to find upwards of 10+ 109/190's . No real way to escape either. For instance I was the only allied fighters in the air assigned to attack an column of vehicles, (again I'm only 1 of 4 P-38's) I drop my bombs and jumped right away as I pull up by no less than 10 bf-109's. Then if you're able to get away they'll literally follow and shoot you down as you land. They followed me for no less than 25 mins on my return home flight. I didn't realize they were still b
  12. Personally i'd love too see Naval Aircraft more so than land based, and less British and more American fighters. We already have the spitfire in Kuban and a bunch more in CLOD. But if you wanna go back to fly Naval you've gotta go to 1946. I'm a bigger fan of the F4U and F6F than more spitfires and hurricanes. I've played enough of them in CLOD to know I'm not a fan of them. I'll still buy it but I'd rather see Naval planes like the F4u and F6F.
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