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  1. darthdooboss

    Anti virus issue with Patch 4.54

    Hello, I have the same issue. Any solution?
  2. darthdooboss

    TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54

    Thank you very much mate!!!
  3. darthdooboss

    Problemas con el Joistick x52

    No creo que sea eso. Prueba a volver a introducir la asignación de teclas/ejes
  4. darthdooboss

    Problemas con el Joistick x52

    Hola, COn las actualizaciones del juego (o windows) se pueden haber perdido las configuraciones. entra al panel de control del windows y mira a ver si lo detecta bien. SI es asi, prueba a reconfigurarlo en el juego. En caso negativo bajate el SW de Saitek y tras instalarlo mira a ver si lo detecta Buenos vuelos!!!
  5. darthdooboss

    El error de comparar con la Historia y el antiguo 1946

    AMEN!!! Muy bien explicado
  6. darthdooboss

    Problema actualización 3.002

    Hola. Ayer me paso algo parecido. Fallo al primer intento pero luego se actualizo. No desinstale ni nada, por lo visto hubo un fallo con la primera actualización y luego pusieron otro. Espero no sea nada
  7. darthdooboss

    Black Cross Red Star volume 4

    I received the same email Yesterday
  8. darthdooboss

    Il-2 battle of bodenplatte need help

    Sorry but you have preorder like all of us. Until the 2018 christmas wont be available. Planes and maps will be drop one by one until then
  9. darthdooboss

    Armament and equipment

    Thanks !!!!
  10. darthdooboss

    Armament and equipment

    Hi all Brief description: Bug with cannons on bf 110 E2 Detailed description, conditions: Initally 80 rounds per cannon, you can fire until reach 20 then freeze. Additional assets: N/A, tested several times with 10/10 attempts
  11. darthdooboss

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvement: Change order to wingman to protect you without a flare Explanation of proposals: Avoid a green flare to be fired and show your position when both are in visual range Benefits: Tactical to avoid detection.
  12. Hi all. I want to sell this book, it's brand new. 50€ + shipping costs If anyone is interested you can contact me. A greeting Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd Author: Jochen Prien ISBN10 0764305565 ISBN13 9780764305566
  13. darthdooboss

    beta testers wanted for Bf 110 E-2 campaign

    I'm interested mate
  14. darthdooboss

    Selectable aircraft code numbers

  15. darthdooboss

    Black Cross Red Star 2016 reprint ?any news/knowledge

    Mr Bergstrom is writing the new volume and he is looking for people that support his work. I got the 3 previous volumes and are awesome. Follow the link: http://www.bergstrom...lknet.pl/bc-rs/ Best regards