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  1. OMG, what a great stuff, DetCord! awesome!
  2. Please is there any tutorial or help to find correct target range with german tanks by using the range finder when in gunners position?
  3. Wishlist: - 4K Textures for tanks (interieur, exterieur) - More functions, buttons - More simulation
  4. Um mal wieder zum Kern des Postings zurückzukehren. Ehrlich gesagt, hätte ich mir als nächstes etwas anderes gewünscht. An den vorhandenen Assets und an der Simulation feilen. 4K-Texturen für die Panzer, detailreichere Map, AI-Verhalten, Bessere Kampagnen, Mehr Schalter und Funktionen der Flugzeuge einbauen und da fällt mir noch so viel mehr ein. Content haben wir doch irgendwie schon genug.
  5. Absolut, genau das habe ich mir auch gedacht als ich den Sherman zum ersten Mal gefahren bin. So ein MG42 oben am Tiger - das hätte was 🙂
  6. Sounds great, I am looking forward 🙂
  7. We never tested any of his sounds by ourselves. Maybe this is no real ingame sound?
  8. Hi, now I tested differend gfx settings and I restarted several times 😞: - sharpen post filter - (landscape) anisotropic filter > off/sharp/blurred But I cannot see any differences beetween these settings. Are there any screens or vids to see the differences? I did some screens but never saw any differences. Whats your setting? And do you prefer using HDR or not? Maybe there is a better chance to spot enemys without HDR. 😉
  9. @PtkHave you tried to change the camera pitch in hanger with latest update? I have my own mod done since months, but it seems that camera pitch is not working anymore with latest patch. Maybe attribute "pitch" is obsolate. Would be interesting if you can reproduce this behavior..
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh237QdLRws
  11. Thanks a lot! bf109G14_skin_01.dds download is not working. Pls reup
  12. I was in two tanks, in a WW2 Panther and in an Leopard tank. There is almost no light when hatches are closed. It also depends where you are inside the tank when hatches are open. I only want to share my experience staying in a real tank.
  13. Ich hab das vorgestern auch schon mal wo anders geschrieben. Ich würde mir so sehr wünschen, dass 1. Es im Panzer selbst dunkler ist - aktuell ist es viel zu hell .. die hatten ja keine Fenster 2. Wir brauchen 4k Texturen für innen, denn hier hält man sich ja am meisten auf 3. Mir fehlt ein MG oben an der Turmluke wie beim Sherman. Ich weiß, das war nicht immer montiert, aber es gab eines und es wäre klasse wenn es da wäre 4. Das Geschütz nicht bei der Turmdrehung durch den Kopf des Fahrers oder Funkers durchwandert 5. Sich die Crew leicht bewegen würde wie der Pilot und nicht jeder das gleiche Gesicht hat
  14. lol, sorry.. i edited first post - tanks are too bright inside
  15. This may play a minor role, bu it is still too dark inside. Your eyes can not adjust that much when there is almost no light and it will not be as bright as it is inside Tank Crew tanks. Try it out, i visited a german tank museum and came to this knowledge
  16. I hope we will get 4k textures for tank interieur. This would be outstanding. Even 4k textures in plane - dreaming of it 😉 Is there any news or info, whether 4x textures will be introduced?
  17. Have you ever thought about being inside a real Tiger tank or another ww2 tank? When all hatches are closed, it shouldn´t be so bright inside the tank. Maybe there were some fluorescent colors used inside or similar things, but it should be dark inside. Tank Crew lights/shader should be much darker when inside a tank and only be brighter when switching on the internal lights.
  18. @DetCord12B Can we download this bumpmap already you are showing here? Looks awesome. Is Pierre still working on his version?
  19. Im Grunde ist es schon mal nicht verkehrt, aber ich hasse die Steuerung! Ich hoffe, da wird noch groß Hand angelegt.
  20. I tested and with timer set to 5 sec, my bombs are exploding. "100 meters will cause failure to detonate on other settings" .. have not tested it, but will do 😉 Thanks!
  21. Sorry for this stupid question, but when I drop the bombs, the are not exploding. Bombs are ready to go and set correctly. Is there a limit to the diving angle or speed?
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