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  1. Weiß jemand was aus dem Fahrzeug geworden ist? Geht er wieder an den Besitzer zurück? Es hieß ja, dass dieser in super Zustand sei. Motor war auch noch original und ist mit Hilfe von BW aufgebaut worden? Ursprünglich soll es sich um eine Fahrzeug handeln welches kurz nach dem Krieg von den Engländern aus noch übrigen Teilen zusammengebaut worden sein soll. Ob das alles stimmt weiß ich aber nicht. Wenn jemand mehr weiß, wäre super interessant..
  2. Where do copy those nice B-25 skins?
  3. Thanks for your help so far.. I switched clouds form ULTRA to HIGH in game and copied the "gpresets.cfg" file you told me to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\gpresets.cfg". Do I have to check this file every game update or do I have to use an updated file when game is patched? But there was no old file preset at this path.. Is this the correct path and why not file was present? Now it looks better in game. But I think there is still a problem with my graphics. Sometimes clouds are flickering. And when on ground some trees, not many got such a regular black dotted surface. Hm.. you know what I mean? I got an RTX 2080 TI and a really powerfull CPU, so I can push all settings to ULTRA. Here are my graphic settings. I want to look the game stunning. Please look into it and help me to optimize my settings. What should I improve? Overall > ULTRA Shadows quality > ULTRA Distant landscape > x4 Landscape filter > Blurred Grass > Ultra Clouds > High Target fps > 120 Dynamic res > Full AA > 4 Fullscreen SSAO > ON HRD > OFF Sharpen > OFF Use 4k textures > ON Distant buildings > ON Thanks again!
  4. When flying and looking out of the cockpit, the clouds are wobbling at the edges of each cloud. Is there a fix to remove it?
  5. After a lot of testing.. It is working now. There is a plugin called "Supermacro". I used it to create new actions. https://github.com/BarRaider/streamdeck-supermacro
  6. Same problem here. Have you solved it? Hope I can get an answer on how to get rid of it..
  7. Hello, I need your help. I want to assign hotkeys in my game to my STREAM Deck XL. Here is one example to explain my problem: I got a key "L" which turns on the cockpit light. And there is another shortcut "R-RCtl+L" which turning on navigation lights. It is working perfectly when using my keyboard. Now I bind these two function onto two hotkeys at my Stream Deck. When pressing the hotkey-icon on Stream Deck for navigation lights (R-STRG+L), it turns on navigation lights (R-STRG+L) as it should, but it turns on the cockpit light ("L") too. Two actions are fired, because the "L"-key for switching on the cockpit light is used in the Shortcut for navigation lights. This happens to all my actions where I got such shortcuts and makes using Stream Deck useless for me. Please tell me how to set up the shortcuts in order not to fire the key which is used in an other combined shortcut too. Stream Deck should only fire the combined hotkeys and not the single key plus the combined key. Hope there is a solution for it and you got tips. Thanks! Update: After a lot of testing.. It is working now. There is a plugin called "Supermacro". I used it to create new actions. https://github.com/BarRaider/streamdeck-supermacro
  8. OMG, what a great stuff, DetCord! awesome!
  9. Please is there any tutorial or help to find correct target range with german tanks by using the range finder when in gunners position?
  10. Wishlist: - 4K Textures for tanks (interieur, exterieur) - More functions, buttons - More simulation
  11. Um mal wieder zum Kern des Postings zurückzukehren. Ehrlich gesagt, hätte ich mir als nächstes etwas anderes gewünscht. An den vorhandenen Assets und an der Simulation feilen. 4K-Texturen für die Panzer, detailreichere Map, AI-Verhalten, Bessere Kampagnen, Mehr Schalter und Funktionen der Flugzeuge einbauen und da fällt mir noch so viel mehr ein. Content haben wir doch irgendwie schon genug.
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