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  1. Merging works flawlessly in Tacview, just multi-open all the tracks (acmi's) with the same name (last 2 digits are incremental numbers of your current session) and they are merged in correct order. But yes, the problem still is that you have to notice that track is no longer being recorded.
  2. Hanu

    DCS news

    I have a feeling that this is mainly a gap between generations. 😁 I was about ~15 old when seeing the Top Gun first time. And things you love at that age, you usually love it 'till the grave. That goes especially with music.
  3. Hanu

    russian bombers

    1) That's why I presented that all the losses LLv34 suffered during the war, only one fighter was shot down by a gunner, compared to 50+ claims on Pe-2 alone. 2) Usually the people are pointing out is that you get shot down even if you don't do stupid attacks. Your reference to authentic footage is IMO shooting to its own leg as authentic footage is very very rare, constant attack most likely means "our formation was under attack for 20 minutes" and "I was shooting everything I could see flying by". Also I did not call it Cheat/Bias. Ok, I posted on "Russian bombers" thread because it the topic here, but I said the gunners are too effective and gave couple of possible reasons for it, which are not plane-related.
  4. Hanu

    russian bombers

    Well I've read several books of Finnish fighter pilots memoirs and I've not seen any indication that Pe-2 were any more dangerous than any other turreted plane. Actually the tailgunner posed hardly any threat according to veterans. Usually a burst towards gunners pit silenced the gunner completely (or shaked him to find cover behind the armor plate) and then they parked behind the bomber and started peppering the engines. The shrapnels from disintegrating plane were perhaps considered more dangerous if using cannon. For example in LLv34 records there are two losses against bombers during the war: A-20 Boston's tailgunner managed to get WO Lauri Jutila during a high altitude chase, Captain Lauri Pekuri was shot down by IL-2, but IIRC even he was shot down by IL-2 pilot, not gunner. Sgt Paavo Saarni was lost and no knowledge why, so I guess he could be counted as "possible". Following link about claims/losses is in finnish, but I'll post it anyway. Of course LLv34 was only one squadron and usually you had to be recognized pilot already to get there so pilots were all veterans. There are >50 claims for Pe-2 so they have also engaged Peshkas. https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luettelo_Lentolaivue_34:n_ilmavoitoista_ja_sotatoimitappioista My point being that gunners are too effective. The main reason could be that they are too brave; they keep shooting you even they are spinning down without a wing (I got once killed by this sort of IL-2 gunner). Or they are too invulnerable (I've only once seen a dead gunner in flying IL-2).
  5. Hanu

    Bf109 G-6 Skins

    I have finished couple of Finnish G-6 skins, but I've dared not to post them yet... Historical markings only. MT-416, Werknummer 411704, 291h flight time in Finland, 10 aerial victories Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai1G8Nbf5lNHgo4S8wN3jCzeOoe3Cw MT-452, Werknummer 165277, 303h flight time in Finland, 9 aerial victories (NOTE: Technically this is not historic as MT-452 had Erla-haube, tall tail and sandfilter, but there are no such options in G6 model we have) Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai1G8Nbf5lNHgo4Twhhny0qvSEmlaw MT-452 is currently on static display at Utti, Finland. I've also made one skin (MT-435) for G-14 because it looks externally alike (Erla haube, tall tail). Werknummer 163964, 258h flight time in Finland, 3 aerial victories. I'll post it here anyway as I cannot see a G-14 thread. Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai1G8Nbf5lNHgo4UsoSxwzwsSiij1w Credits go to RaFiGer and his excellent template. And thanks to Jean-Luc to get these previews legit, although I share his feeling about censoring.
  6. I know how you feel, but more likely it is just the feeling when not every update brings forward those things one hopes for. IMO the updates are even more frequent as there are several projects running. Also I don't feel that work power has been taken away from BoX, in fact I am really really happy that I'll get more maps to BoX on the process.
  7. Hanu

    Ju88A4 4K skin template released

    Any possibility to share your Ju-88 4k normalmap? Original 4k template is great, but Ju-88 is really missing adequate normal map to get the best out of these skins? Sadly I don't have the idea how to create a normal map using Gimp.
  8. Hanu

    Developer Diary 217 - Discussion

    No more beating a dead horse! Cows spotted!
  9. MFG Crosswinds are best pedals I've used and I have had Simpeds, CH pedals, Saitek Combat pedals.
  10. Hanu

    Ju88 - Start>TakeOff

    For me the best tip was to keep an eye on the ball and correct the yaw instantly, because you cannot see it otherwise before its too late. After 100km/h the rudder will do its job and I then hit the full throttle.
  11. I thought I already posted my humble wish for StuG IIIG as a collector tank in this thread also, but obviously not, so I'm just bumping Netscape's comment. 😁 That would be and instant buy for me.
  12. Like Caster said. Center the view (and disable the headtracker if you have one), use INS/HOME keys to adjust head position closer to sight to your preference. When you feel its fine press F10 to save quick view. (And re-enable head tracker)
  13. Hanu

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Project Stealth Fighter on Commodore 64. It was almost the first game I ever bought, but the retailer was out of stock, so I had to buy Red Storm Rising instead. (Which was great also). Of course there was Gunship also, but it was not air combat so much. Honorable mention goes to Battlehawks 1942, which forced me (read: my parents) to buy Amiga 500.
  14. Hanu

    U-2 (Po-2) skins

    That's odd, because they work for me.
  15. Thank you!! Damn those skins look good with your 4k normalmap.