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  1. Thank you so much! Superb work as usual! Especially your normal maps are such game changers . And by using your templates one could make the mistake of considering himself an artist 🤪 In any case I guess I have to find time to reconstruct 23 skins in near future 😄
  2. Marvellous!!! Now 4k normal map is all we need to see this plane in its full glory!
  3. I have a same kind of feelings with my Reverb 2. IL-2's VR implementation is great and the feeling is spectacular. But still so many things are way better with TrackIR. Like using wind-correction tool; you have to take VR helmet away when using external tools. It is a bit like when working with networking devices... the WebUI is great and intuitive and looks good, but when you really have to get things done, the good old CLI is the way to go. Both are great, but neither is perfect.
  4. There are several planes that do not have all the parts visible, for example Ju-88, Pe-2, (probably because textures are from separate source) so I see the use case would be somewhat limited. But yes; it would nice, however very easy workaround is to take a screenshot with PrintScreen and paste it to photoeditor. Just like the background; it takes 2 sec's to restart the viewer, so I could easily live without those in the future too. But nice features nevertheless, cannot deny that. More important IMO would be possibility to set the camera from the side/top/from axis without perspec
  5. Sorry for the stupid n00b question, but as in-game fps counter shows stablile 45 fps in-flight, even I take all details to minimum... Does it just tell you 90 fps that way, or do I have to fork some settings in VR? I've seen 90 fps in main menu though.
  6. It would nice to add those stuff in missions, but ME keeps crashing after few couple of clicks no matter if you use 4k display or not. Sure, it has always been unstable as politician, but now this is becoming unbearable.
  7. Brief description: Multi-part skins cannot be locked to objects in mission editor: Detailed description, conditions: ICDP:s guide says for like this for multi-part skins like Hurricane (and tanks) ------------ The naming format for all skins must be as follows: Main skin must end with &1.dds Vickers S Cannon skin must have the same name as the main skin and end with &1#1.dds Example: Main skin called Myskin&1.dds S Cannon skin called Myskin&1#1.dds ----------------- But if your skin
  8. Well said Sir! I remember still the time in 2013 when I needed a upgraded version for IL-2 '46 and bought this title. I was very disappointed at the time. Flight models were weird and weapon modeling was poor. No mission builder. It did look good though, and damage modeling was promising. I re-visited this one once a year but let it rest every time. Enter 2018 and BoK... Practically all big irritations I had, were solved y then. I was stunned how excellent it all felt. After a month I'd bought every single addon there was to be bought. I also started to convert all my b
  9. Great flying! It's so nice that they created U-2 for this sim! I've bought that plane at least 5 times and gifted away.
  10. I really agree with you here! This is something I've tried also to achieve in my Finnish skin packs. There should be some shine, but not as much as default alpha's have. However In your example it has just a bit too much matte... I mean that if you tone the alpha layer that much down, some weathering layers become too noticeable and start to look weird. -Ok, they can be fixed with the template, but I'm trying to say that not all defaults cannot be converted just with alpha layer. Also parked plane could look dusty, but flying one should not IMO. But anyways, that Pic 2 is more real
  11. Hanu


    You must run very fast
  12. Are you implying that counter triggers and sends the pulse when traversing to either direction over the threshold value? But the Counter trigger does not work that way; reducing the counter below the trigger value won't send anything. Or how did you meant to trigger those spawns back to life?
  13. Thanks Sketch and AcidBath for the input: Could you Acidbath open your logic about keeping count of AI's and how to use it a bit more as it sounds very much something I try to achieve? Here is what I was thinking just two nights ago when I was trying to get some sleep, but ended up planning some way to keep count of AI instances in mission... ☺️ Let's say you have already a working randomized logic in your mission to populate AI planes and tanks. You want to keep the mission as populated as possible, but watch out you are not overloading the server. a) each AI insta
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