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  1. It is very heavy for the Gimp; especially for the early 2.10 versions. I've combined some layers and effects and after that it is manageable in Gimp.
  2. Oh, you mean the elevation? Thanks, I'll have to try that, however I must say I'm not too hopeful as the problem is more in getting back to correct base than actual landing.
  3. I have a somewhat related problem. I have a MP mission where are also tank bases. I just cannot get those damaged AI planes to RTB any more... They just circle around the target area with landing lights on. (Tank bases are naturally in that area) Some time ago there was a problem planes trying to land on tank bases, but you had the workaround to add a landing chart to tank base and drag that landing pattern to nearest base. Does not seem to work any more. I also have 25% damage treshold on AI planes and OnDamaged -> Medium prio RTB waypoint and landing after that. That does not seem to help either. (And they are object linked.) Hopefully I don't have to use High prio waypoint as the don't even try to dodge after that? Has anyone any other options?
  4. Bringing the C-47 without paratroopers to BoN/(BoX overall) would be something like bringing empty water canister into desert. So don't worry.
  5. All is Fair in Love and War, except Dora with motorkanone would have been too good. They tested it in couple of D-12's but then stashed those not to be found like the Ark of the Covenant.
  6. Everything depends on the sales, so please keep marketing to your buddies also. If it will sell well enough Jason can get more money from the bosses to develop this spectacular architecture even further. I am so very happy that we can enjoy all these products on the same combined platform.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Red-Star-Against-Swastika-Eastern/dp/1848328036 I have this, but at least I get the feeling that it has been censored/edited a lot as there are major gaps in the story. But it is still a decent book.
  8. Thank you Jason for actively participating the thread. I appreciate the straight talk, and I really am astonished how much you can deliver for such a small team. I don't think that most of us really understand how much is owed by so many to so few. And I'm not even mentioning what IL-2's future looked like in its early days. I was early backer because of sooo promising technique, but got so frustrated because of weird gaming decisions. By the time of Kuban release I came back and have been so happy to see that focus has been turned to where it should have been. And since I've bought everything you sell.
  9. I've bought everything before the sales, but my cunning plan has been to buy everything again from the Sale to my second account!
  10. I have a small problem that restricts me of using PWCG; you have to log to the data folder. In startup.cfg I try to send logs to subfolder of "IL-2\data\logs" for example because missions generate a lot of files and in default location it slows down the browsing of folder structure (when accessing skins and so on). Sadly PWCG cannot read those logs in this case. If you could define the log folder in pwcg config it would be nice. Of course you can just clean up the folder, but you have to do it all the time then and be careful not to delete necessary files. Not a showstopper really, but still. Edit: perhaps I should write a batch file to clean it up and not ask for a solution from the developer that has his hands full already 😄
  11. Otherwise fun plane, but I find 30mm cannon to be quite underwhelming against tanks anything bigger than T-70. You can kill perhaps 1-3, but you get much better results with Ju-88 and bombs. And safer too.
  12. Yes, it's my favourite US plane. Love the sound, look and touch of it. And the visibility from the gunsight; so nice to follow tracers during deflection-shooting. All the guns are packed together so you need not to worry about convergence. And one of those two engines can bring you back home from a tough fight. Dive-brakes are very useful when you need to quickly put your plane to ground. What's not to love?
  13. Really beautiful and so well-balanced colors! Especially the saturation. You've done a remarkable job, and all this without a template! Just to note, there was some funny mirroring effect on some parts of those round "plates" above the engine, in front of the exhaust pipes; I guess it was unintentional? And I remember seeing some small alpha-channel related transparent places in roadwheels. Minor stuff, but maybe you want to know.
  14. StuG IIIG. Overall I completely agree with Finkeren's post.
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