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  1. MFG Crosswinds are probably the best controllers I've bought.
  2. As there is already static object for Typhoon in Mission Editor, I'm somewhat hopeful... 😉
  3. Hanu

    Coop PVE

    Me and my buddies are just the same kind of players. I bought a second account from sale and run dedicated server in Dogfight mode. I had to create missions using mission editor where are randomly patrolling planes / ground targets / random spawns around the active area of the map. Its a quite big process to build such a mission though if you don't have experience of Mission Editor. It is powerful, but it has a steep learning curve and lot of quirks of its own. For example you cannot use escort command on re-spawning planes. And also you have to find a balance to populate the airspace to keep it interesting, but not too much as server gets easilly overloaded. Bombers are especially resource-hogs.
  4. Thank you so much! Especially for the normalmaps of G6 and Ju-88, which have been sub-par so far!
  5. Sorry I'm no Ripper, so all the credits to him, but here is plain-and-simple dds version from the template. Just had to warp the mouth a bit upwards so it would not hide under the wing. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai1G8Nbf5lNHgpFbS3QdCITcjmzNnw?e=Ac4cmg
  6. StuG III G was the most common armored vehicle on Axis side. It was the top armored vehicle Finns had, and it was used successfully in Karelian Isthmus during summer '44.
  7. 3.201b hotfix seems to fix this one for me. Now it works as before.
  8. Time is not important, only StuG 😉
  9. Hopefully StuG III G will be the assault gun that comes as a playable collectors vehicle, if any.
  10. After couple of hours testing I must say only WELL DONE TEAM!!! New spotting system is marvellous, Icons being blocked by cockpit frames; great, AI improvements are really noticeable! No sound issues any more. And all the new stuff... Hat's off to you Dev team!
  11. Yes, I did just that from the beginning like instructed in patch notes, but sadly it does not seem to solve my case. I have to troubleshoot more in the evening, but I'm feeling in my setup this is because the button is "held down" so small amount of time when it triggers.
  12. 1. Digital rotary encoder axis - a knob that rotates and gives digital inputs while rotating 2. When binded into axis, the time it gives the input is now too short to get it registered. You roll the knob and maybe occasionally you see trim to register, but it is unusable. It worked fine before when it had to be binded ONLY to digital buttons. But when it needs also the axis binding, it does not seem to work as before.
  13. Totally incorrect; it was not fast to trim before (a lot slower than holding down the keyboard), now you cannot use it in those buttons.
  14. Sadly this does not help me as my throttle console has rotating buttons that give very quick (some milliseconds) inputs when it rotates and that is not long time enough. As now it needs to keep it pressed for a some time to be registered by IL-2
  15. Great, new static planes! But wait a minute... Typhoon as a Static plane? Very interesting
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