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  1. I have a feeling that actively separating stuff to the groups helps. I mean when I plan to paste a big previously created group, I create a blank one to the mission tree first using two dummy blocks and only then paste it. And during the dragging the mapbase should be the plain map and not the textured version. I also do save&close to ME occasionally after I've imported something big there.
  2. Can you guys still drop paratroopers / containers in current 4.002 version? I've tried to get Ju-52's to drop supply canisters or troopers, but when the attackArea command triggers they just seem to turn into zombies and keep running directly ahead until map ends? Only if you have cargo (which you cannot drop) the attackArea command kind of works and Ju-52's go to target area and keep circling there (as they cannot drop it). But the behaviour is different depending the loadout. I've tried altitudes between 500-1000m and speed 210. No wind on the map.
  3. 80 years ago the Shelling of Mainila! The starting incident of Winter War! Battle of Finland/Leningrad confirmed! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. We do not fly COOPs with my buddies too much as I've created DF missions with AI activity and objectives... Practically you are flying in COOP mission with buddies, but you can spawn again if something bad happens. Of course there are restrictions (formations for example) but you can get quite good impression of formations with careful spawning of AI's.
  5. 1) I cannot see this to happen in cruise any more; you should keep those cowl flaps so closed as possible to keep the speed up anyway. 2) I run ~78% both RPM & Throttle which gives you the maximum continuous power. 3) You can run 30 mins climb power (~87% both). I try to keep the speed around 260-270 during the climb.
  6. Hi Vyrtuoz! Glad you like it! The way I did it was just to make base ground color (d3d1c5 on Rheinland) transparent, and it happened to blend nicely with the elevation map. Or you can use mine if you like. I uploaded the the rest also I had made earlier. They are a bit bigger as 8-bit compression does not seem to work here. VelikieLuki map can be a few pixels off from bottom. Only problem I see is with the Kuban map, as the overlapping DCS map tiles are this way visible. I had to remove those from the textures folder.
  7. After Tacview got the nice elevationmap for Rheinland in 1.8.1 beta 4, I managed to get this working after successfully guessing the scale of the picture: I made it semi-transparent because I like to see the heightmap colors too and the default map color is rather ugly IMO. Just put the PNG-file to \ProgramData\Tacview\Data\Terrain\Textures\ -folder. Coordinates and rest of the stuff seem to be in Tacview already. NOTE: It only works in 1.8.1 Beta 4 version of Tacview. Edit: removed the link as coordinates are now incorrect and image does not match any more
  8. The more I use it, the worse it gets. I can manage if my targets are far (and use full zoom), but if you are in hurry, fighting short range knife-fight unless you are VERY careful, it just wobbles around like John Holmes's... barrel. Very irritating. HARDLY realistic. JoyToKey is probably the only option to sort that mess out. I've tried to sell TC to my buddies, but they've given up because of this after trying and getting frustrated this gun control.
  9. Radio menu controls are quite clunky, I agree. But I hope that VoiceAttack profile could manage it more fluently. I guess nobody has created a cheat-sheet for the command tree structure? That would speed the profile building quite a lot. I tried to take screenshots of it but sadly the command layout is not visible in screenshots.
  10. I like this logic ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. I've once had my left wheel (just the wheel) blown off from my Bf-109. I had no clue of this until I made a nice three-point-landing and my plane twisted around and did a nice kaputt and was left leaning on the engine. I was completely stunned what had happened, until I found this out from the recording. I was very satisfied of the damage- and dynamics modeling after seeing that. I have the video stored still somewhere home.
  12. Sure there were. For example LLv34_Flanker just told how they were even modified back couple of posts above.
  13. The planes also? I've not heard such a thing. Only map.
  14. The problem is that you need different skin base if you'd use Tall Tail or Erla-haube modification on G-6, and skins are not modular. I'd love to have those too with higher tail-wheel mod, but I cannot see those to be worth the time spent. Perhaps the easiest option would be to be able to put MW-50 as optional in G-6 and G-14, that would be close enough for me at least.
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