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  1. Its good, but has been linked at least twice already in the recent posts
  2. First of all I'd be happy just to to have a Stuvi sight for the Ju-88. And more options for G6 that are already in G-14, but skinning would be a problem, I know. Planes... Well He-115 Do-17 Hs-123 Fi-156 But most of those have the problem that there are no complete planes left in the world, so I don't hope too much. IF there would be more gameplay involved for recon planes (spotting, targeting, artillery fire control) that would bring more content for Storch and U-2 at the same time. I'm not a fan for late-war stuff, but surely I'd buy anything they sell.
  3. I've been waiting same info myself. Li-2/C-47 would be a perfect addition to online wars.
  4. Thanks, I took them from actual shark photo and tuned colors/saturation to fit it into the skin.
  5. Funny co-incidence 😁; I just posted my version couple of hours ago in other thread
  6. Messerschmitt's are so shark-like beauties that I had to try to make such a fantasy skin. Template is IDCP's and Shark eye is taken from Finnish post-war 109 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai1G8Nbf5lNHgo9uvUuzziJX7RXYtg?e=JlReWx
  7. Right, a beer-belly is always a feast to eyes.
  8. VP Modpack is very good also and is about 10GB size: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=50919.0
  9. Best version is from GOG as it does not have any DRM: https://www.gog.com/game/il_2_sturmovik_1946
  10. I would not expect such a miracle. That's why Band of Brothers was so stunningly great series as I could not have ever believed you might even get a half-decent stuff about WW2 from that direction.
  11. Wow. What is incredible in this trailer is the amount of bullshit.
  12. Dev Diary at least has Dev diary 217 at least:
  13. Sound fix and extended view distance hinted! I really hope these both will make it into sim! View distance is the biggest-need-for-improvement IMO we have (and configurable icons type/range/visibility) Great work guys!
  14. That is plane-specific setting (luckily), you can adjust it on every plane as you like. For example in Ju-88 I have position so up that I can hardly see Revi sight at all, but I have much better vision while taxiing. Also in 109's I tend to move the position upwards and a bit forward as it helps to see the target better when taking deflection-shots.
  15. Just to emphasize what Storebror means: Center the trackir with F12 and disable it with F9. Then use ins, del, pageup, pagedown, home, and end keys to adjust the position and save it with F10. Then enable TrackIR again with F9.
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