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  1. Royal_Flight

    Selectable aircraft code numbers

  2. Royal_Flight

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Northern Irish, late 20s. Prior experience of pro-words and brevity codes for radio comms. Also have done previous commercial voice-acting work and have access to quality recording facilities. Keen to to get involved and an Irish accent would suit either Commonwealth or US forces.
  3. Royal_Flight

    DCS news

    I just wish DCS has a focus. I really want it to get its shit together. The closest to a coherent theatre I’ve seen so far is the proposed South Atlantic setting by Razbam, with a Falklands Islands map and assets in the works, and Sea Harrier, Mirage, Pucara and Super Etendard supposedly in research for development. That would work perfectly for DCS as it does 70s/80s jets the best, as they have the best balance of pilot workload vs automation. Add a few helicopters and the ships to fly them off and the scene is set for a self-contained setting where everything is complimentary and works together. The snag is that the only model for the set that’s been released so far is a different model of Harrier and it’s not even finished yet. So it’ll be years before any of this is even close to being done enough to be called coherent. Could easily be a decade at this rate.
  4. Royal_Flight

    is there some sort of helicopter worth looking at

    Might see an H-13 or H-19 if we go to Korea eventually. In the meantime, stick to DCS for helos, it does them serious justice.
  5. Royal_Flight

    External fuel tanks for BOS/BOM/BOK

    This. I’ve been waiting for this since I first got into BoX.
  6. Royal_Flight

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    Interesting to note, the people saying no-one would buy a Spanish Civil War release are always outnumbered by people saying they’d buy it.
  7. Royal_Flight

    When the Battle of Korea can be started?

    Korea is fine but anything beyond that is too far. The BoX engine isn’t built for BVR at all and there isn’t any in-depth systems modelling, as suggested by the fuel management, oil pressure gauges, bombsights and weapon trigger groups. This is fine for WWII props and early jets but anything beyond that will start to push against the limitations. The strength of the BoX devs is their ability to get ten compatible aircraft released to an adequate standard to fly in appropriate combat missions over a suitable map, and support it with patches, engine updates and the occasional extra 109. Adding clickpits and modelling systems would up the compexity, along with the cost and time, which BoX doesn’t actually require in order to work as a combat flight sim. I wouldn’t be keen on spending £60 for a single aircraft for BoX that’s taken two years to develop a la DCS, and I doubt I’m alone in that. Plus, with so much of WWII still to do, there’s not really a need to jump too far ahead. I’m keen on Korea, but I don’t expect this would be more than a single release, and by the time BoBo is done and we get a Pacific release (really needs to be at least two to make it worthwhile) the engine will be close to the end of its useful life anyway. Better to put energy into sorting out BoX’s existing issues and continuing along the path it’s on, rather than overcomplicating it.
  8. Royal_Flight

    When the Battle of Korea can be started?

    Italy/Sicily would be a great theatre and offers a load of new planes for both sides The entire Axis planeset can easily be filled with Italian types, some of which can be used in the East; and the Allied set can be full of aircraft which could also be used in other ETO settings and the Pacific. Both sides could also have aircraft that would fit North Africa too. If Flying Circus ever gets a Channel map, with a little bit of effort it could have a WWII version too to expand the Bodenplatte timeframe, with the addition of a few extra collector types, without needing a whole extra Normandy expansion.
  9. Royal_Flight

    Il 2 : Blitzkrieg vol.1

    Battle of France has a lot of potential. Also Spanish Civil War could be a good bridge between Flying Circus and early WWII.
  10. I’m late to the thread but this all looks awesome. As someone who used to build their own guitars I can appreciate the work and artisanship that’s gone into these. And wire, wood and tung oil is an aesthetic of its own.
  11. Royal_Flight

    Plane you are looking forward to the most?

    FE2b. And the ‘spinning incinerator’ itself, the DH2.
  12. Royal_Flight

    Bodenplatte early access

    The B and C model nose suits the sharks‘ teeth much better.
  13. Awesome server, I’ve only been on for the first time in the past week but I think I’ve found my new online home. Thanks coconut.
  14. Royal_Flight

    Germany Lifts Ban on Swastikas in Video Games

    I am completely indifferent to the swastika and don’t feel strongly about having it on the tail or not when flying for the Luftwaffe. But I have always found it a bit odd that BoS comes with a Peshka skin with ‘for the great Stalin’ on it, given that he was a notorious dictator and mass-murdering lunatic.
  15. Royal_Flight

    C-47 & Li-2 (DC-3)

    The third-party team working on the Po-2 are apparently doing the Li-2 next. Hopefully it’ll be out before BoBo.