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  1. In early war German planes have a competitive advantage over 2.5-3k and that is not where ground attack happens.
  2. If you get heavily damaged and disconnect, that is not counted as a kill? http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/6502019/?tour=76 I damaged this fella heavily, he rage quit, I got a message for the kill but that is not reflected in the stats? Apologies, if this has already been asked - couldn't find anything in the thread.
  3. Sorry to see you leave, @II/JG17_HerrMurf . This thread actually shows the toxicity being bred in the community. The ones that make you leave are the first ones to say they don't cheat without actually being accused.
  4. JG51Molders, you already mentioned the solution to your problem - go fly elsewhere. Nobody is entitled to fly on TAW, it is just an opportunity and not an inalienable right. Being civil in your communication with others has nothing to do with being "politically correct", it is common courtesy. If I were the admin of TAW, I'd never change the rules because someone tried to aggressively bully me into submission. Good luck with your conflict resolution skills. Now I will "shut my hole", take my opinion to "the peanut gallery" and go flying. I hope you will, too.
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