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  1. see the AA is in the object box but no green linking it to the MCU, i've even grouped the AA unit in with it. tried the tool bar too. am at the point where i can't remember where i am in the mission.
  2. i did, i got AA guns to show in Objects box of the MCUs. but i don't see the green lines running from the AA guns to the linked MCUs. going to try an run it on our dserver and see if it works.
  3. i've started trying to use mission editor and downloaded the Sample Missions from Manual into the mission editor. could someone tell me where and what i link my AA units too? thanks
  4. trying to make some dogfight missions for out server Aces of the Ardennes by 361st yellowjackets. just found this forum will be picking you guys brains for any help i can get...watched all vapor's vids. plz bear with me and thanks ahead of time. if anyone has any dogfight missions they are willing to let us use in meantime it would be appreciated. thanks
  5. we're looking for Dogfight missions for our server. https://discord.gg/hZKDRFb
  6. same experience here. i figure i just caught a 20-30mm round, and didn't die... it ought to hurt.
  7. Aces of the Ardennes by 361st Yellowjackets. New Jersey, USA
  8. tried p-51 after patch and at 516mph didn't lose door covers. anyone else confirm?
  9. p-51 doors covers won't open/close? does this address issue of door covers coming off at 500+mph?
  10. not long ago i upgraded my pc to i9 900k RTX 2080Ti 32 DDR4 RAM its my monitor 34UC89G its 1080p, i really love that its 34"@144MHz and if i get 1440p or better it has to be 34". at the price of the monitor i want, i could easily afford the valve index and still save some money. i see good and bad about VR in forums, not to mention i'm really confused as to what VR setup is best. on my system what can i expect performance wise... high FPS and bad graphics, high FPS, decent graphics with stutters and drops in FPS every so often...? if i'm going VR, it might as well be best. thanks for your feedback.
  11. i can't get it to work at all. first discord doesn't even show IL2 in "games". does it only work for steam games?
  12. don't forget to mention its combat flaps, makes the turns even tighter. and the use of dive brakes to keep from overshooting enemy a/c. also the P-38 seems to withstand ground fire about the same as P-47. the gun placement also makes it a better choice, i just set my convergence to 700m for ground attack and fighter mode.
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