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  1. does IL-2 plan to improve their graphics engine... was my question. for the price of 2 used 1080ti, i can get a used RTX2080ti from a friend. the ray-tracing i'm not interested in... its the DLSS.
  2. currently i have a gtx980 and have been thinking of upgrading to rtx2080ti and later getting a 4k monitor, or vr headset. my concern is, that will IL-2 improve their game engine to make use RTX cards anytime in the future.
  3. maybe i'm coming in late on the d-day invasion, 1 arty position, harbor, factory, axis airfields. were there more and they were taken out already, or do more appear as game progresses?
  4. are all of the axis ground target locations marked on map?
  5. is it possible to get a synopsis of server missions and aircraft sets?
  6. played on it a bit last nite, i liked it very much. allies seemed focused on the objectives, not so for some axis. some axis wanted to cover the allied air spawn. don't know if this was intended or no. maybe move the allied air spawn further away from objectives.
  7. yes, just being able to close the outlet flaps is a big difference.
  8. i've looked and i can find no answer about how the rockets are in game.
  9. are these rockets able to be damaged? not to mention the amount of explosive in the warhead, but the rocket propellant itself. also weren't they also timed fused... i've noticed them flying by and then black puffs ahead of me, this could have been flak.
  10. allied fighters did carry them. i'd like to carry full external fuel tanks and less than 50% fuel in main fuel tanks. that way when i drop them i'd be at lighter weight, and still have the fuel to loiter over an objective or escort. i would think this was already thought of and actually used in WW2.
  11. thanks, as it is now that about my RTB due to fuel anyway. is the regen/rest time same for all a/c? i'm thinking it might be more advantageous to jump someone on their way out after having expended their combat/emergency limitations.
  12. aren't there like 4 different types of flaps? just looking a the difference between the P-47 and 109 seems one would probly help in turns and the other might hinder.
  13. is it because the FM for the P-47 isn't finnished? I really have yet to test it above 20'000 ft... so I'm going to have remember its "timed" limitations if i hope to outpreform German a/c? it's my understanding that certain a/c can regenerate their "timed" limitations? if the answer to both are yes, i'll deal with it. i just don't want to beat my head against the wall thinking its something i'm doing wrong.
  14. haven't tried that, I thought just keeping it in "auto rich" would do and that full rich was just used when "auto rich" fails. i'll give a try. thanks.
  15. i wasn't aware of the P-47 having a "2" stage turbocharger... just the single stage supercharger. i also thought the F4U and F6F lacked a turbocharger and just had a supercharger. i understand the difference in the turbocharger being exhaust driven and the supercharger being gear driven. also that the exhaust driven turbo is going to "lag" just because it has to run up to speed, were as the gear driven supercharger is more immediate. also the advantages of the turbocharger over the supercharger at higher altitudes. any 109 pilot right now isn't going above 20000ft, he's got no reason. most i see are at 10'000-7'000ft. well below any altitude the P-47 is supposed to operate as a fighter. i ground attack and then go to cover a friendly objective climbing to 10'000ft, which is good for one BNZ before they are on to me. generally i'm spotted before i get the chance, and no 109 is going to follow me up to 20'000ft+ and i still have to cover the objective. if i'm lucky the 109 will try and make it a turn fight after i've gotten a BNZ in and i'm going to use flaps to game the game. its when the 109 decides to break from the fight into level flight, and i have to go full throttle, water injection and raise the flaps that the P-47 fails... its lack of acceleration. Ehret answered my question as how to tell if the supercharger was working or not. the P-47's acceleration is what it is. so i'll just deal with it and should PTO come about i'll not be surprised at the F4U and F6F performance. i found best flight performance with 25% fuel, 4x.50 with no extra ammo and just cover an objective. but you'll spent at great deal of your time at the airfield.
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