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  1. I noticed that the moment FC aircraft go above the maximum permissible RPM the engine breaks. This is a bit strange IMO. The worst is the Pfalz. You can't do a Split S at full throttle (starting from a low speed) without breaking it. If you do a dive you have to throttle all the way back. Why is it so much more pronounced on the Pfalz compared to the other planes?
  2. With the Camel being so fast I'm really curious how fast the Albatros will be (that were known to have easily outrun Camels). Will they not outrun Camels, or made a little faster, but then they would outrun the SE5a and the Spad. I'm just wondering.
  3. I see. Interesting article, some food for though.
  4. OK. No matter how slow and tight I tried to turn right, I only needed a touch of left rudder. If I gave any more, the plane flipped to the left. It's not the Camel every book is talking about.
  5. ZachariasX that’s exactly what I’m not experiencing in RoF 😕
  6. The Camel was extremely tail heavy, get over it. However, all accounts I've read it should need nearly full left rudder in a right turn. Now it needs none. THAT's the problem.
  7. In all sources I can dig up the 130 HP Camel's top speed was 117mph, that is 188 kph. Not 194.
  8. So how fast should the Camel go at sea level according to original tests? Wiki says 182 kph, but I never trusted Wiki. Anyone got some sources?
  9. Sorry, I mean left rudder should be needed in a right turn, my bad.it was mildly present in RoF. It’s not at all the case in FC
  10. Is there some sort of an autorudder function that I forgot to turn off, or the Camel requires absolutely no right rudder in a tight left turn? The FM is far below my expectations edit: sorry, I mean left rudder in a right turn.
  11. 1) I own a piece of fabric from the wing of an original SE5a. The roundel's edge is sharp. 2) I played RoF for thousands of hours, and I'm familiar with the way it looks. It had the exact same pixelated roundel edges. 3) RoF at least got the PC10 and the roundel colors right (see the above comparison shots). FC seems to be a step back in these regards.
  12. It looks a lot like a direct carry-over from RoF. It's simply low res, and has nothing to do with being "hand painted" Same hairy edges, but at least in RoF it had realistic colors. Whereas in real life it looked hand painted, but the edges were not painted during an earthquake:
  13. Cool update! What's with the low resolution roundel on the Camel, though?
  14. Ground loops seem fine to me. Coming from the DCS Spitfire these ww1 birds are quite tame. You just have to work the rudder pedals and anticipate the swing.
  15. The last DM changes in RoF made it very, very arcade. I sure hope the devs don't make the same mistakes again. In RoF one had to spray and pray from 800 m and they'd surely cause a fuel leak or something. Make this one right. Make it necessary to close in to within 50 meters to hit vital parts. Don't let the wings get structural damage after 1-2 hits.
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