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  1. I don't know if this is already been shared but it's pretty cool just go to photos and then you can look around the cockpit. It has zeros dc3 Sr 71 p40 and many more. https://m.facebook.com/Cockpit360/
  2. Where do you find the main fsb ?
  3. Find this dont know if it's already been posted but looks helpful maybe? http://cgsc.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/ref/collection/p4013coll8/id/4531
  4. According to Günther Rall the mirror vibrated too much and you couldn't see that much with it.
  5. Has it been discussed that the 30mm don't seem to affect the p51? The p38 tempest and b25 all fall apart with a good burst but not p51. It seems to absorb 5 to 10 30 mm an only gets couple small holes in wing an loses flaps. Not complaining just asking if this is correct. This is offline fyi.
  6. Has it been discussed that the 30mm don't seem to affect the p51? The p38 tempest and b25 all fall apart with a good burst but not p51.
  7. Is there a way to adjust the altitude in the justierkasten on the right side of the cockpit ? If not the altitude seems to be set to in D9 4km and in the 262 6 to 8 km. So if I'm firing on an opponent at different altitude does not being able to adjust this mean it does not calculate correctly?
  8. No my sound still cuts out. inside and outside the plane ,and also only seems to do it when I get near another plane.
  9. I have this bug as well. is there any news on it being fixed?
  10. Would it be possible to add the D9 to the career mode as well?
  11. The meteor is significantly slower than the 262. All it will do is anger people.
  12. Isn't the p80 and the meteor significantly slower than the 262?
  13. Screenshot 262 specifications page? If possible.
  14. When you start the engine on the p47 it says gun camera on. Is there a guncam?
  15. DD. 194 said p51d15 now the DD. 202 says it's p51 d25. what happened?
  16. Early D-9s reached service without the MW 50 installation, but in the meantime Junkers produced a kit to increase manifold pressure (Ladedrucksteigerungs-Rüstsatz) that increased engine output by 150 PS to 1,900 PS, and was effective up to 5,000 m (16,400 ft) altitude. It was fitted immediately to D-9s delivered to the units from September, or retrofitted in the field by TAM. By the end of December, all operational Doras, 183 in total, were converted. From November 1944, a simplified methanol water (MW 50) system (Oldenburg) was fitted, which boosted output to 2,100 PS. By the end of 1944.
  17. So anyone who owns the Il-2 BOX games gets early access? That's pretty cool!
  18. I progressed Form moscow to stalingrad career with the same pilot. An all my medals were doubled.
  19. Does this work in career Mode? Thanks for replies
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