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  1. That developer response from facebook pretty well seals the issue for me. I won't be spending any more money on IL-2 at any point in the future. The sim gets worse over time not better, as the bugs and poor modelling pile up and are dismissed with "well some hypothetical people think it's fine, so suck it". Every update we can expect more glaring issues to be introduced and then left unfixed for very long periods of time at best and forever at worst. I say this as somebody who doesn't even fly aircraft with 50s, but such a poor response tells me all I need to know about the ch
  2. WW2 IL-2 is a bit miserable in VR, as you're at a disadvantage ranging from moderate to gigantic depending on the hardware you're running and probably the pecularities of your headset. I find that the colours on the aircraft are so washed out once you get more than 50-ish metres away that identification can prove very difficult. The high speed of aircraft passing each other nose-to-nose is also a big problem for IDing if your reprojection is on, and it's more likely to be on at the times that you really need to ID quickly. Thankfully all of this is much less of an issue in Flying C
  3. I do like there being limits, as being able to put your head through the canopy is obviously silly. What I don't understand is why the virtual pilot appears to be wearing four or five helmets of increasingly larger size, so that it's impossibly to get your eyepoint to within a foot of the glass. It's yet another one of the things that makes IL-2 a poor choice for VR flying, and is the reason I've gone back to War Thunder Sim for WW2 stuff. I'm only keeping IL-2 installed for Flying Circus at this point.
  4. So after some more testing I've determined that it is incompatible with something in my setup. I was wondering if it was the Rift, but it turns out that it's perfectly compatible with the Rift. What it won't work with is the D drive. When it started working I was running the DCS test version off a folder unzipped to my desktop. I then moved it to the D drive as I'd intended to have it in my games folder, and it stopped working. When I ran that version on the desktop again it worked fine. I then tried the new version on a folder on the C drive and it is working perfectly. I don't
  5. With a bit of tinkering it started working, although not for any particular reason. Then it stopped working again but is now having a different problem. I can now see the HMD angle updating all the time no matter what is running, so that's good. But either with autorotate or the button presses the view angle isn't changed. When I press the button I can see the HMD angle value change by the amount I set up in the config, but the view does not move. In the SteamVR home I can occasionally see a flicker when pressing the button, and when doing the same in IL-2 I can see that every time I
  6. It won't let me download that one, as I don't have an account there. I went to the gitlab link in the first post and found the DCS branch you have on there and tried that. I'm getting the same results with that as I am with the regular version.
  7. SteamVR updates itself quite regularly, so yes.
  8. Yes, I tried by starting it before SteamVR, after that but before IL-2 and finally after IL-2 as well. When starting it after SteamVR I could see the HMD angle display updating while in the SteamVR home and automatic angle snap was working correctly. In this case as soon as I started IL-2 the HMD angle display was fixed at the last reported angle, if I hit reset it would reset to zero and then remain there. After writing that I thought to try starting Necksafer first and then SteamVR, again that worked fine in the SteamVR home. It seems like it works there but nowhere else. I'
  9. That's handy to know, thanks. It wasn't working before I installed OVR either though, so that isn't the cause of the problem itself.
  10. When running this program with just SteamVR open it works fine, but as soon as any game is open the HMD angle is no longer being read and so the program does nothing. This is true if I run a completely native Steam game (Star Wars Squadrons) or if I run IL-2 from the launcher outside of Steam (but with SteamVR already running). I have the advanced OVR tools installed in Steam and the menu for that is working fine. Any ideas? I've not seen anybody else reporting anything like this.
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