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  1. If you go through the quick mission builder 1. Under the section labeled your flight --- Put the Num. block to 1. Then select whatever your plane will be. 2. Under the sections labeled Friendly and Hostile --- All Num. blocks to 0 3. Now find where it says target. Change this block to Scramble. 4. Hit fly. You should start on the ground and be able to fly around as long as you want. No enemies or Friendlies are present. Note: If you have your Map BLock set to Coral Sea, you will start on aircraft carrier.
  2. Hmmm. Well, if you guys are interested. I can probably host it Tuesday. (November 13). Does the time work for you guys still at 1800 (6PM) US east?
  3. Hello all. I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in doing coop missions on Friday nights. First one would be next Friday (Noevember 16) Just to set a tentative time, lets say around 1800 Eastern Time US. Game version 4.13.4. Mission time would run aproximatly 1.5 hrs Mission: Italian Stuka raid on Tobruk. Max Players: 27---- 18 pilots and 9 gunners Planes: Ju-87B2 x 6 (Regia Aeronautica) G.50 x 9 (Regia Aeronautica) Bf-110C4 x 3 (Luftwaffe) Reply if interested.
  4. Hello. I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in joining up as a USMC dive bomber squad flying SBDs. Also would need gunners for co-operative missions. Looking at flying full real or close to full real difficulty settings. Right now I have IL-2 1946 version 4.13.4. Since I am unaware of any other VMSB squads around, I suppose the squad would be VMSB-1. I don't have a website yet but if I get enough people interested will get something going, probably at zeta boards. Also, will be very interested in perhaps switching over to Battle of Midway once it is released. Let
  5. Well if you are basing the game on the Battle of Midway, then in my opinion the aircraft should all be ones that took part in that battle. If you want D4Ys, B6Ns, F6Fs, Helldivers, etc, then might a suggest a Battle of the Phillipine Sea title? For an aircraft list, here is the excellent Order of Battle: http://midway42.org/Midway_AAR/Midway_oob.aspx Also something that might help. Here are the action reports from all squadrons involved, and even Nagumo's report on the battle: http://midway42.org/Midway_AAR/After_Action_Reports.aspx Just my opinion on the TBD: It performed well i
  6. Hello Vlad. Well if you fly 1946, jump on Hyperlobby around 6-9pm U.S. Eastern time. Group of us usually fly co-ops in the evening and new players are always welcome. Just remember do not press ctrl + e. Hahahahaha. Anyways if interested look for Dolphin or any BH or FA guys on hyperlobby.
  7. Well if you are interested, there is a group of us that fly coops nightly, usually around 6 to 9 pm eastern us time. Wfly a lot of bombers so if you want to learn, could come in as a co-pilot. Look if interested, look for me, Dolphin, on hyperlobby.
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