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  1. Can I ask why there were only G2 available for the German fighter set?
  2. Thanks AB, Good stuff and thanks for your time in preparing this. What's the sense of having all these great skins if you are the only one who can see them. Mandatory download!
  3. Very nice! I hope #7 means that the stabilizer trim in the 109's doesn't nose up when you first touch it. Also the G2 throttle being more linear like the F is now but wasn't in the begining. Lastly the stick forward behavior (109's tending to flip when pushed hard forward) and rudder/yaw weirdness (slipping behavior, ect) I hope is looked at. The rest of the patch looks good and we (my squad) look forward to being able to play on a server as a squad.
  4. When are the MP server numbers increasing to 48?
  5. +1 to this. I fly in a squad and it is impossible for us to get onto a server with a 32 limit. It's hard enough by oneself. I still fly but at the moment I prefer campaigning in CoD as we have been for the past few years. When the servers were at 64 I didn't see any problems on my end anyways. When the limits are more resonable you will see more players. Once the campaign is done in SP where do people go? To MP of course flying against humans. They are shooting themselves in the foot with this 32 limit.
  6. The problem as I see it is that they (the developers) are using % percentage of throttle opening versus ata. As you climb the ata will tail off as it should at higher altitudes but if you increase the throttle to maintain ata you will blow your engine (if you exceed % of throttle) even though the ata is no where near max 1.42. This is not realistic.
  7. Yes I too will be a happy camper when the numbers are increased. Thing is, we were clicking right along at twice the current rate or more with no discernible problems (that I could see) and this was only said to be a stress test at 33 limit. I suppose with everything else going on it's possible that the data has not yet been looked at yet? Fingers crossed we are back to the pre stress test numbers soon.
  8. SYN Mike77, I think we are just being ignored regarding the server numbers. 9 pages of free tracking device moaning taking precedence to something so insignificant as MP server numbers. I've asked 3 times and have not gotten a reply. While not a SP, I can understand the developers onus to sell units by pushing SP campaigns with unlocks etc. I've done the campaign and all the unlocks that I will need (in MP) without whinging or fanfare and now just want to fly against actual humans, on servers that host enough players to actually have a mission with your squad. They must know that this is the natural progression a flight sim takes once the SP campaign is done and dusted?
  9. That's fine but I'll ask again, when will the server numbers be bumped up to more than 33? It's fine to stress test but it's frustrating not to get into a populated server as a squad. When do we go back to more reasonable server numbers?
  10. Same here? Many of us MP's are wondering when the "stress test" limit of 33 will be lifted. It's been a few weeks now and it's very hard to get into a server with a squad.
  11. +1 to that! Flying the whole campaign that way at least between waypoints.
  12. Looking forward to seeing how the radio compass works as it will be important to getting around the large relatively featureless (navagation wise) map. Having working slip (needle/ball) indicators and variometers is great progress too. I hope that the 109G model can get sorted/polished like the F was regarding the linear throttle response etc.. All in all sounds like a good update so thanks for you hard work.
  13. Skoshi, I have the trim on my warthog hat switch (used for trim) and it works fine in the Russian aircraft and also the stabilizer trim system in the 109s.
  14. Outstanding! Things are really starting to roll. Congrates on your hard work. Will we have to remap our controls since we cannot save the input file?
  15. It's fine and still a wip. You have to use the throttle just like we did when the F4 first came out and most of the power was up at the last 20% of lever travel. They fixed it in the F4 and they will fix it in the G2 also. Same with the overheat. F4 now will overheat but at first didn't and I can assure you it will be addressed in the G2 as well.
  16. Outstanding bird! Can't wait to hear that Beemer (read: Pratt & Whitney) rumble!
  17. 9./JG54_EZ Thanks for posting the silhouettes and shapes comparison. Very helpful for me to differentiate contacts once I see these and get a few hours under my belt in the MP. S!
  18. All I know is that I can fly at 1.2 ata or less all day without any problems in the F4 on the sim. Since I have no control of pitch, this is what I use. I still have full power for climbs and manuvers when needed as long as it's not for more then one minute. Have not blown a single engine following this protocol. 1.2 ata seems to be the sweet spot.
  19. I only played the Expert servers and for the most part, after backed down they were smooth. Interestingly, my ping (from the east coast USA) was almost the same for the US servers and EU which leads me to believe they are in California or quite a distance from me. At any rate, while a little rough round the edges to be expected, things went well enough. I too had a problem with ID of contacts and could not without zoom or getting quite close. It was an obvious slug fest on the small map and good fun.
  20. Same with me, I have to get very close and zoom in to ID contacts. The contacts themselves are easy enough to see, it's just the ID. Clouds are very realistic and tough down low!
  21. Thanks Voidhunger, I was hoping not to have to do that because of having to remap all the controls and switches again but there was no alternative. Saving the inputs folder doesn't seem to save my control settings. Never the less, after an uninstall and reinstall, and remapping and deleteing the contradictions, it's all good again. Take some sensitivity out of it with the curve at the right end of the control map line.
  22. Yes quite right. The F4 you can set down ans stand on the brakes without fear of a nose over. The Yak 1.......not so much. ;-) It's called updates I believe but don't quote me on that. ;-)
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