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  1. We had some good times in old IL2, so much fun, dam, im going to miss him. As always i will think of him and all the others from the old days from time to time.
  2. To Rjel and Feathered_IV. Havent read the rest of the thread and so i dont know if you responded or not but here it goes. Sry for waking as an A-hole this morning, luckily the day seems to turn out better than i thought, a 10 month old son tend to have that effect. Iv seen both of you around for as long as i can remember, going back to the UBI days, iirc. I want to apologize for the way i flew of in my previous post. Rjel. Im sry if i inadvertently made it look like i was targeting you, that certainly wasn't my intention. I just reacted to the sentence i highlighted because iv seen it here before and i got mad because its a gross generalization and simply not true as the post that pushed me over the edge clearly shows. One just doesn't write stuff like that for everyone to see. Again, i apologize for you taking the flack for it. Feathered_IV. Maby you dislike me, i can live with that. Maby i come of as unpleasant, but i only express myself the way im used to from where i come and it isn't meant to make people feel bad. All i can say is that its a ongoing project since i realized years ago that one can, by using even a single carefully selected word instead of what pops into ones head at the moment will get you closer to where you want to go more often than not. Maby it doesn't hurt to be reminded of that from time to time. To the Devs. While i certainly don't agree on a number of choices uv made i at least try to understand why (not that im successful mind you ) you make them. Sadly iv come to the realization that what IL2 evolved into, turned out not to be for me. I do hope, for those that do like BoS, that the choices you made and make, will turn out to be the correct ones. Anyways, ill let all of you get back on topic and wish you all good luck.
  3. What you think of me is irrelevant. What you write on the forum is and i have never attacked any one member on a personal level. But seeing what you write to people on a regular basis i wouldn't expect you to understand the difference. Now, i would appreciate if you keep your personal issues regarding me to yourself and not quoting me or responding to me, ever again. I feel that's the best course of action for both you and me. Have a nice day and thx.
  4. Last thing im gonna say about this joke. Are you [Edited] kidding me? Take a look at post 112 and then a good look in the mirror before you spout [Edited] and the politically correct mantra. Jesus, some of you are truly unbelievable. But hey, it doesn't matter does it because you as a "community" got rid of yet another "problem" , good for you, you should be proud. Please check your PMs.
  5. Could you be more of a [Edited]. Don't know how I missed this one. PM inbound.
  6. Yep, you are not worthy, hell you only payed 70$, that's peanuts in these circles.
  7. So, what about those who only bought 1 of 2 premium planes, like myself. Dont we have the same "rights"? I have zero interest in the La5 and im certainly not going to buy it just to get the unlocks removed. Does this mean im sh** out of luck? "You have a Premium account if you bought Premium edition, or Standard edition plus both additional planes: La-5 and Fw 190 A-3." You just had to make that distinction, you couldnt just keep it simple and do the same for everyone who bought the game pre release/early access.
  8. OR will drop DX9 Support. https://forums.oculus.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=19489
  9. Here is a link to my skin showed on page 1. Post #18 http://www.mediafire.com/download/rt4gess9fbcrn38/Black3.dds Sry for the delay. Let me know if there is any problems. First time i use any kind of download service.
  10. Guess thats it for me then, oh well. The massive rift in the community and the loss of god knows how many costumers, present and future, has no impact on your business? Guess that's good news, to those who are left playing the game. And every other game having the unlocks is all fine and dandy. Problem is that you implemented it in a way no other game has. And not in a good way mind you. Anyways, you do what you the way you like it, its your game. Good luck everyone.
  11. Those who feel unlocks isn't a big deal and try to convince others of that obvious fact. doesn't seem to understand the basic complaint. People are forced to grind for things they already paid good money for, its that simple and no amount of arguing is going to change that fact. Its completely irrelevant if it takes 2 hours or less (Claiming it doesn't take longer for the majority of players is, frankly, an outright lie), its still forcing people. So, please, don't try to prove people wrong, its not going to change the fundamental issue. Thats the last im going to say on the matter. P.S. I haven't done the grinding and im not going to, its that simple.
  12. Im starting to understand why goat sim has more players.
  13. We are way past "or at least allow XP grinding through multiplayer". At this stage a complete removal of XP in any shape is the only thing that have a glimmer of hope getting back the lost customers. Will it happen, not in a million years, not even if their business depended on it. ​Unfortunately, XP/grind is only a drop in the bucket for many. Well, a glass half full in the bucket to be fair.
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