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  1. That Ki-43 / P-40 fight brought back memories. Flying on 'Zekes vs Wildcats' I remember getting kills I'd otherwise never have gotten because of the opponents impatience or impulsiveness. I'd be in an earlier model Zero or in a Ki-43 and during combat find myself just at, but not quite the range to take a shot at a P-40. I would go maximum power, closed cowl flaps, finely adjust propeller pitch and _barely_ begin gaining on it, but of course this was unsustainable and I'd have to back off power and open cowl flaps to cool the engine. At the point of reasoning to myself "Well, I can't catch it.
  2. Oh yeah. Most often 'Zekes vs Wildcats' and occasionally 'Spits vs 109s'. The small group of me and my regular flying friends' specialty was skip-bombing in Ki61s, torpedo attacks in the B5n and the G4m Betty; we really crushed it. One of them figured out a great formula for high level bombing in the G4M and Ki21, using bombsight angle, throttle position and altitude, as they applied. We won a ton of maps that way. I second that. Some great missions there.
  3. The lower thrust line of the earlier P40 Allison engines gave them a really sleek look. If they omitted the nose guns ( M2 Browning .50 guns didn't really synch well anyway ) and incorporated the carburetor intake into just a slightly larger "chin" opening, it would've made for a really clean profile that would have paid off in extra speed IMO.
  4. I saw this a few days ago and it was fascinating. He was quite impressed with it's nice handling and maneuverability.
  5. I wonder why Goering would object. Delusional glory hog he was, one would think he would revel at the chance for his planes to show their stuff.
  6. Feathered_IV nailed it. Brutally accurate at that.
  7. Saw some of that on 'Zekes vs Wildcats'. Never did it myself, but there were times I'd fly the 'Okha' rocket/bomb/plane wile one of my OL flying friends would "host" me as the G4M 'Betty' "mother ship" and get me to a launching position where I could whoosh through the thicket of Hellcats and Corsairs and sink a ship. It cost me "my life", but we won a few maps that way.
  8. Funny you should mention this. I took up a Hurricane against some He111s and noted that same effect with a crew member partially protruding from the fuselage, about in the area of the side gunners.
  9. Good one. Still trying to wrap my mind around the reason for that tall nearly vertical windshield. That must cost that thing every bit of 30 mph ( or say 50 kmh ) in speed
  10. TRRA15


    I always liked that photo, and I believe that's the first colorized one I saw, so bonus. In different circumstances I could see that plane on an air racing circuit.
  11. That brings back memories K_Bobo. I recall 'The Triad' being a challenging hurdle to clear in order to graduate BFS. A route of flying between 3 airfields: taking off from Caen I believe, having to do a touch-and-go at another, then a successful landing at a third. All this in poor weather and using dead-reckoning navigation and VFR. I remember feeling almost drained ( but elated ) in accomplishing it. I remember the ground school and having to taxi about in windy conditions. Navigation training and the use of the beacons and repeater compass. All that stuff is as important, if not
  12. Yes I attended. As was previously said, it was very well organized, fun and quite challenging as well. I gained a huge wealth of knowledge from them that would have taken much much longer for me to acquire...and perfect. Good to see others in it are still flying.
  13. I did not know that. Thanks for that fact. Ever since IL-2 1946 I've been doing that the hard way.
  14. The Martlet. Though energy is none too easy to come by, managed wisely, it's seems to me a maneuverable energy fighter. Though having only 4 guns, they do hit hard. The only downside is having to manually "crank" the LG to retract and extend. Granted, repeatedly hitting a keyboard key isn't as tiring as digging a ditch, but it is a distraction, especially when setting up a landing approach.
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