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  1. My thought as well. Even with them gone there must be some extra drag and weight out on the wings. I digress though: In the 8 or 9 sorties I've flown with them, I can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn with those things, let alone an A/C in flight.
  2. For whatever reason, the problem is no more. Thanks for the forum for feedback.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate that. It happened in these scenarios in Quick Missions: 'Bomber Intercept - Channel' 'Bomber Intercept - Low Level' 'Free Flight' All were air starts, and I changed A/C from the Spitfire/Hurricane to the Beaufighter. Didn't matter if the Beau was a day or night version.
  4. Played around with various scenarios with the newest update, and it looks and plays very smooth, but I noted a weird issue: When playing single player flying the Beaufighter in quick missions, whether combat or free flight, the air start spawn has the plane with the landing gear down. I can retract it of course, but it takes ages on that A/C, by which time I've lost my energy and initiative. Definitely happened after the latest update.
  5. Flying some VVS scripted campaigns or missions, especially in situations where I'm to help defend friendly bombers, I always feel somewhat "guilty" if I RTB prematurely with an undamaged ( or lightly damaged ) plane and have any ammunition left over...sometimes even if I didn't RTB earlier. As though charges of cowardice might be leveled against me. Such is the level of immersion with this sim....
  6. Axis: Mc 202. Yeah I love the looks but it's a fun capable plane to fly when flown right...which isn't hard. I like the challenge of downing A/C with its supposed inadequate guns. Allies: Mig 3. Another looker that's fast and maneuverable. Fun ( for me ) to fly...albeit less so on take-offs. The two 12.7mm UBS configuration is, IMO, is more than adequate: It kicks arse.
  7. Better sound for sure: Deeper and throatier. Merlin sounds like a lawnmower by comparison.
  8. It's gearbox whine. Here's a video from inflight, P-63 though..... Loud! The engine reciprocation clatter and exhaust, and the gearbox whine combine to form a rhapsody. Here:
  9. Good question. From my observations, it's not a major difference. It's more of whether you hit what you're shooting at, or you don't. I've taken 4 guns and had good gunnery and really went to town. I've taken 6 guns and "sprayed & preyed", as the say with "meh" results. All I know is that when hitting an A/C at perfect convergence, 4 50 calibers don't seem to cause appreciably less damage than 6. Just my observation. It'll be interesting to see if the 8 guns of the P-47 create some sort of breach of critical mass of destructive power.
  10. RL was a big education to me. Went flying a few times in a co-worker's homebuilt ( from a kit ) RV4....sort of like a 1/3 scale P-51 with fixed gear ( with wheel pants ) and 160 HP...and very fast for its power, and full aerobatic capability. The "education" for me was how sensitive the stick was ( rear of the cockpit had the rudder/aileron but no no rudder pedals ) and it's obvious the literal ham-handedness of newbie flight simmers ( and even non-newbies ) in the same plane would lead to catastrophe. Negative Gs are MOST uncomfortable, and even moderate positive Gs can make you fell like your arm is made of lead. The most humbling experiences though were in upside-down flight...just simple aileron rolls, not barrel rolls, let alone split-Sess: A combination of ( out of 5 ) 1 part "wow, that was fun/amazing" and 4 parts "OK, yeah, but that's quite enough, thank you". At that point I really appreciated the stress on the senses it really takes to really do what we do hear in sims.
  11. Horrific. Doesn't look at all hopeful for passenger/crew survivability in any condition.
  12. I just checked for the presence of this. I found that it's only there if one installed the 'GEForce Experience' while downloading/installing whatever driver. I specifically did NOT install the GEForce experience due to advice I've read on this board previously.
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