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  1. You seem to have adjusted to this being normal, so you won't get my message. On the two sims, I mentioned this thread would have been edited by the mods before it got going. Yes, IL2 is a good sim. I played the original every day for years and enjoyed it. I must have had 10,000 posts on those forums. I've been in enough arguments too, but after a while it gets old. I'd rather not deal with it anymore. My negative post didn't help, so I guess i'm no better. Maybe that's why I pick sims that negative posts are edited right away. It's more peaceful.
  2. I thought about coming back to IL2 but I see the same old childish bickering is still going on. Back to DCS and BMS. Have fun kids.
  3. I like it. I went back to race sims and I don't need it for that. Although some guys use it for those sims too. It's mandatory for flight sims.
  4. Used less than an hour with hat clip. $65 shipped to CONUS
  5. In the software look in the upper right corner and you'll see where you can update the game list. I had to do this even with the latest software.
  6. I love cold weather. To prove it I drive my Jeep year around with no top or doors. Tops are for girls.
  7. I've read it gets all the way down to 60 degrees.
  8. Only one was bragging. The rest of us are showing him he's wrong.
  9. Yes, for sure. Alaska has us all beat down here.
  10. If Photobucket didn't screw us i'd show you a picture of my Jeep with the only thing about the snow is about 2" of radio antenna. I lived in Leadville for awhile. We got snow every month of the year. Elevation 10,000ft. Your winters may be tougher, but for someone to say we don't know about snow is ridiculous. People come to Colorado to ski, not sunbath.
  11. I invite you to the Colorado Rockies to change your mind.
  12. You all do know this thread is a year old? I'm sure the OP is long past his questions.
  13. I had to go look, because I didn't know what you guys were talking about. Mine is set on Full and I can't adjust it. Probably why I didn't know about it. I have my fps limit set to off and that's probably why it's set to Full and unadjustable.
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