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  1. Thanks for the superb skins! I have the latest JaPo book (109's of KG(J)6), there is few quite interesting k4 profiles never seen before, based on latest research. Most of them in RLM 74/75/76...let me know if you have interest to do skins of them at some point, i can send you pics of them.
  2. Take a G14 for example. Set ata to 1.2 or so. Compare that sound to any real 109 onboard record. It is pretty damn close to real sound. It's The supercharger/prop effect that is overdone on higher ata/revs and it masks engine sound too much. Problem is not The actual engine sound Wich is very well done.
  3. Indeed. For first time, it actually sounds like real engine, wich was not case with old sounds. As i said in other topic, some tuning would be great with supercharger effects (wich are probably overdone atm) etc, but it's already closest to real one in any sim so far.
  4. New DB interior sounds are really good, best in any sim yet in my opinion. However i think supercharger sound is a bit overdone, up till 1.2 ata is awesome but especially in DB 605 D, once you pass 1.3 ata it's getting bit weird currently. With some adjusting it would be close to perfect. Hopefully exterior sound will have similar redo at some point in future, to have them closer to this:
  5. First of all, i have to say devs have done great job with 109 3d model originally as it still look pretty good after all these years. It's only now, when latest (really good looking) BoP planes become available, clear that it start to showing it's age. However, by fixing couple of major errors in it's 3d model it would be possible to bring it up to date on latest BOP planes. Biggest error concers models from F to K; incorrect caster angle of main landing gears. What we have now in game is correct for E model, but in reality angle was altered between E and F by 4,5 degrees. In game now it' same for all Bf 109 models. While it doesen't sound too much, it's very easily noticeable from pics. Here's pic from J-C Mermets messerschmitt bf 109 book: And here is comparison shots real 109 vs one in game: This is something that definitely needs a change in my opinion, such big is the difference. Next, second biggest error is about windshield frames from G models on. They are too thin in game, and it's another thing that is not so noticeable at first, but you just know something doesent look right. I have made so quick and dirty comparison and they will show why. Here is what we have in game, and a pic i take couple weeks ago from museum: Now see what happens when i paste frame from real one: Again, quite big difference there. Here's complete paint job with corrected frames, it's easy to see how much this change would add realism to 3d model. There is few other little errors wich i may post about later, but in my opinion by correcting these two major ones it would bring 3d model from past to todays standards.
  6. Looks really good now Great job! Another thing i would suggest is maybe darken to Erla haube paint a bit, as RLM 66 was quite dark IRL. But that's just my personal preference.
  7. I don't personally think waves are too aggressive, they are just bit too far back on the wing currently. As the lower tips of the waves were supposed to be almost underside of the wing. I'll attach pic of Lt Landts K4 for example. Of course there were again different practices between factories and painters.
  8. Did you solve this problem? I have same phenomenom...
  9. Could you do same treatment for K4 too? Would be great Edit; It was actually simple copy-paste job, figured it out Thanks anyway.
  10. Yet there is lots of pilot memoirs where they recover from steep +700km/h dives by using trim wheel. While it stiffen probably quite lot at extreme speeds, it definitely was not impossible to operate.
  11. Hello, yes landing gear angle is incorrect and biggest flaw in IL2 109 external model. I have actually made two bug reports about it, one in 2014 and another few weeks before K4 was out. I really wish devs would notice it.
  12. Hate to always request something, but could it be possible to make these panel lines more visible? Especially one in rear of the hood because there was rubber seal between engine cowling and airframe.
  13. Great, makes K4 looks so much better! Many thanks for your work 🤝
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