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  1. Hello, yes landing gear angle is incorrect and biggest flaw in IL2 109 external model. I have actually made two bug reports about it, one in 2014 and another few weeks before K4 was out. I really wish devs would notice it.
  2. Hate to always request something, but could it be possible to make these panel lines more visible? Especially one in rear of the hood because there was rubber seal between engine cowling and airframe.
  3. Great, makes K4 looks so much better! Many thanks for your work 🀝
  4. DB605


    @Notclear, thanks a lot, will order that book. @Furphyforum, if you mean the code i don't think book have it, but it's this one: https://www.japo.eu/showpic.php?pic=books/bookcover7.jpg&bdr Unfortunately it seems to be sold out long time ago. πŸ˜‘
  5. DB605


    Yes please 😊 Probably updated info as book is from 1999. Need to find that magazine somewhere.
  6. DB605


    That would be good solution indeed πŸ˜€
  7. DB605


    Ok, well possible then. Where is this quote from, wartime manual? I've just checked from Jean-Claude Mermets book "Messerschmitt Bf 109 G1 through K4 engines and fittings" and can't find any mentions of those.
  8. DB605


    I'm 99% sure they are not standard, they are not visible on most of the other pics.
  9. DB605


    Btw if any skinner is interested, i have scanned some pages from JaPo's excellent "Messerschmitt Bf 109K camouflage & markings" book here: http://s84.photobucket.com/user/zx701/library/JaPo Messerschmitt Bf 109 K Camoufage and Markings Edit. let me know if page doesen't show correctly, seems to acting bit weird for me right now.
  10. DB605


    Very nice work! Just a couple of notes, wing leading edge has usually wavy pattern since '44, there is straight lines too but most of them has wavy one. Also in many cases Erla haube was left to RLM 66 both in and outside, they were pre-painted masked. Again there was exceptions, probably different practices between factories. Edit. those remarks are for the skinners, not so much for the template πŸ˜„ Stunning job, looking forward to release!
  11. I know, i actually have done 3 bug reports about those things i've listed above. Maybe my screenshots/drawings and pics haven't good enough or devs tought mistakes were not worth of fixing, dunno but fix have never come anyway. Hence my comment wich was not meant to be sarcastic. Maybe, if i found time to catch better images and drawings some day, i may do one more report about them, but as said already, i don't have high hopes that they will be ever fixed. Those errors are not deal breakers any way but as a life long 109 nut, after thousands of pictures and hundreds of drawings i just cannot unsee them. Devs have really stepped up on modelling with latest aircraft, IMO Jug is first AC that pass or is on level with DCS in 3d modelling. And judging by screens, it won't be last one.
  12. That seems to be the case. Now that you mentioned erla haube, that's another thing that went wrong in modelling. In game it's completely flat, missing the bulged top of the real one. Also frames have bit incorrect shape. Oh well. But as you said, i guess it's better just suck it up and attend to shooting down enemies instead...🀨
  13. Yep, still not fixed. Not to mention rudder that should have airfoil shape, too thin windshield/canopy frames and front window panzer glass (G/K). Of course most of casual players doesen't care about those little details but now as incoming new aircarft 3d models seems to be top notch (P-47 for example), some "facelifting" for 109 would have been nice. At least for the most noticeable parts like langing gears.
  14. I'm not Jug expert by any means, but i don't have problems to catch AI ace 109 G6 and shot them down. It feels heavy but manouverable, it's quite fast even low down and dives like brick. Pretty much exactly like i excepted based on what i have read about it.
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