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  1. CanadaOne

    The Paleontology Thread

    I like rhinoceroses.
  2. Thank you for that, but are the Tiger and the KV-1 available on all maps?.
  3. Pardon me for being less than clued in... but are the Tank Crew tanks available in the QMB tanks missions on maps other than Lapino?
  4. CanadaOne

    Think im gonna give this one a chance.

    How is the Tiger? Does it feel like an uber-monster with a mega-cannon? I admit that the Tiger has me itchin' to buy Tank Crew sooner than later.
  5. Do the tanks not work as they do in BOX now, with the same keys, or is it a whole lot more complicated?
  6. Ahhh, I think you answered my question. I was wondering if the BOX planes were available alongside the FC planes.
  7. Pretty cool to see tanks in the QMB. Very happy to see anything that pumps up the QMB.
  8. CanadaOne

    DD today?

    I think it's happened once or twice before.
  9. CanadaOne

    DD today?

    Maybe when the sale ends we get.............. something.
  10. CanadaOne

    Books - What are you reading?

    Stems back to Greek theater I guess. And the chorus wearing phallic facemasks... I tell ya. God bless Aristophanes. Monty Python definitely followed in his footsteps. They must have pissed themselves laughing when his plays were performed.
  11. CanadaOne

    Books - What are you reading?

    If and when I wear women's clothing is not something I am prepared to discuss in an open forum. Unless I'm drunk.
  12. CanadaOne

    Books - What are you reading?

    I've read a few dozen books on WWI. I find the time frame fascinating. Like a post in the ground separating the old world and the new. This is another very good Barbara Tuchman book along with The Zimmerman Telegram. Though the chapters about the plague do not make for happy bedtime reading. But she's an excellent writer and historian. Not boring at all. I tend to watch more space documentaries than read space books. Gotta love the big screen HD action for Black Hole documentaries and stuff like that.
  13. CanadaOne

    HS129 with 75mm cannon

    Hello Argentina! The B-3 would be a lot of fun. Hope it happens.