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  1. They still have some stuff to work out, that's for sure, but the flying experience with DCS remains superior. And it's getting better and better. Take the P-51 up over the Channel map and it's absolutely top shelf. Love me my P-51!
  2. I hear ya. Seems DCS will be getting all my money from this point on. Can't wait for the Mosquito! It's going to be great in the new clouds.
  3. Howdy, Not that new anymore, but it runs DCS really well. I was telling Gambit that I feel lucky to have the 2060 Super I bought at the end of 2019. I'd like a new card as well, maybe a 3070, but I'm not even thinking of getting my hands on anything before the fall. Or spring next year. The main thing for this rig is to run DCS well, everything else is a distant second. And the 3700X/2060 Super combo handles 1080 nicely. But I think 1440P would be painful. What card are you waiting on?
  4. Hmmmm, might have to jump into this sweet looking thing. And with the 2.7 clouds, it's the best looking sim there is.
  5. You do make the Viper look appealing. No sale at Steam though. Too bad.
  6. It's a shame the new Spitfire isn't available as a collector's plane right now.
  7. The Harrier is seeing some true love. And I am lovin' this auto point blank bombing together with the hotspot designators. Really brings up the A2G game. My kingdom for a Harrier HMCS.
  8. Shot down an Mi-24 with a laser Maverick from a Harrier. Utterly fulfilling. "Kaboom!"
  9. I haven't flown the Hornet much lately. Lots of Harrier and learning the A-10C II. But I did a carrier run this morning on the Persian Gulf map, with far more clouds than they usually get over there I'm sure, and it was scenic indeed. Went about 80 miles in, and dove down through the clouds onto the target and delivered some much needed love and affection. It was an eye candy tour de force.
  10. It really is an excellent map. Down low in chopperland it's good fun, there is a ton of detail. Condolences on your bandwidth. That's downright poopy. The Tomcat... it just doesn't sing to me. I understand it's a chorus of angels to others, but nary a tune being hummed to me. But an F-111 would send me right over the edge. Go figure. Mind you, actually got to sit in one with my buddy at Plattsburgh AFB many moons ago. Cost $5 for a Polaroid of you in the plane and the money went to charity.
  11. It's a great looking map and they just added a bunch of improvements. Still more to come too. And the nice thing about a map is there is no learning curve. I'm still thinking about the F-16, but I already have the F-18 so it's just more of the same in a way. And even on sale the Viper runs $70 to $80Cdn.
  12. Did you just out-spectacularize me with premeditation and malice? Where's my safe space? I need a puppy and a soft pillow.
  13. Mmmmmmm... yeah, I can live with this.
  14. No sale on Steam yet. Then again, I think I already bought everything I wanted. I'm waiting for some Mosquito action. Still on the fence with the Hind, and with the new Clouds! I would almost consider the F-16 for some glorious boomin' & zoomin', but I have the Mig-29 - which was 1/7 the price of the F-16 - and that little thing is beaucoup fast. I should get to know it better. As to the new AAA barrage feature in the ME, at first I didn't think much of it, then Spudknocker put up a video with a neat little clip and it was pretty cool. It's right at the
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