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  1. You're a wee bit steep on your angle, back off just a hair and you're in like Flint.
  2. I'm not averse to learning about Amazon's dark side, and I take your points. I'm an Amazon fan boy, but not to the point of being closed minded. As for being a "meat robot", a lot of us are exactly that at work. At least those guys might have air condition.
  3. Amazon could have said "We are contacting Purolator and will be in touch with you." But in less than ten-minutes with zero argument I get my $200 back. Probably took an hour for the $200 to be in my Amazon wallet. That's not bad. I re-ordered and am supposed to have the NVME tomorrow. Assuming it's not stolen again. I've heard about employees not being treated well but I admit I don't really know about it.
  4. This happened a few hours ago on Amazon chat. My Purolator package was on my doorstep when I got home, looking like someone had stuck their hand up its backside. The story as follows: Initial Question: Hello, the NVME drive was not in the box when delivered. 01:50 PM PDT Kimberly (Amazon): Hello, my name is Kimberly . I’m sorry to hear what happened. I’d be more than happy to help. 01:50 PM PDT Me: Hi, My shorts, hat, and keyboard were in the box but not the NVME drive. I'm not sure what to do. 01:53 PM PDT Kimberly : Let me do some checks 01:54 PM PDT Me: Okay. 01:59 PM PDT Kimberly : Thank you for holding. I have requested a refund for you 01:59 PM PDT Me: Thanks. That is some serious customer service.
  5. I just gave up on the training phase. It was insanely annoying. Got to a point where I was supposed to destroy an armed drone, would hit it a hundred times with no effect, then have the narrator tell me how powerful my weapons are, then hit it another hundred times, then keep getting dragged back to the training area, which seems to be about 10' x 10', then hit the drone another hundred times with no effect, then get dragged back, then hit the drone a hundred times, then get dragged back... "**** *** Elite Dangerous training phase" I'm off to the edge of the galaxy, and if the game doesn't like it, it can go blow a goat.
  6. I can do that in the Harrier, but not in the F-18 yet. I think I did 8 or 10 once in the Harrier, takes a while to set up, but it's a good show to watch. And just bought the 109 on sale. I enjoyed it during the free trial, and with the Channel map, I want to dodge flak and see if I can take out a radar antenna.
  7. It's installing now, ended up paying $20 for Elite and the Horizons DLC. The learning curve may be a PITA, but I'm off to the edge of the galaxy.
  8. No planet obliterating? Bummer. It's on sale for $10. I still might grab it.
  9. What's a good space game if you just enjoy flying around looking at the pretty colours and occasionally obliterating a planet or two? Is that an Elite dangerous thing?
  10. Now I'll have to try!
  11. I've tried landing my Harrier there. Tried.
  12. At least three or four-times a year. I think this is the third in the last six-months. Christmas, The Stay at Home Sale, and now the Summer Sale. Figures that Steam will give me $6 off any purchase over $35, and the 109 is $33.
  13. Don't we all. About 25 years ago, after sushi and Saporro on the couch with that brunette...
  14. I think the DCS Steam sale starts today. I kinda have what I want already, but I'm still considering the 109. The Channel map is so nice it's hard to resist hopping the Channel in a Messerschmitt and tangling with a Spitfire over Dover. There goes another $30 I guess.
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