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  1. I kind of hoped they might include a long airfield in the update, but it was not to be. Can we make one in the _________ ____________, does it include options to make runways?
  2. The 262 is fun to be sure. And fun to chase. Finally smoked one in an IL2. Pegged him with a few MG rounds, he headed for home trailing tears, and then his landing lights came on, like a "Kick me!" sign tapped to his ass. And, well 23mm later, he was in 262 pieces. Wundebar!
  3. Can my female character leave the battle scene, hook up with some lovely peasant girls, and frolic in the river?
  4. Hey, I didn't know you had a YouTube channel? Just found it. Cool!
  5. This thing is just begging for a super long "test" runway like at Edwards, with night lighting. That would be beaucoup fun!
  6. Morning, They haven't been too bad so far, but where we're working on Monday is gonna be horrible. And if I may play the part of fan boy and repeat myself for the umpteenth time, your site looks great and is a lot of fun!
  7. Including a longer runway on an exiting map for the 262? I wonder.
  8. It has its moments. Right now the moment is:
  9. There are still "a lot" of elms here, but they are going the way of the dodo. Dutch Elm ravaged them big time. Most of the elms we take down are a foot across or less. At that point most are dead or dying. We took down a huge one years ago, maybe five or six-feet across at the base, but elms that size are very rare now.
  10. Not boring at all. I'm a tree buff myself. I hug each one before I cut it down.
  11. CanadaOne

    DCS news

    That's exactly how I feel. BOX is all about the combat and DCS is all about the flying. I spend 90% of my time in DCS just flying around the Nevada and Persian Gulf maps, doing takeoff and landings, and enjoying the truly stunning atmospherics. If you get the lighting just right, it's freaking awesome eye candy.
  12. CanadaOne

    ME 262

    Who knows, maybe we, the great unwashed paying customers, will get it first before the booth babes and tourist types. Simply because the devs love us. On the other hand we do cause a lot of trouble, so we might have to wait.
  13. There are people from all over the world here. I think those of us who speak English as a first language, and enjoy the luxury of this site mostly being in English, can at least exercise some goodwill and understanding towards our friends from other countries.
  14. I really(!) want to like the Pe-2. The loadouts are great and the plane is so cool and well done. But the floaty balloon feeling I get with that plane on my MS FFB2 takes a lot of the fun out of it. If I could get the stick to tighten up and have some good resistance it would be one of my favorite planes. As it is I only fly it occasionally just to make myself sad at how little I'm able to enjoy it.
  15. Off to work in 5. And like a total yutz I'll be checking the site on my phone every half hour to see if there is an update while I'm out.
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