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  1. They're the same price here for the moment. The 3600 jumps between $259 and $329 and back in the same day.
  2. Nice sell on the 6700K. Just checked Amazon Canada, a 6700K is $480. A 3700X is $420. That is so nuts.
  3. The 2600X was $150 two-weeks ago. Peanuts for a 6 core/12 thread CPU. One of the MBs that handles 2nd and 3rd Gen Ryzens with that CPU would be good, and then pop in a nice 3rd gen when money is good. Might be the route I take. I did that with my last CPU build. Bought the cheapest dual-core Intel 1151 CPU, used it for a few months, and when the cash was available, threw in an i5. Been looking for a 6700K to put in, but the prices on those things are beyond stupid. You can get a 3700X for less.
  4. I loved my 3 wheelers! Had several, but the 200 was the best. I went all over hell's half acre with it. When I moved to the boonies 30 years back it was my primary vehicle. I'd go for groceries on it at -30, 20km round trip. I frickin' loved that thing. (Net pic, not mine)
  5. There is some truth to it, no? I posted the other day about testing FPS by lowering everything to off or as low as it would go, and flew over a winter map. Solo I hit a high 282FPS on an i5-6500/1060 3GB. Dogfighting was 150+FPS. When I turned everything up and flew over a city my FPS died a horrible painful death. The point being that I could range from 28 to 280 FPS in the game by choosing the map and the settings. Isn't that what the other fellow alluded to?
  6. It's legal over here now. We're all Bob Ross.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that because it's a big map and that means a big disappointment. I'm mostly happy with it, but then I'm a sucker for new maps. My only real gripe is the emptiness of it. I'm a QMB flyer and that means I'm flying over a large post-apocalypse dead world. If I saw a cow in a field I'd land and talk to it, ask if it needs a friend and if it's seen anyone in a while, that's how empty the map is. I mean, would it kill them to populate a few airfields or something?
  8. As long as the sim allows you to kill off terrain quality and keep the planes and clouds nice and that gets you good FPS, then the option to turn the terrain way up should remain available. If you kill off the eye candy in this sim you can get really good FPS and the planes still look great. We're on the edge of 2020 here, our disposable coffee cups have more computing power than the Voyager spacecrafts that are now way past Pluto. It's not unreasonable for a combat flightsim to be pushing the envelope of high quality eye candy. I love me some flightsim eye candy.
  9. It is fun, thank you. I've been saving for this puppy for a while. First bit of "high end" gear I've owned.
  10. And the end result of a 1060 3GB to a 2060 Super is "Holy sh-t!" Where I was at 40FPS and less, high settings over cities, I'm at around 90FPS now. Just tooling around the map enjoying the scenery at max it's 100FPS+. Across the board it's a 100% increase in FPS. Except... when the settings are very low. I got 282FPS with everything off or at lowest over a barren winter map with the 1060. With the 2060 Super and the same flight, it's just a few frames higher, about 310FPS. I guess that's where the video card has nothing to do and the CPU limits things maybe, I don't know. My CPU is not quite a potato, but it's showing its age. DCS is also much better. what was 20-25FPS is now 45-50, sometimes 60. That's makes a huge difference. Gotta love all that flightsim eye candy!
  11. I only have one cable, but the card powers up, nice blue lights, and the fans turn. But for the life of me I can't get my machine to acknowledge that it's there. I'm reading all the web stuff and looking at videos. If all else fails I'll bring the PC to the shop and throw it at the technician. "I wanna fly! You have one hour!" ******************************************************************** Ahhhh, bless the boys and girls over at DDU. Free software, rated as safe by a few good sites and cleared by Norton. It deep cleans the registry in safe mode removing any vestige of old drivers, then a reboot, and there's my card. Drivers installed perfectly. Eat... then fly!
  12. Thank you! It works. The drivers failed to install, so I'll try that again in a minute, but it didn't start a fire or kill the cat, so that's something. Having some coffee to calm down. Playing with electronics drains me of my courage.
  13. Hello, I just got my 2060 Super and it came with a pretty vague installation guide written in microscopic print. The video card has a 6 pin power slot AND an 8 pin power slot right beside each other. I understood that it just took an 8 pin connection from the PSU. The unhelpful instructions says only "use the proper six or eight pin PCIe connecter". I'd prefer not to fry the card within one-second of turning the machine on of possible, and I'd be grateful for any advice. Than you.
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