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  1. I saw that tour in Montreal at the Olympic Stadium. The sound was terrible for the first half of the show. The Olympic Stadium looks like a giant toilet bowl and has the acoustics to match. But for the second half it's like someone found the "push to improve sound quality" button and it was much better. Comfortably Numb at the end was................................... transcendent. I bought ten tickets to that show and had two left that I couldn't even give away to friends. Which surprised me. When we were outside the stadium a couple of guys were looking for tickets, so I gave them the two I had left, on the house. And if you thought they were happy then, you should have seen them during the show, they were at the end of our group, next to "Bob", and Bob never went anywhere without a great deal of "imagination". So they were imagining all night. Floyd is for sharing.
  2. I'm waiting for my carrier. Looking forward to seeing that thing all lit up at night when coming in for a landing. Should be pretty sweet.
  3. DCS doesn't come within a mile of BOX with regards to WWII A2A. That said, I do enjoy sightseeing on those beautiful DCS maps in my P-51.
  4. The A-10C demo is on, free for two-days. Gonna see how much fun I can have not understanding how things work.
  5. My guess is you just don't remember that you heard the whole thing. Possible that the whole day is just a blur in your memory. A thick green fog of... I'm sorry, what? humana-humana-bananana-shmoomana...
  6. Yeah, a lot of really good artists are insane or arrogant or both. They even made allusion to it in the Pompeii movie when one of the producers says "Yes, Rodger, we all know you're god." Something like that. But it's difficult to deny his brilliance.
  7. Tends to be more tea and coffee now. And whatever else may be legal in your country. But growing up back in the late 60s and early 70s was glorious. I wouldn't trade it for what the kids have now.
  8. Not into comics, but I miss the days when I was. All it took was a chocolate bar and a Sgt. Rock comic, or a Superman, and you were the happiest kid on the planet.
  9. No, my brain cells are few and I'm unable to devote that many to the A-10C. Learning the Harrier might be the extent of my abilities and interests. When the carrier comes out, I have it pre-ordered, that should prove entertaining with the Harrier.
  10. I was ready to get the A-10C even though I have the A-10A. I just love the plane. But I watched a few Grim Reapers videos and holy crap! those A-10C systems are complicated. I'll try the demo for sure, but very little chance I'll buy it.
  11. Morning, I tried the F-16 demo. It's a nice plane, beautifully put together, but I admit it left me dry. But I'm not a jet fighter A2A guy. If I was, it probably would have lit me up. The F-18 is pretty sweet, I just like it for some reason. But $50... I don't know. Gonna try more demos. Might just stick with my Harrier. That plane is fun and it has all the high tech goodies, and I've even managed to learn some of them.
  12. Troublemaker. It's tough call to say they got better after Waters left. They had a series of masterpieces with Waters at the helm. I saw Floyd three-times in Montreal and Waters once. The Floyd shows, especially the one at the Forum - 20th row on the floor dead center! - were spectacular. The Waters show at the Forum was a ton of fun. A real carnival atmosphere. To say they got better after Waters left... no. They got different. But several of their earlier albums were masterpieces for the ages.
  13. I think with any decades-long love affair/obsession, there will be contrary views. Part of the fun, really. We can argue about Pink Floyd albums next. Holy crap! ST: Picard really did rip off the Upanishads. Just watched episode 9 and in the space of five-seconds they say one girl's name is Djanna and the other is Sutra. Not too obvious, eh?
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