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  1. Yes. And you are amongst your kind here.
  2. That's probably why the F-14 isn't close to my heart; I'm an A2G kind of guy. My favorite plane in Il2 is, well... the IL2. Same applies to DCS. My Big Three are the Harrier, the A-10, and the F-18. Good fun factor and good for the "beeg badabooms!" The F-14 is definitely for the A2A crowd. That said, at half the price I'd grab it simply because it's a big, fast, cool plane and landing that thing on the Supercarrier has got to be fun. And I'm hard pressed to say I've ever seen a more delicious looking bit of flightsim artwork as the exterior of the DCS F-14 in flight. It's freaking gorgeous! And you're right about the F-18 being a bit sterile, but I wanted a fancy pants computer driven "f### you at 50 miles in the dark with a JSOW up the azz" rocket ship with the cool night vision displays. I've got the F-86 and the F-5E for the earthy crunchy stuff. Sadly, my FFB is retired and only 3/4 functional. I'm using a Thrustmaster stick and TWCS throttle now. And they're really good, no complaints. Thinking about the Mig-19 when the Steam sale starts, not sure though.
  3. I haven't gotten it for one simple reason: it's $115. I'm not crying poor, but for $115 I need something more than just a desire to look at the pretty picture it makes when I hit F3 on the keyboard, and to watch the wings swing back and forward. Mind you, it does look incredibly cool. I tried the free demo and it's a ridiculously good looking plane, but I've never had a love affair with the Tomcat. I dropped $115 on the A-10 because I've had a thing for it for decades. And I dropped the big bucks on the F-18 so I could get some high-tech Supercarrier action, and Canada flies the F-18, so it's a bit of home for me. I've got the A-10 mostly on the stick, some F-18, and Voice Attack is doing a lot of the work. What stick did you get?
  4. You will one day BRRRRRT! Everyone must BRRRRRT! When you do build your new rig, you have to brag about it here.
  5. The SU-25T is a great plane. Shooting laser guided missiles the size of telephone poles at things never gets old. But Gambit needs BRRRRRRT! He needs the A-10A. I'm still on the fence with the F-14. I just want it because it's gorgeous, not because I have any particular love for the plane.
  6. Welcome to the Dark Side. Grab the A-10A. It's $7.50, insanely easy to manage, and you can BRRRRRRRT! And they just updated the gun sounds. Very cool. All Hail to the BRRRRRRRRT!
  7. Well it's not from Kentucky... but I do love Sinatra.
  8. We're all coming over to your house.
  9. There can always be a potentially better version, but it's the version we have, and it's fun.
  10. There's some style to it, it's fun, and it comes from that classic late 60s, early 70s war movie scene. It has Christopher Plumber and Laurence Olivier and Trevor Howard, it has great music, and it was actually filmed somewhere outdoors and not just created in a test tube. It's not without its cheese factor, but it still seems to hold up as good storytelling 50 years later.
  11. Still no DCS sale on Steam. Damn! I wanted to shop while enjoying my covfefe. Stormbirds says tomorrow maybe. Always room in the hangar for one more.
  12. This is the Internet, sir. Please register a more caustic and divisive opinion. Thank you. Made it through about ten-minutes of Midway 2019. Might have to try again as some people really liked it. Love the original. Need more movies with Henry Fonda and Charlton Heston. Watched The Battle of Britain last week. As always, excellent! And then you hum the tune while pershnitzing He-111s in your IL2 Spitfire.
  13. "The Lord blessed Kentucky above all other places, for in His heart, Kentucky is The Chosen Land."
  14. And 101 kitteh pictures to follow. Another sale. Oh, my poor wallet. These boys know how to make a video!
  15. I have the 109, which I bought just for the sake of flying over the Channel, which is the nicest WWII map I've seen. The 109 is a fun little plane but not that special. I fly the P-51 most of all and it handles like a dream. I tried the Spitfire demo and really didn't enjoy it. Super twitchy. I liked the D9, had a nice feel to it, but haven't bought it and probably won't.
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