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  1. Coming straight down from 12 o'clock and showering the cockpit with 12 x.303. What a satisfying and guilty pleasure. I'm pretty sure the Hurricane cockpit is going to be a beauty.
  2. Does this mean you haven't asked the mean girl to the prom yet?
  3. Think of the Hurricane as your favorite dog; kinda weird, not a purebred, but totally loyal and would chew on Hitler's one remaining testicle at the mere hint of your command. I just bought my Hurricane. Really looking forward to it.
  4. A long walk and a shot of bourbon afterwards will cure your ills.
  5. No Viper here, but my Hornet got some new toys as well. One hell of a flightsim feast these days. Getting tough to remember all the controls. "Okay, that switch centers the view in FS20, bombs an orphanage in DCS, and speed dials the hookers in Il2. I think that's right."
  6. Took a quick flight to check out the new toys on the Harrier that came with the update and it seems my FPS has gone way up. I don't think I changed any settings, but I was getting really good framerates. Anyone else notice a bump?
  7. I covet thy mechanicals. My buddy is building his own yoke. He's a tech guy and knows how build stuff. I'll have to get you some pics.
  8. Don't tell MS, but I would be happy to pay for enhanced scenery regions... as long as I could pick the region. If I wanted access to enhanced scenery for Canada (obviously), I would pay extra pay $? for it. Just like the premium aircraft and airports.
  9. As DCS gathers dust alongside FS20... but there was just a nice update. A few different versions of the P-47, two kinds of rockets, and a whack of fixes for the Harrier and F-18. Not too shabby.
  10. Oooooohhhh, that's nice! I hope they start doing this all over the world.
  11. Looks like fun, but Q2 2021 for the Flak 38 is kind of a bummer. That's a long wait.
  12. Best come with a new hardcore map to be that kind of answer.
  13. I'm fine with it being the Hurricane, I just bought mine yesterday.
  14. Maybe, but when I saw what REX was going to offer, I was underwhelmed. But I could well be wrong. I think it's a "diminishing return" sort of thing. Before, ORBX, for example, offered a 200% increase in eye candy for $30. (You know what I mean.) Now it's more like a 20% increase in eye candy for $20. And that 20% is being offered at the same time as the whole planet already got a 300% increase in eye candy. Will it be like this for the weather and clouds? I don't know. But I've already gone through some hurricane cloud formations that were like an acid trip. Flying through valleys and giant tunnels in the clouds, it was very impressive.
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