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  1. CanadaOne

    DCS news

    Stormbirds says there will be an OV-10 for DCS. Oh yeah!
  2. CanadaOne

    Any SP missions to DL?

    Sure, thank you. I looked in the mission thread, thought there might be a Tiger mission or two, but didn't see anything.
  3. CanadaOne

    Single Player?

    TC content is thin right now, and it's certainly not cheap to buy, ($95cdn.) but like all BOX products you can just feel that's it's heading in a very high quality direction. Looking forward to all the improvements. Gonna be fun.
  4. CanadaOne

    Any SP missions to DL?

    And there you have it. Are there any downloadable SP missions? I looked around but can't find any. Thanks.
  5. CanadaOne

    Are their any Canadians here?

    I'm outta rep for the day, but I tried to give your post a thumbs up. Alberta is great!
  6. CanadaOne

    Too many problems

    Just out of curiosity, how much bandwidth does it use when you MP?
  7. CanadaOne

    DD today?

    Love that Stormbirds site!
  8. CanadaOne

    Faces of the flying community!

    "Is not their climate raw, soggy and dull?" "That island breeds most valiant creatures."
  9. CanadaOne

    Faces of the flying community!

    That pic was at -26. I remember the temperature and the swearing. Gorgeous day, but chilly. Coldest I ever worked was shoveling a roof at night at -39. I was basically wearing a spacesuit. It was quite nice, really, but you don't tend to move too fast at that temperature.
  10. CanadaOne

    Faces of the flying community!

    Oh for a warm spring day...
  11. CanadaOne

    What's available now in TC?

    Yeah, the pickings are a bit slim for TC for now, and the $10 off at that price doesn't really mean much. Honestly I don't think it means anything other than making it look like it's $10 off when $69 is really the price in any case. Kind of like those stores that have "LIQUIDATION SALE!!!" on their window for years and years. That said, the quality of the TC product, like all BOX products, looks first rate and I reeeeeeally want that new map. I much prefer new maps to new planes. And I don't mind if the devs end up with some more of my money. BOX has a premium price, but it's also a premium product and they seem to always be adding to it in unexpected ways that make it well worth the investment. A little plane action, a little tank action, and who knows, maybe speed boats on the river are next. That could be fun. Maybe I'll go blow something up before work in my new Tiger.
  12. CanadaOne

    What's available now in TC?

    Oh well, too late. Just bought it.
  13. As of today, is it "just" the Tiger and the KV-1 that are out? Any other goodies?
  14. CanadaOne

    Steam yes or no

    It's possible Steam has faster downloads, but my BOX installs from this place run perfectly smooth and hassle free, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  15. CanadaOne

    Steam yes or no

    I have DCS on Steam, and it's given me a few unfriendly surprises. But it does seem to work fine most of the time. But the installs and updates of BOX are so butter smooth through this place I would never let Steam touch my IL2 install.