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  1. Exactly that. Almost. I like flying the P51 and Yak-52 for sightseeing on the Nevada and Persian Gulf maps. Get the lighting right and the scenery is gorgeous. DCS for me is a big flightsim sandbox. I use the __________ __________ non stop. I set something up, try it with this plane, then that plane, then change things around, then try it on a different map, and on and on. That's the fun for me. Endless SP content creation with a lot of variety made fun and easy. That is 99% of the reason I spent $250 on DCS modules in the last two-months. If DCS didn't have a fun and easy __________ __________ I would not have bought the planes. SP content creation made fun and easy. That's the ballgame for me. Whoever gives me more gets my money.
  2. I want, I insist, I demand!!!... to have both sims. More planes, more maps, more fun! Bought the Su-25A on sale last night, $10, good fun. A fast, tough little bomb truck with very few bells and whistles. But it carries 160 rockets and goes stinky fast. And that's a good thing. Still have a few bucks in my Steam wallet. Maybe just one more plane...
  3. Very nice! I've always been amazed how some people can draw and some can't. I can't, and thus perhaps why I'm amazed some can. I'd be happy to put one of those up on the wall.
  4. Still waiting for the sale to hit Steam. No carrier pre-order there, but still. Might bag another plane. And last night were my first (successful) nighttime rough seas high winds VTOL landings on a carrier. Damn good fun! I'm going to have a hard time passing on that fancy new supercarrier.
  5. Only flightsimming though, no? I've seen CPU test videos on youtube where some games eat up all the cores.
  6. It's a lot of fun! Good ground pounder, fast, and a decent payload. Still having trouble with some/many systems. The Grim Reapers tutorial videos on youtube are a big help.
  7. I don't die every landing. But the Huey does. I'm having a hard time landing that thing, but I'm getting almost good with the Harrier. Even pulled off a few carrier landings. That **** is fun!
  8. I tried the Tomcat when it was free for the weekend. The eye candy on that plane is absolutely top shelf, and it was heavy on my FFB stick, which I really like. But I'm a ground pounder at heart. Mind you, landing that freight car F-14 on a carrier must be a riot, and the FM on the F-18 is said to be very light on the stick, which I don't like. So you may be right.
  9. I might get the Hornet just to be able to use the carrier. I'm not much on the complexity of the F-18, but bad weather and night landings on a carrier might be too much fun to pass on.
  10. The supercarrier is available for pre-order, but not on Steam. Supposed to be another sale on Steam soon. Might grab another plane.
  11. Love me some maps. Love me some free maps!
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