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  1. I haven't tried VR in anything, maybe one day, but I'm sure the new clouds will bring a ton of life to DCS flying. For some reason I keep thinking of hovering in a cloud in my Harrier and them slowly rising up through it. Kinda like the Enterprise in Star Trek: Into Darkness. I will do said rising over a simple people in a humble land, maybe California, and the people of that land will praise me.
  2. Makes me think of that conservation of information and Black Hole paradox. Dat chit bends my little brain.
  3. Those clouds are da bomb! They are going to change everything. Every plane will feel new, every map will feel new, and with the excellent lighting in DCS, I think there will be some amazing eye candy when you play with the settings. Carrier takeoffs in rough seas with the improved clouds are going to look great I'm sure.
  4. I was flying Janes WWII Fighters, never got into EAW, but it certainly had a cult following at the time.
  5. Very nice. Will the MKXIV be sold as a plane as soon as it's done?
  6. Nothing like a huge body of water to teach you humility.
  7. Fortunately all any of us care about is the new clouds. cloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudscloudsclouds
  8. I'll give it a go. I miss the old days (pre-interweb) of living in the middle of nowhere and messing with my shortwave radio and hearing all kinds of weird and wild stuff stuff. I liked Radio Cuba, simply to hear how often the guy could actually say "Radio Cuba" and still maintain a somewhat coherent sentence. "You are listening to Radio Cuba, and welcome to Radio Cuba. Today on Radio Cuba, Radio Cuba presents the 'Radio Cuba Music Hour'. That will be on at 9PM on Radio Cuba. Following the Radio Cuba Music Hour, Radio Cuba presents the 'Radio Cuba Interview Hour', that
  9. The Knob Creek Rye sells for $115 a bottle here. I haven't had the inclination to spend that much for rye. I can get a nice bottle of 10 year-old rye for less than half that. Obviously I'd like to try The Knob Creek Rye, but $115 a bottle is no small thing. This stuff is about $45 a bottle and very nice. My nephew pointed me to it and it's a keeper.
  10. Those filthy swine at MS locked my account. Now they want a phone number to send a verification code to, and this is one-minute after they sent a verification code to my email, which worked and I got in just long enough for them to say they need a phone number to send another verification code to. What's next, I have to meet Bill Gates in an underground garage somewhere? All this to fly an airplane on a computer screen.
  11. Yeah, but Santini wasn't in Star Trek. The F-104 was.
  12. An F-104 might be more fun, but... an A-6 and that there map would be sweet indeed. But from this point onwards, it's all about the clouds, baby! The new clouds are going to make every plane and map feel new. I'd be hard pressed to think of any addition I would look forward to more than this.
  13. I only drink and fly. Cracked open some Knob Creek last night just to compare to the Buffalo Trace. I find the Buffalo sweeter and the Knob Creek earthier. I've tried Woodford once or twice, definitely nice, very clean and refined. Almost too clean for my taste. (But then maybe I'm FOS.) Now I can't remember if it was the Elijah Craig or the Evan Williams (since that you mentioned it) that had the tobacco kick. I didn't find it off-putting, just noticeable. Blantons.... I think it's $80 a bottle here. I'll give it a go.
  14. Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! Clouds! And an A-6 would be nice.
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