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  1. CanadaOne

    DCS news

    Isn't it about time for a fall sale? Is that not an annual thing?
  2. Howdy, I'm sure you're right. But just having the one airfield you take off from - or can return to after a mission - having some assets around, and one to attack would seem to be an easy thing to do. A flightsim QMB without airfield attack missions is like pizza without cheese. Or something like that. I'd say again that the original IL2 QMB had it right. You could have an enemy airfield with or without AAA, and with or without planes around it or taking off. It would be a great addition to this QMB. Granted, I know less than nothing about programming, but isn't this something that could be done in about half-an hour?
  3. The map is beautifully done. I have no complaints. But the lack of anything in it is... not great. What is surprising is the lack of populated airfields in the QMB. It's pure ghost town. I can't understand why in the QMB, you don't at the very least, have a populated airfield to take off from. I mean, does it cost a lot of money to put a few planes on the ground, maybe have a few trucks roaming about, you know, make the place looked alive, have a little scenery. The original IL2 had airfield attacks, and you could add options for AAA and planes taking off. Is there a technical issue that makes that impossible here?
  4. My buddy was playing with some flightsim on his Xbox many years ago, and I told him he needed to up his game, literally. He had a sit down session with the original IL2 at my place and that was that. He bought a PC and HOTAS and has been flying the original IL2 to this day.
  5. Some of the scenery is incredible! As long as it doesn't require $500 in add-ons and a endless tweaking, I'd get it.
  6. I judge all planes by how hard they are to shoot down with an IL2. I'm thinking the P-51 will be beaucoup difficile.
  7. And the Rhineland map has some BIG AZZ CONCRETE AIRFIELDS! Longest runway I found was in the NW corner, can't remember the name. It's a very nice map.
  8. Am I doing something wrong or should I still be getting WWII tanks on the Arras map even when flying WWI planes in the QMB?
  9. Yep, lovin' the P-38. The cockpit is absolutely first rate!
  10. That's one of the things yet to come to life in this flightsim: life. It's a ghost world. Would love to see some populated airfields in the QMB. Something for a future update I hope. That said, what we do have is very nicely done indeed. The new planes are top shelf! That P38 is lovely!
  11. Just tell me what map you're on. I'll be ten-thousand feet below with a beer in a biplane taking in the scenery. I'll look up and wave.
  12. We finished really early today so put that ***** on a leash and bring it over!
  13. Does one wololo for an update or only for a DD? I am not a wolololer and am uncertain as to its usage.
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