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  1. Brief description:game loaded 2 times now hits not responding after 10 seconds and goes no further Detailed description, conditions: all Conditions normal Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):[0515/211218.246:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 debug log found in F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data avast antivirus whitelist for launcher.....tried no list and whitelist still no go reinstalled 4 times no joy Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):win 10 all current dump file attached
  2. TWC has 2 public servers and a server we use to train our squadron. The mission server is for fast action Ai is set to medium high and there are targets for every type of aircraft. The Campaign server is war plain and simple! Log in on the side you wish to fly and then for the next 30 days try and accomplish the mission and not die. Visit twcclan.com for more information, recon photos and more.Stats page to see your standing and much more. Squad based gameplay is encouraged though the lone wolf is also welcome. A complete menu of information in game using TAB/4 is available. We kick off a new Campaign on May 1st, bring your buddies see who can last the longest and not die under combat conditions<S> TWC_Fatal_Error
  3. May Campaing 30 days pick your side and there you stay for the campaign. New password will be issued May first all stats reset. try and stay alive for 30 days in the stats see if you can roll the map to obtain new targets. Moving truck and tank convoys, take place every hour of a 6 hour map. Testing help needed for german targets visit the TWC website for more information. <S> Fatal
  4. Pienoir thank you for the promotional video about our Campaign server. We will be starting a new campaign in May and more information can be found at TWCCLAN.com many new targets to test before that day so password for testing is bandit please come in and help test <S>
  5. New password is bandit, for up coming may campaign it will be forge. Thank you for all that are flying in the TWC Server and Check out our Website at twcclan.com for more information <S> Fatal
  6. If you think the Ai is weak you should try flying on our mission server it is complete with Stats and the Ai is set to many variables. The mission server was built to make pilot's situational awareness sharp and put you in situations where if you don't pay attention you will just die from AI or was that guy real? Fly it and know when the new ai is out TWC will be using it to its full settings as well can't wait. <S> Fatal
  7. Wow good Job TFS hope we can start a dialog soon about the CS code for the mission builder.Bliss and Colander have always helped us in our quest for getting C++ comands to script our missions but there are so many commands that we never figured out how to use. Such a list of available commands that work in C++ would be worth its weight in gold for us mission builders.TWC is planning a campaign server somewhat like Storm of War had. It will be open to about 80 players and totally squad based. We have examined HDCodwar but much of its code transposed from spanish to english has some definite holes in it for our use. So any time some list could be put out with what commands work it would be well appreciated by all. Fatal
  8. TWC is a long established team of players in Cliffs of Dover we transplanted from aces high and before that fighter ace if you would be interested in flying strictly for the allies side in combat with like minded pilots we would be interested in you. Experience is not a prerequisite, as we teach all of our pilots to fly navigate and communicate in that order. Worldwide squad base but fly strictly allied aircraft. We have our own training server and have a mission server complete with stats. Visit us at http://www.twcclan.com for more information our teamspeak channel is open to the public so join us there, tahnk you TWC_Fatal_Error Commander TWC
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