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  1. TAKE MY MONEY! Hows the development of the P-38 gear comming? Do you guys need a Manufacturing Engineer Planner? I used to work for Boeing using CATIA V5, DELMIA and ENOVIA as well as CAPP II and PDM. I can also use SolidWorks.
  2. Well, yes I have started it however that was 2 years ago. I havebeen very busy with the Career Emblems for BoN. I have completed those. I'm just takiing a little break from WWII and aircraft for a bit as you can imagine. I just got a new Huion 24PRO pen display. Skinning by mouse click is very time consuming. Now I can just draw =o).
  3. Me too man. I'd buy this plane for damn sure.
  4. Looks like I already made this plane but never released it. Time to update to 4K! Here are the insignia's used on his G-6. SKIN NEVER RELEASED: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18704-guess-whos-coming-to-dinner/?do=findComment&comment=295997
  5. Can someone give me the link to the Hurricane Mk.II skin template? I saw it once and now I can't find it anywhere.
  6. I think all you would need to do is copy + paste your layers into the G-6 Late. All of the 109's are the same except the E-7.
  7. No problem, I'll be releasing my P-38 and Tempest Factories soon.
  8. That's because "Joe" was painting them, LOL. *Joe is a term of endearment between US Armed Forces Service Members. It's a little friendly dig we take at the Army. I did however make the stripes and white areas separate layers. So, you 'can' do that if you wish.
  9. PS5.1 "Special Edition' - This guy wins the internet!
  10. SUGGESTION: New way of displaying mission statistics by sortie ACTION: When you land and bring back your points reset all stats in the columns but retain the total. This will allow us to see exactly what we have during that specific sortie. Make a separate column for Aircraft Assists with the same icon you currently have or like I have below. Make ground aircraft and AI aircraft worth only 1pt. Make a Bombing Accuracy Stat on the stats pages online and also add those stats to the current mission of the current accuracy.
  11. I was going to modify the Normal Map of the Spit Mk.Vb into a Seafire however it would have changed all of the Spitfires in my game. I would have added the wing fold hinges and arresting hook door lines.
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