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  1. Juts FYI, RAL8012 was used in place of RLM23 which was called "Rot" but it was a rotbraun in reality. Here's some colors I use for my Luftwaffe birds that I sometimes use a base to vary from or just use the color outright. It really depends how the game engine renders it. Remember these are tactical planes. Over saturation is a an issue sometimes with skins that I see. When your in the color picker you want to imagine a 10% invisible buffer zone. Think about anything outside that zone as "Bleed". Unless that color is specifically called out in the FS 595b in a HEX value or RGB value or directly sampled from a real photo. In this work in progress example of my R4 + --- of 7./JG26 I am using RLM23 sampled from an un-restored Me-262A-1 from the 1960's in a museum. The yellowish areas are RLM99 or a.k.a. RLM76a.
  2. There's an error on the 479th FG on the STBD Nacell. The small intake vent in black. I will that in a bit.
  3. Here is the skin for the 436th FS, 479th FG, 8th USAAF This unit painted over the squadron ID letters and made no attempt to re-instate them. Their aircraft came from the factory with Dark OD Tiger Stripes. The Black Disc's signify the third squadron in the group. In order of precedence it goes: Triangle, Square, Disc. (the aircraft is labeled at the 479TH FG_P38J25) DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hWHMrYCNKbvN0NuAyAY8oagNlEWk-Y2E/view?usp=sharing
  4. P-51D-15-NA of the 13th PRS, 7th PRG, 8th USAAF. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AN76tIFjOgoNAsW-Aq33z2jYDx8R7XcE/view?usp=sharing =O)
  5. Hello Pilots, I have decided to make some skins for the combat box server. I have decided to start it off with this P-38J-25-LO of the 13th PRS, 7th PRG, 8th USAAF. This one is silver painted with the squadron colors of red and dark blue prop hubs with serial 009. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/190lJC4JM4_COIsAQO5Uo0ZoHcYmKqM0h/view?usp=sharing
  6. I've only seen this late at night when everyone is mostly asleep. Aside from that, the matches seem to be fair. What I do not see working anymore are the protected zones. The D9 pilots exploit the zones and always come in way high (20k feet) and hang around just outside the artillery range, wait for us to leave and then they swoop in using the speed glitch we all know D9's have (no black out, compressibility, infinite climb, infinite AoA, zero speed stalls ect). I really think the 8km should just be a kick zone and the gun activation set out farther. There's no reason for them to that far back in enemy lines other than to troll or vulch. They know this and sometimes just hang around setting off alarms and keeping people from wanting to spawn. This holds true for both sides.
  7. I found this: SOURCE: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WTGER_WWII.php 45 cm (17.7") F5b Ship Class Used On Aircraft Date Of Design 1935 Date In Service 1941 Weight 1,598 - 1,790 lbs. (725 - 812 kg) Overall Length 15 ft 9 in - 16 ft 11.5 in (4.804 -5.160 m) Explosive Charge 397 - 551 lbs. (180 - 250 kg) Hexanite Range / Speed 2,200 yards (2,000 m) / 40 knots 6,560 yards (6,000 m) / 24 knots Power Decahydronaphthalene (Decalin) Wet-Heater The F5b was in service from late 1941 to the end of the war with relatively minor changes. To control flight in the air a wooden K3 tail was used that broke off when entering the water. This was replaced in 1944 with L2 which was similar but had ailerons operated via a heavy gyro. The L2 tail permitted increased dropping speeds and heights, the maximums actually achieved were 183 knots and 390 feet (120 m). The differences in weights and lengths in the table above are due to the different warheads. Exposition of Navy Museum, Gdynia. Photograph copyrighted by Michal Kopacz. Heinkel He-111 H-6 torpedo bomber of KG 26, equipped with two F5B torpedoes. These appear to be practice units, as the pistols are not installed. AND I FOUND THIS PDF : https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2020/04/25/germany-wwii-aerial-torpedoes/ =O)
  8. I think he means when you're actually in the game.
  9. I lost mine. I think you gave me one when I went by SPEKTRE76.
  10. Yeah I used to put 12 guns (1 was a smart AI Complex Trigger) at main airfields and about 6 more AA vehicles and set the max engagement to 10,000m. I didn't know that you could make protected zones at the time. I used to like testing them against enemy AI waves. No one ever made it through 😁 I'd like to get back into mission making someday.
  11. I think the AAA should be turned up to Expert.
  12. Okay I went out and got a new modem. Hopefully it works. 😁 I changed all the cables to new ones too.
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