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  1. This is one of the best damn additions to the game. I always wondered what it would be like to be the Flak gunner. Good job team 1C. Keep it up. O7
  2. 50" of LG and "Ultra" settings make all the difference 😁
  3. Here is a fantasy P-38 that I came up with. I thought in terms of what tech they had by 1946. It's just an fun idea but probably very impractical. 601st Night Fighter Squadron "Hell Bats" Coded NF-G and painted in Dark Blue Drab with Night visiblity red markings, and a Dark Blue Grey nose. (click to enlarge)
  4. He's not lying there are boat loads of FREE assets in the Market Place too. I wish I had the time, money and team to make an FPS just like Rainbow Six 3 RVS but with today's technology.
  5. But this He-111 carries Buzz Bombs =o).
  6. The top two planes would be Collector Planes.
  7. I'm not sad, cheaters make the game un-playable. I wish there was a server side anti-cheat that bricked any cheating players computer.
  8. I became a Patreon supporter of this server last week. So, that being said I have uploaded links to my skins on the DISCORD "Skins" channel. Go get them so you can see everyone. P-51D-15 and Spit Mk.IXe are plane packs.
  9. I just want to say I hope everyone is staying safe. There is nothing but smoke here. My eyes are always burning and we can all taste it at time. It's not life threatening yet but its bad. If you have seen the movie "The Mist", ya that. I really feel you all on the west coast. WA state does not install A/C in the homes they build. We have all our windows closed and it's 89° F inside my house right now. I have two fans on me Even with the windows closed, the smoke still gets in. I only run my computer when I have too or get a quick flight in. I haven't flown in about for days I think. I hope it rains really soon. I do not know what is going on. We are known for our rain and wind and for some reason it's just not happening. Please be safe everyone. And please keep fire safety in mind. My Wife calls me the "Fire Nazi". I used to be in the Navy and fire (as any Sailor knows) is pretty high up on the list as far as Operations go. I couple of things I have done you may try: Wet a T-shirt and sit in front of a fan Stand in the shower with only the top of your head under cold water (This works fast to cool you down). I learned this at S.E.R.E. DO NOT drink soda or tea (it dehydrates you very fast) If you have the means, buy microwave food only. The oven really heats up homes in the Pacific Northwest. Get Visine if you don't have any (eye drops). If you really must go out and fly, just do maybe one server round and shut off your PC. Mine has a little ash inside right now because I opened the window because I just couldn't take it anymore and forgot about it. Stay safe everyone affected. And if you see anyone out in a field on the roads, call the police immediately. We have arsonists up here it seems. They have caught two of them already.
  10. Funny but true. You have to do one on the D9 doing the Red Tails maneuver that we all know is impossible.
  11. I remember doing this with as many pilots. It was so boring on the way up to 5000m. I will tell you when the first flak burst popped in our formation my adrenaline starting running. Turning on my siren, rolling over and pulling back to do my dive was priceless. It was worth the 20min getting there if only juts one min of actual combat took place. Looking down and seeing a whole bunch of other Stukas in a big spiraling dive was so rewarding.
  12. If anyone wants to contribute to this project please see this Google Doc Page I made. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dbwypV-7fMOgGXliaMamny72xK6A2qeGU6saHyCxqKA/edit?usp=sharing
  13. This is going to be my carry. I have to wait 30 days from tomorrow for my license.
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