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  1. Probably nothing, I may have created it by mistake.
  2. I removed all of my emblems from this forum. I have been finding them popping up in t-shirt sites and online stores that sell other goods & services. My emblems will never be posted anywhere in here again. If you need this one I will send it to you.
  3. Hello, Can one of our Russian Brothers or Sister help with a translation? I have attached images here for what is called the 'Suit Case' plane. I have no idea who makes the kit. And there is a man on the Home Built Experimental Facebook page I am on asking for some help. Can one of you translate these images to English please? Thank You!
  4. Outstanding work!!!! BTW you shoot better than I do.
  5. Could have sworn I released that one? The template has changed quite a bit since that day. Maybe it's time to re-visit these again. The one in the picture will have to wait until BoN comes out.
  6. Now that I have my pen display, I hope one day I get picked to make an official plane. 😁
  7. Jeder hier sollte den Film sehen. Es ist der realistischste eines amerikanischen Films, der Luftkämpfe zeigt.
  8. Keep in mind I only 'guessed' when I made this unit emblem. The gator could be green but I assumed red being this is a German plane.
  9. Hey Fellow Skinners, I recently got a Huion KAMVAS Pro 13. I am thoroughly impressed with it. It worked right out of the box (after driver install). It has a solid premium feel to it. The stand looks cheap but is seriously solid and does not move when I draw. Palm rejection is excellent! Parallax is almost non-existent, bonded glass display. Cursor lag, again barely even noticeable. The pen has two multi-function programmable buttons. Color is great. Anti-Glare is great! The side buttons work intuitively. The slider can be set to brush size or zoom. There's a third option but it escapes me. The two little buttons under it I have set to brush size up and down. My slider I use for zoom. My top two I have at Alt and Shift. Well actually it came already like this! It just worked, plain and simple. So, you do not have to break the bank to have a pen display. https://www.amazon.com/Graphics-Function-Pressure-Battery-Free-Full-Laminated/dp/B07XSPMX12/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=huion+kamvas+pro+13&qid=1581279667&sr=8-5 Check it out!
  10. The Tank Buster is the one for me!
  11. Jason already knows, I showed him 😁 I also sent him the entire weapons catalouge with all USAAF weapon systems with part numbers.
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