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  1. Jason already knows, I showed him 😁 I also sent him the entire weapons catalouge with all USAAF weapon systems with part numbers.
  2. Not yet, been pretty busy since Friday. Plus I finished the Factory P-51 template modifications per reference photos.
  3. Don't forget this one guys. I re-created the nose art in PS by hand.
  4. Thanks for the updates guys! You all work so hard for us. My long vacation starts on Friday so hopefully I can bang out some more historic skins.
  5. *** ALERT NOTE *** These skins will be getting re-done since I have updated ICDP's template to a factory correct NAA produced plane.
  6. Hey buddy can you send me the link to the Stats List? I want to see my stuff too.
  7. The nose art on the plane looks like it say's something else? Do you have another photo?
  8. I just close that window and run the Oculus software. You do need a second monitor though just to make sure you can click the meus. But after the planes spawns you are good. I just wish there was a way to turn down the brightness. On Stalingrad Summer, the colors are washed out and it seems to bright.
  9. Been using my Occulus with no issues for about 6 months now?
  10. @steven197106 That is an instant poster! 😍
  11. I just sent this to the two people who I am working with on building a data base in Google Docs. Once we get enough in there, I will publish it to the community for 'Read Only' access. I think I had a "happy accident"! 😁 P-51D-5-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92700-R s/n 44-13322 P-51D-5-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92701-R s/n 44-13411 P-51D-10-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92790-N s/n 44-14327 P-51D-20-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92948-R s/n 44-72181 P-51D-20-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92948-R s/n 44-72327 Based off the first two I think I found a 'Primer'. EXAMPLE of S/N break-down correlated to AFF SPEC. PROJ. NO.: 44 13 322 ^ ^ ^ YEAR BLOCK ASSY LINE POSITION. A/C NO. THAT WAS BUILT So, 92700 = 300 series block of aircraft 300 - 399 on ASSY POS 13 and 92701 = 400 series block of aircraft 400 - 499 and 92702 = 500 series block of aircraft 500 - 599 and 92703 = 600 series block of aircraft 600 - 699, ect... and 92790 = 300 series block or aircraft 300 - 399 on ASSY POS 14 so 92791 = 400 series block of aircraft 400 - 499 on ASSY POS 14 - should be this, need more data.
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