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  1. It appears they have removed that feature. You cannot 'Save as' an older version. And since these files are way over 2GB, you couldn't do it even if you wanted too.
  2. The 25th is P-51 only, 26th is P-38 and the 27th is P-39. This is similar to a Naval Composite Squadron. I was going to make the 27th an A-20 unit but the P-38 can carry so much more ordinance. So, I decided to have a tank hunter unit. The 38's are more for Factory/Marine duty while the P-51's are sky sweepers for the 38's. The 39's are there to take out the vehicles, tanks and AA at the target site.
  3. This is a future project of a made up unit I came up with for the Combat Box server. 376th CFG (Composite Fighter Group). The yellow lightning bolt is the Group Identifier. The only thing that changes on each plane from each unit are the wing tips, hood, prop hub and rudder. Yellow, Red, Blue. They will all have the last code letter in white over a black box. Composite Units 25th CS - P-51D (Fighter Escort). - attack capable. 15 skins 26th CS - P-38J (Medium Ground Strike). 15 skins 27th CS - P-39 (Light Frontline Attack / Support). - anti-tank, artillery and vehicle. 15 skins 25th CS coded KL-R
  4. There seems to be some confusion on my methods (PM's received). So, I'll be re-making a video on the alpha channels. I will go slower and turn the input volume up so you can hear me better. πŸ˜‰
  5. Hello all, I have edited the template @ICDP created with my unworthy Photoshop skills 😁. "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm scum" - Waynes World. Change Log: Edited National Insignia's (star and bars are now white). Added stainless steel areas. Added dark aluminum areas. Added painted aluminum lacquer areas. Added filled in panel lines. Adjusted the aluminum skin color and shine. see if you can spot all the stuff I just mentioned! click image for full resolution DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nLp1SrSYLFhk7pZZUzpOYEQ-cvzxuv3X/view?usp=sharing ENJOY!
  6. Yes they are helpful, I have real pics of some these with their nose art on them.
  7. I have three other videos on my channel if you have not seen them that should help you 🀟
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