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  1. Take less fuel, the aft tank was known to wobble. This could be causing the wings to rock exceeding the stall plane. I only ever use 50% at maximum. I'm I'll full gunned and carrying 2 x 1000 or 2 x 500 and 2 x HVAR, 30%. ****Just a side note the P-51D has excellent stall warning. If it starts to buffet and shake, ease off your turn.
  2. Hey no worries. It was my mistake. I missunderstood the developer's
  3. CONTEST END ===================================================== Compiling names now CONTEST END ===================================================== CONGRATULATIONS TO parasxosg
  4. I could have sworn I read it was going to be part of TF 5.0.
  5. Hello again pilots. I bought this thinking it was a different game. As you know Team Fusion is developing a North Africa MOD for a complete transformation into the North African Campaign. This game is your key to getting it when it releases.
  6. Okay guys I stayed up, it's officially Sunday, US Time. I'm compiling names now. ================================================================= END DRAWING Winner announced in Post #1 - Key Sent
  7. Not every has $$$ to spare even for a sale. I'd like to make someone happy this Sunday (-8 GMT). I will gift you the plane through the website gift page. To Win the Prize: Just reply here I will run all names on Sunday through: https://miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/ CONGRATULATIONS TO:
  8. Looks like another area of skinning I can take my skills too. 😁
  9. You shouldn't be seeing anything like that. Did I mess up the template? I'm just curious to see what people make with this.
  10. In my experience the Lighting bolt will be red with a white outline. I say this because the tail band appears white and we all know it is yellow. After zooming way in I do not see a shield after all. I will go back in the site and look.
  11. I think it's time to put my pen display to use and crank out some JG300 skins. I haven't done a plane in over a year. This has been a plan I have been wanting to make for 5 years now.
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