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  1. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Will do, but right now I need at least 8 more pilots to even start this thing up.
  2. Skinning resources

    I was close, LOL
  3. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Still looking for brave and crazy pilots!
  4. For some reason I cannot create a server. Everytime I click to continue, it just reverts back to the selection screen for dogfight and cooperative?
  5. Hey all, just working on my signature template for this forum and my own forum for my unit. I have some things to fix as you can see mainly on the engine cowl. I have to also add all the rivets and large fastners. everything you see is a seperate piece. Then I start using the shapes to mask it of for painting. It will look completely different than what you see here.
  6. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Is anyone coming to the meet up on TS3 today at 1500 Pacific time?
  7. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Thanks Krokodilor! Yeah she is a paper plane and very slow but she bites pretty damn hard. =========================================================================== Hey everyone interested in flying with us. There is a meet up at 1500 Pacific Daylight Time (-8GMT) on our TeamSpeak. Come and join us for some tank busting! team speak: http://acthepanzerjager.teamspeak3.com
  8. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

  9. Can't launch server

    How do I launch a sever? I put in all my parameters but when I try to launch it; the pages resets to the selection page of 'Co-Op' and 'Dogfight'.
  10. How do I launch a sever? I put in all my parameters but when I try to launch it; the pages resets to the selection page of 'Co-Op' and 'Dogfight'. My server is also not on the list either.
  11. That A-20G is pretty awesome to fly. The P-39L is awesome too. Nothing like taking and entire wing off a 109 in one shot with the 37mm.
  12. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    No worries brother. I know we a slow but we are sure. Plus it's nice watch the enemy AA teams turn into pink mist when I dump 30mm HE round on them. Oh and watching trains turn into sand when I let the Mk.103 loose on them too.
  13. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Milopugdog and Gunship78 added to roster
  14. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Forum and Teamspeak adress added
  15. 8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Can't show the image but here ya go. We did not become a (Pz) at this time. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_fhZZ63PRjhQ/TQfN6HuWqGI/AAAAAAAACAM/-LPiIPQg9wg/s1600/schlacht.jpg