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    Unit emblem research and restoration, Graphic arts, Skin developing, Warbirds, 3D CAD modeling in CATIA V5R26 & Solidworks 2017.

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  1. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    Can't wait to use this plane in the interim until my Lightning comes out!
  2. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Bf-110 E2 Skins

    Brilliant work brother!!! I couldn't have done it better myself. I hope I get a new flight stick soon. My X-52 Pro took a dive. That way I clan fly this beauty.
  3. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Developer Diary, Part 195 - Discussion

    Wow so the tanks will be as detailed as the aircraft then? This is so cool!!!
  4. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Developer Diary, Part 194 - Discussion

    The K-4 is basically a G-10. He is right the JUG and the Mustang will have no issue fighting. And the Jug has EIGHT guns too. It's like a flying shotgun.
  5. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Developer Diary, Part 194 - Discussion

    OM MY GOD BECKY!!!! -- Look at that Jug it is so big! - I like big Jugs and I cannot lie. You pilots can't deny.......... Okay boys and girls when the Jug is released and the template fall into my evil hands I will get to work ASAP and churn out some skins. I may even do a whole squadron. And the Dora is beautiful as well!!!
  6. If you all need emblems for career mode, I am your man.
  7. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    I CANNOT WAIT!!! P-38 Lightning is the bird I'll be in!
  8. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    I will try, it's been a while since I have done that.
  9. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    8.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 Panzerjäger recruitment

    Still recruiting guys. Just need about 6 more piloten so we can do some damage!
  10. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Developer Diary, Part 191 - Discussion

    I cannot wait!!!! I am so torn between starting a P-38 unit or a Jug unit.
  11. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Hs-129B-2 Skins

    Pack 2 is in work and then 4.(Pz)/Sch.G.1 will be in work.
  12. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Hs-129B-2 Skins

    Skin Pack Pt.1 Released. See Post #1
  13. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    A-20B Skins

    Found one of Grandpa's planes. One shot shows it in flight and the other shot with squadron members posing. Too bad it is a later model than this one =o(
  14. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Hs-129B-2 Skins

  15. 8./SG1_SPEKTRE76

    Hs-129B-2 Skins

    Yw, just finishing up the other 10 planes.