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  1. Got another one in the oven. This time it is a 1945 bird. Coded B7-S "Rose" although reported at being Sweet Thing IV. I have a photo to the contrary. Just a few more tweaks and she'll be done.
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd like to see the Ju-88C Nachtjäger (or Day version) and the Me-410B-1 Hornisse for the Axis side. For the US side I would like to see the A-26B Invader and B-26G Marauder.
  3. First off, very happy with the new Collector Planes! I cannot wait to skin them. TAKE MY MONEY! Now for the quote above: Good luck with those planes. Not a lot of data exists for those. I can maybe see the Me-163B-1a coming (slim chance) but none of the other planes. Plus there are no big bombers for it to take out. Unless somehow through pure magic we get AI B-17G's.
  4. I'm already planning it This is o0ne I am planning as well. This plane is only 20min south of me.
  5. WORK IN PROGRESS @Yankee_One 374th FS, B7-I, Ser: 44-13708 361st FG, 8th Air Force "The Mighty Eighth" Flow by: 1LT. Henry B. Lederer. "Duchess of Manhattan" (post-August 1944)
  6. I truly hope so. I'd love to bring back to life some birds from the 9th AF.
  7. I'm already on hour 5 of 25 hours. They way these reporters are describing everything is just awesome! We even get to hear from the King of Belgium and the King of England.
  8. Big Dick in the 40's would have meant Big Richard. Pussy IV would mean something about a Cat. The one on the left is the correct one yes? It matches a photo I found online more than the one on the right does.
  9. Enjoy my friends: https://archive.org/details/Complete_Broadcast_Day_D-Day Mission makers I'm looking at you 😍 - Isaac
  10. Working on "The Duchess of Manhattan" today.
  11. 374th FS, B7-W, Ser: 44-13537 361st FG, 8th Air Force "The Mighty Eighth" Flow by: Lt.Col. Roy A Webb Jr. "Sweet Thing IV" (pre-August 1944)
  12. Thanks guys! I fixed those un-painted light shroud on the wing tips. When I upload the pack, they'll be fixed for you. 😁 Sample skin updated v1.1. Sorry I missed a couple of yellow parts. They are fixed now.
  13. Yes, this one in the first post is the pre-Aug, the post-Aug (below) has no stripe on the topsides nor drab on the wings. It does have drab on the tail though. Note the extra kill. 375th and 376th are getting done too. 😁
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