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  1. Mine won't download anything. I have literally just tried 37 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The server has a dismal 2.17kb/s download speed as well. I've been pretty eager to start making skins and fly them around and see how they look in game. And I'd like to try the Me-262. I can't even fly with my squad either.
  2. June 14th and still failing here. I get to 2.17kb and bam, hangs and shuts down.
  3. I have tried 6 times now to update the game it keeps failing. I had tried both web distribution and the regular (default) way. I do not know what to do to fix this. Can someone help? Fails at 2.17kb. I have also performed a fresh install, totally clean.
  4. Great stuff, I have tears of laughter.
  5. Wow awesome! I can't wait to try out the worlds first operational jet fighter. I'm going to se how high I can take it
  6. Piloten, Hello, I will be getting back into creating historical skins. In this case I'll be re-creating a Bf-109F-2 from 6./JG54. I'll also be creating the particular pilots other mount as well. And I'll be creating hid adversary as well.As of this moment this is only an announcement. I will begin work on it tonight and Saturday. Messerschmitt Bf-109F-2 'Gelbe 4' (WNr 9538) of 6/JG 54, Ostrov (Russia), 1941. The pilot was Leutnant Hans "Beisser" Beisswenger, who suffered engine damage and crashed on 12 July 1941. Beisswenger was an Oberleutnant when he was KIA on 6 March 1943. He had just shot down a Lavochkin LaGG-3 of 32. GvIAP, Soviet AF, flown by Starshii Leitenant Ivan Kholodov, when Kholodov rammed his Bf 109G-2 'Gelbe 4' (WNr 14236) before bailing out. Oblt. Beisswenger crashed and his body was never recovered. He was 27 and had scored 152 confirmed kills in over 500 combat missions.
  7. Milo you have inspired me. Muahahahahahahhahahahahaha *evil hand rubbing and grin*
  8. No.453 Sqn "Ready to Strike" January 1945 This is my 5 plane skin pack for this unit. I also made the emblem above too. All markings and camo were hand painted. No one Spit is alike. They are all unique. This unit was a ground strike unit that fought during Bodenplatte. Please enjoy killing sausage with these birds. GOOGLE DRIVE DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YDhgtS0e1tztJY3g1jwgQT8pRQ3jo1XD/view?usp=sharing Enjoy!
  9. Yes, In Photoshop: Image > Image Size Type in 2048 in both fields and click Ok.
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